Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The weigh-in

I honestly went to take pictures this morning to help explain my story about last week and the camera battery died. Seriously??  And today, I'm just busy! Patience - it's not that big of a deal and I'm not saying anything more until I can get to it.

Yesterday I went to see the program person for the DTOX program. The first thing we did was the weigh-in. The worst part. However, it was all good news. In the first week, I lost 2.1 pounds and 3% body fat. In the next two weeks, I lost an additional 3.3 pounds and another 3% body fat. It would appear that whatever weight I lost - it was all FAT and I'm OK with that!

This is the week to reintroduce foods.Guess what I won't be reintroducing?  Yep - SUGAR! BAD! BANISHED from my diet. Forever? I'm not sure, but I worked hard (mentally) to not eat any refined sugar these past three weeks - why ruin a good thing. I had an omelet last night and so far so good. And I would have to say that yesterday was one of the first days where I didn't really have major cravings? Or was that because I was too busy and too tired to even crave food?

It's crunch time yet again. I'm working on our Modern Guild's charity quilt for Quiltcon which is at the end of next month. The quilt needs to be in California soon. It has to be in a box on Thursday - obviously completed!

Quilting our Quiltcon charity quilt
Yes - I've had the top for a while, yes I should have done it sooner, but honestly it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing. There were just a few too many things due all at the same time. I changed my mind a thousand times on how to quilt it. There's a LOT of negative space on that quilt and I decided it wasn't the time to try something new so I went to my default pattern. But I added a few twists in there. I'll take pictures when it's done. I got almost all the background done yesterday which hopefully accounts for 80% of the quilt. I have one more row of the background and then the colored bits. My goal is to get it off the machine today, trim (which is going to be fun - there is NO border and some of the ends were not necessarily straight) and get the binding made, leaving tomorrow to put the binding on and pack it and take it off to the UPS store - the new one, not the other one!

Did you notice the backing? Yep - that's a SOLID BRIGHT ORANGE! It was in my stash and I thought, let's be bold. It's bold all right!

My back was pretty tired by the end of the day and while I had planned to get that last row done, there was no way! I retired to the sofa to read a book. Still, I made great progress and hopefully won't take too long to do the colored bits.

Here's that UFO that I'm working on as well. I have the bottom right hand corner sewn together and I had better get it finished and off the wall before the next sit n sew day although it's a full house so we won't be able to access the design wall.

2017 UFO project partially sewn

While I'm sure you're not all that interested in stuff at the gym, I thought I would share it anyway. I was at Joseph's spin class this morning. Seriously - he should get an award for being the toughest teacher around. My legs feel like spaghetti. Limp spaghetti!  A while back, the gym brought in all new bikes. There's a speedometer of sorts on the bikes which shows the speed, the distance and how many watts you're producing. Apparently, there's a function that allows the instructor to see the speed and the watts for all the bikes in the room. He wants us all to be above 100 watts all the time which isn't that difficult to achieve. Then he put all the numbers on the screen for all of us to see. Amazing how some of them perked up once those numbers were shown. You know - the macho guys who have to pump out 400 watts. Yea - big deal. That's not sustainable for the hour. Show-offs!

Now each of the bikes have a number and apparently you can reserve a specific bike on-line and at the end of the class, the bike will e-mail you your stats. Seriously???  I never knew that although I had seen the "register" link on the class list. I'm going to try that for next week.

That's pretty cool. And now I have a ton of paperwork that needs to be addressed before I get to that quilt.

Have a super day!!


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