Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get 'er DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In cleaning up some articles and magazines, I came across this article which I thought was pretty funny. 

It was in Home digest (Late spring 2013 - West Edition). The author is Hellen Buttigieg  - a Certified Professional Organizer among other things. 

The title of the article is called Get 'er Done! - Five EASY steps to tackling your UNFINISHED PROJECTS NOW.

"How many half-finished projects are hanging around your home, ..........? Most people have dozens."  

Now the article is talking about projects around the house - that room you were going to wall paper, that cupboard you were going to put shelf liner it, but I read the article with my sewing UFOs in mind. 

Step One - Put a Limit on It - She talks about fantasy and reality. Sorry Hellen - but even though I preach what you are saying - I still live in a FANTASY world.

Step Two - Take an Inventory (Yep - Hellen - I did that YEARS ago)

My little note book with the INVENTORY of UFOs. I numbered them, BUT I am NEVER going to reveal that final number!!!!    Of course - this inventory was done several years ago when I had to empty the basement when the repairs were done. I did notice that some projects are scratched off - meaning they were completed (at least to the TO BE QUILTED stage). I am sure there are a few more to add, but can`t imagine taking the time to make that happen!!!!   Although since the UFOs are all grouped together (OK so in FOUR different spots)  it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal - still do I really want to know how many there are?????   Nope - ignorance is BLISS

Step Three - Gain Clarity - Hellen suggests TRANSFERRING the list to index cards to see the enormity of the issue. NOPE - I've already numbered them - I know there are a LOT

Step Four - Narrow it down - NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!   HEY - they are my projects, I have place to store them and I would like to get as many complete as I can. OK - so I am a UFO hoarder!!!!  And giving them away or selling them - well most people wouldn't finish them either so what is the point with that!!!!!!!!

Step Five - Make Time - to get them done. No problem there - I seem to be obsessed these days and LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All kidding aside - there is a LOT of truth to what Hellen said in her article. If there is stuff that you seriously dislike, will never touch again - GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!    Do NOT leave that mess for your kids to deal with. Find out where and how to get rid of that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is just cluttering up your brain and prevents you from working. 

OK - so now you want to see what I did yesterday?????????????    I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

There was a LOT of discussion (in my head) - does this quilt need another border????   The pattern did NOT have another border beyond the houses. I didn't want the binding to cut off the point on some of the roofs, but someone suggested that I just cut the batting and the backing 1/8" bigger than the top when I trim. DUH - I knew that, but I didn't think of that!!!!!!!!!!    But something just seems to be missing, so......................

I decided to put a small red border on it   (and that is a BIG quilt)

And I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the backing - I have had this saved for years and I have JUST enough - I may have to put a scrap strip on either side of the backing when I load it on the machine - there is only about 1 inch on either side and that is tight!!!!!

This was the $10 quilt in 2008 and now FIVE years later - the backing, binding and top are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was VERY EXCITED when I got this done, especially since the quilt is HUGE and was a hassle to work with. OH yes - that final picture above - had to pin the quilt on its side on the design wall and then rotate the picture - but you didn't know that - did you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, now that I was on a roll - let's move on.

Got the border on that Autumn quilt. This was $10 quilt from 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    A lot smaller as we did TWO different ones that first year. The second year - we had already moved onto another project as we attempted to make the last two as well, but that didn't happen. 
Found fabric for the backing and might as well make BOTH backings since they are the same quilt. Made enough binding for both quilts. 
Made enough borders for the second quilt as well so when it gets to that stage - it won't take long to finish it off

There are embellishments on this quilt and I sorted through the bag of embellishments. Found several tools that have been missing for years!!!!!   Sorted out what embellishments I need (often I would take in extra to show people different examples). Put those I need to finish the quilt (they will get added AFTER it is quilted) in a bag and put with the quilt - I must get a pin and pin it to the quilt or it will get lost. The rest of the embellishments got put away!!!!!

Another border/binding/backing project DONE and it was a $10 quilt to boot!!!!   A double whammy!!!!!

So what to sew next?????   I tell you as I am sewing these days - I am already working on the next project in my head. So when I want a break - I get out the next one. Better stop taking breaks - because not only do we have a project "on deck", but there are many waiting on the bleachers to be called upon!!!!!  

Good thing I decided to NOT sew this project at a retreat. When I went to work on the SECOND fall quilt - and I had ONE more maple leaf to sew together - look at what I found...............

YES - there is a BLANK square of background fabric missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pulled out ONE of TWO light scrap boxes and as soon as I opened it - do you see what was there??????   Right by that black arrow?????

Yep - it was a square of the SAME background fabric. Slightly larger than it needed to be, but a couple of whacks with the rotary cutter and VOILA - a background square in the same fabric. Oh yes - it was my lucky day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I cut and I sewed (well mostly I sewed) and then I had an applique block to do. Oh boy - again - another potential show stopper. BUT no - that is the first thing I did when I got up this morning. I REFUSE to let small details like that become a show stopper. I know where all my supplies and tools are (OK - for the most part) and so I just got myself organized and did the applique. Easy peasy!!!!

And VOILA - here is the top so far.....................

Most of the blocks are sewn together. 

Just missing the flying geese which are CUT!!!!!!

Then to find an inner border (hmmmm - I wonder if I still have some of the same brown that I used for the other one????? - probably!)

And I couldn't help myself - while I had breakfast this morning, I dug out the SPRING quilt to see how much of it was done. 

The spring quilt and YES - I have TWO of them on the go. All the pieces are CUT, some of the blocks are sewn or bits and pieces are sewn. 

i don't think it will take too long to get both of them together. Then I'll have a look at the winter one (which is started, but I think there is ONLY one) and then the summer will be last and that one has the least work done on it. It will be almost like starting a new project, but might as well go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!   I know - I can't help myself!!!!!

And how do I keep track of all these $10 quilts????   Well first - I have a CLIPBOARD............

All the $10 quilts and MY progress are on this list

And lest you think I am making a dent in the effort - have a look at my shelf. This is JUST the ongoing projects that are NOT done. $10 quilts, Christmas quilts from Christmas club (there are FOUR of those) and the Stonehenge quilt that I can't find the missing block!!!!

The shelf with all the ongoing projects (from year long classes)

And if I keep this up - I might actually be able to get a few more off that shelf before the end of the year. 

BUT not if I let other stuff get in the way like this................
You see - when I made this quilt as a class sample a while back - there were  LEFT OVER pieces from the quilt making process   (should have put them in the backing, but I was lazy????)
I sewed the triangles together to get rectangles, but what to do with them?????

Quickly designed a quilt in EQ7 - zipped off to Ruti's to get some background and I hope to get this done in the next day or so. It is on the design wall and we can't have things sitting too long on the wall. I need it!!!!!

The next $10 quilt that I will work on - well I pulled it out to work on and NO PATTERN!!!!!   I have already e-mailed one of the students in that class so I can borrow the pattern. Chances are that it got filed on my shelves. So this morning I started to search through the books and VOILA - no I didn't find the pattern, but I found not one, but TWO books that I had been looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also managed to get the ender/leader half square triangles all trimmed and sewn into four patches. 

Half square triangles - leftover from Bonnie Hunter Easy Street mystery. I think I might sew them like this - it is certainly BRIGHT

Does anyone have any of the current issues of Quiltmania?????   I have 93, but 94, 95 and 96 are out but I can't find them anywhere.  Chapter's used to sell it, but I don't think they do anymore. How they get their magazines is CRAZY!!!!!!


 I can buy the back issues from Quilt mania, but was hoping to find them on THIS continent.

M and I went to yoga yesterday. Restorative yoga - NOT even stretching - restorative, but it feels like stretching to me. Again - so relaxing, I think I did fall asleep momentarily at the beginning. M said that it was nice because you never had to get up ONCE. Very relaxing and we did get a good stretch.

How do I get the energy to do what I do????   People ask me that all the time!!!!!   I can think of a couple of things - I NEVER sweat the small stuff - like what direction the toilet paper roll is going on the holder. God - we are lucky if the roll even gets on the holder and sometimes it doesn't get even get on the holder and it is finished and then there are TWO empty rolls sitting there. I know - I told you - I don't sweat the small stuff.

I try VERY HARD to not worry about things that I CANNOT change. Why waste my energy (or turn my good energy into negative energy) by trying to do things that are beyond my power? Just let it go!!!!!!!!

I pick my battles - I do not agree with everything that happens in my life - like M having an interview at 6 PM and doesn't leave the house until 5:52 even though the interview is just minutes away. I had to breath VERY DEEP on that one. But if she is late - it is NOT my business.

I try to get enough sleep - but I am not good at that so if I need a nap - I take  a nap - except when DH is home because I don't want him to think that I am napping every day!!!!!

I make goals.

I am an optimist - sometimes too much so, but better that than being gloom and doom all the time.

I try to eat well - OK - so I don't always succeed at that one.

While change in life or routine can be very disruptive, I try to just let myself go with the flow. I may not always like the choices or decisions made by others, but I don't dwell on it. Move on!!!!!!

Bottom line - unless we are talking LIFE and DEATH - most things are NOT that important.  And don't forget the 10-10-10 rule. I copied this from Suzie Welch's web site.

"I call it 10-10-10.

Here's how it works. Every time I find myself in a situation where there appears to be no solution that will make everyone happy, I ask myself three questions:

What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes?

In 10 months?

And in 10 years?"

Anyway - I just figure that life is too short to WASTE so I try not to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And I try to live by that 10-10-10 even though I don't always think about 10-10-10 consciously!!

On that note - I have to finish getting ready for my class and then yet ANOTHER yoga class this afternoon with Adam.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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