Saturday, January 13, 2018

Inflation - I think not!

While yesterday was a super productive day, I did NOT get nearly as much accomplished as I would have hoped.

I spent almost the ENTIRE day prepping those damn tuffet kits! While there are only 7 in the class, some people wanted multiples of the various components. It's a lot of cutting and sewing and cutting and sewing. I also worked on my tuffet because this is the third class and I still don't have one done myself. Today is the day!  The leg brackets are on, the cover is done, I've fabric for the button and the underside. I think I'm set!

Once I'm done with this class, I still have to complete the orders for those who did not attend the class and then there is one more prep and that's for the class at The Hobby Horse which is in March/April. I'll post dates for all classes later this week - make that next week - it's Saturday already.

The last time I cut the foam bases, I knew that my electric knife was going. It's served me well and so when I went to trim the foam bases yesterday - NO electric knife. It had finally bit the dust.

I was going to wait and cut the rest of the foam bases at the class (with someone else's knife) but I couldn't wait and so as busy as I was, I headed off to Wal-Mart.

My Mom never used an electric knife, but when I got married way back when my mother in law insisted that I NEEDED an electric knife. "You can't survive without one". I suppose I used it for roasts and such but I was never a big chef so I don't think it got used too much. But when I discovered it could also be used to cut foam - well that was awesome!

My first electric knife
 Did you notice the lovely harvest gold color?

Now DO NOT tell my mother this, but here is one reason why one keeps old receipts. It's fun to go back to remember when you bought something and how much you paid for it.

Receipt for the electric knife
Can you read it? The knife cost $21.88. Total tax was $1.26 for a total of $23.64. I did probably pay for that with a VISA card but notice the receipt is handwritten. The date is February 23, 1980. Oh since it was purchased in Montreal close to where I lived at that time, the description is couteau, H Beach (the brand).

Yesterday in the sleet, I zipped to Wal-Mart in the car and bought a Black + Decker knife. The handle is smaller on the new one - it's sleek black and it feels cheap! But the blade is much sharper than my old one.

New electric knife
 How much did I pay for the new one?  You'll never guess.  Have a look.

Receipt for the new electric knife

The price?  $21.96.  A mere EIGHT CENTS more than when I bought the first one almost 38 years ago! That's hysterical! Imagine if everything else was like that. The tax was $2.86 for a total of $24.81 (I bought a plastic bag for five cents).

But I'm happy to report that the knife worked like a charm - I got all the kits labeled, priced and bagged and most of them are loaded into the car! They're going to be cold this morning!

I survived another day on D-Tox. It really isn't too bad, but I'm noticing my eating patterns. While I don't consider myself a stress eater, I notice that there are times when I want to eat because I can't figure something out. Or the dog barks to come in and I'm focusing and I grab something because I'm irritated! That's totally weird, but definitely an eye-opener. The other thing I miss is that snack just before dinner - well the five o'clock snack. So if for no other reason than to pay attention to my eating habits, this is a good thing. I drank almost four glasses of water yesterday - hey - that's good for me! I have to guzzle them in the morning or it isn't going to happen. No tea at all - didn't miss it and I'm into the fruit thing. A couple of servings  - probably too much. Well - I'll discuss with the dietitian next week.

You know how you should never say never because words will come back to bite you? Like the keeping of old receipts and your Mom would say "Oh - I keep all my old receipts!"  Well, that one for the knife including the knife will be toast later today. I'll keep the receipt with the new knife simply because it has a two-year warranty which is probably void since I'm not cutting food with it? We decided to have pizza last night. Yikes - I'm not supposed to be eating gluten for this detox. So I had vegan, gluten-free pizza approved by M. Oh god - the number of times, I yelled at her about what she was eating and now I'm turning into HER!

Speaking of M, we had a one-woman performance last night. She's trying to up her acting skills and so she wrote the script, scrounged the props from all over the house, sound effects thanks to friends of hers and well - it was pretty darn good! A lot of work to be sure. Always warms your heart to see your kid interested in something and I think I saw a few elements of her childhood in the performance, but NO - it wasn't about her!  Thanks, M - it was great - a 9 out of 10. Having popcorn would have made it 10 out of 10!!!!

On that note, I've got to get ready for today - a guild meeting and the tuffet class. I need to be sewing, but that will have to wait until after the class. I must say that I don't like working to multiple deadlines in the same week, but it just happened. I do need to figure out how to prevent that - like getting things done BEFORE the deadline becomes imminent - that would definitely help.

Have a super day!!!  Stay warm


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