Friday, September 27, 2013

Forgotten quilt!!!!

I am totally losing my mind!  I was working on a quilt yesterday - then I got to thinking about the upcoming Halton Hills Quilt Show which is October 4 and 5. I'm thinking about being in good shape for that show and then BAM - I thought - Flo gave me a quilt to quilt for the show. What the heck did I do with the quilt?????   She is going to be back from vacation TONIGHT and the quilt has to be quilt so she can stitch down the binding.

OH BOY - I know where it is. Still in the car!!!!!!!!!!!   You see that same night, I picked up all that stuff that was donated to the guild and the quilt went in with that stuff.

See that bag on the left - YEP - that is Flo's quilt!!!!
Guess what I will be doing later tonight!!!!   NOPE - can't do it today because I have Pampered Sit n Sew. There are seven ladies coming and it is going to be busy!!!!!

But I did get the quilt done yesterday that was my plan.

This was the quilt that I made with those embroidery blocks a couple of weeks ago. I want to try and get ONE done per month and get it back to the guild. I think there are enough blocks for four more quilts!!!!
Quick and easy NO MARKING quilting

Here is my QUILTING DESIGN plastic over lay. I also had enough vinyl for a small one and there is one extra for Anne!!!!    Anyway - I LOVE this - and way nicer to use than the cellophane. Note my blue painter's tape on the edge!!!!

 Now here is ANOTHER reason to finish up projects. I am sewing the binding on after trimming the quilt. Oh boy - am I going to have enough binding????

I would call this a BIT TOO CLOSE for comfort!!!!   Normally I would do the join diagonally, but there was JUST enough to do a straight seam. I did have more fabric, but the strip was slightly different. 

But since necessity is the mother of all inventions - a straight seam will have to do!!!!!
 Remember that the binding was made from a border print and I had TWO choices of how the binding went on.

Side A OR

Side B

I auditioned both and ended up with this - this is what the binding looks like on the front of the quilt

And this is what it looks like on the back. I think it turned out just great!!!!!

And people need to be educated about binding. I do not have time to hand stitch those bindings down, but when I took this in to the guild last night, someone asked me if the quilt had to be trimmed BEFORE the binding was hand stitched down. NO I said - the quilt has to FILL the binding. Sometimes you have to PULL that binding tight over the stitching, but FULL BINDING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!   I just hate the feel of a limp binding. And NO skimpy 1/4" seam either - take a generous 1/4"!!!!!

Now the backing of this quilt was NOT wide enough - well it was wide enough for the quilt, but NOT really wide enough to load on the machine. SO I serged a scrap strip to both of the long sides and it worked like a charm. Technically I could have added it to just one side, but it worked out fine like this - more room at the top and the bottom to work.

Here you can see the quilt loaded on the machine. The backing was only TWO inches wider than the top and that scrap strip gives me room to work on that last border. 

After trimming the quilt - then I just cut the serged seam off. 

And now the strips are ready to be used AGAIN!!!!!!

Went to the gym for spin class this morning. A SUPER work out.  I have ONE more reason why I have so much energy. You know how people have talked about that HIGH they get after working out. Well - it is so true. I came out of that class, my clothes were wet with sweat, and I was so pumped up - I could have gone for hours!!!!!!   That feeling will last me for a good part of the day. It is not only the exercise that creates that feeling, but the feeling that you have pushed yourself and your body is able to respond. Spin classes are so good - well at least with our instructors - they PUSH and PUSH and then TELL YOU that you can do it. and you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thanks to Mary VD - who located a copy of that book - for $60 (but still too much money for me. Then she located another web site that had a bunch of sellers - as low as $35 and as HIGH as $400 !!!!!!    Are you kidding me???????   well I will wait - Kathy may have a copy, but she has to unpack first. I am NOT in a rush. OH - I know some I should call and see if they have the book. Must do that RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

The out of print book - Machine Freehand Patterns by Nan Moore

Anyway - back to the exercise thing. I recently read an article on diet (I am happy to report that I am about 3 pounds off my weight BEFORE I got pregnant!!!!!! - not that I am trying to lose weight - just very conscious of it because I want to maintain!!!!!). I am so excited about that, but also in the best shape ever!!!!!   Anyway - this article said - what is more important to losing weight - the diet (or food intake - not a DIET) or exercise? The article said - work out for 1 hour and then see how many calories you expended (most of the cardio machines today will give you a number). It sort of poo-pooed the exercise thing and said that you could just cut those calories out. I DISAGREE - you CANNOT get that high (which is GREAT - SUPER GREAT for the brain) from food!!!!!!!!!!!!      Not saying that exercise fixes everything - but it sure helps. And it bumps up your metabolism which helps to burn more calories!!!!!

Aren't you glad you don't have to put up with me today in the sit n sew!!!!!!   Oh those poor people are in for a HYPED up day!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!    No - have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!


(The husband of a friend of DH who was 42 - playing tennis last week - died of a massive heart attack!!! (No warning that we know of and no symptoms that we know of)  If you don't enjoy your life NOW - it will be too late!!!!!!!!!!     Do something FUN for YOU this weekend. Get outside - do something physical - do something different - do something you have always wanted to, but never had time - get on the floor and play - really play with those children or grandchildren).   Whatever - make sure that it is for YOU!!!!!

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