Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A treasure.................

I have developed a habit. OK - I know I have lots of habits, some of them are good, some of them not so good. Well this new habit is I like to stop at Value Village to look for treasures. I maybe stop once a month and I am really picky and choosy about what I buy.

I look at the books, then the arts and crafts, the puzzles and games, the linens (where I hope some day to find an amazing hand made quilt in pristine condition - and I keep dreaming!) - but I do pick up pillow cases for the pet mats. Then I also look in the wall art. You just never know what you will find in any of those places - I have found some neat stuff but many times I walk out empty handed.

This time I was thrilled at what I found.

A REAL Mola 

It is one of the the real ones and from the look of the top, it came from a piece of clothing. It appears to be in decent condition, perhaps a big faded, but not that bad. And the best part?????

The price!!!!!
 I have paid WAY more for real Molas in the past. A LOT more than that so I was a happy camper!!!!

We had applique club on the weekend.  What an amazing and talented group. There is loads of exciting stuff happening. Here is a couple of pictures - I will share the rest tomorrow.

Helen Anne is working on Love Entwined by Esther Liu. This was a FREE block of the month that started a couple of years ago. Very intense - you can read the story at the above link. The pattern is NO LONGER free. I know two people who are making this quilt, but it is intense!

Helen Anne with her Love Entwined

Those are itty bitty tiny circles!!!

Prepping the zig zag border around the center
Image result for love entwined quilt pattern
Original quilt - Esther worked from this picture to make the pattern. ACK!!!!!
 Virginia is also working on a block of the month from the internet. This one is from P3Designs. You must get this pattern monthly or it is gone!!!   We are on Month three right now (I am downloading and saving, but not doing!). Virginia has been prepping and stitching - I forget how many she has done, but the blocks are gorgeous - but tiny.

One of the blocks in progress

Almost done!!!

I have lots more pictures, but will save them for tomorrow.

QUILT SHOW season is about to start. There are a LOT of shows happening this spring.

Here are two that are happening in the month of March. I am sure there are other events and you can check them out here on the Mississauga Quilt Guild web site.

The Etobicoke Quilter's Guild is Celebrating FORTY years.
Their quilt show takes place on March 27, 28, 29 - check out the link for more details.

The Region of York has their quilt show on the same weekend. March 28 and 29.

What a perfect opportunity. Why not take one day and visit both. Hey - you are out and about - might as well.  Remember to take your camera!!!!   You are searching for pictures (details - closeups are better) - anyway - you are searching for things that you like - quilting, block styles, colour and value.  Print out those pictures and put them in your inspiration book. It is also a good idea to take pictures of things that you do NOT like. Put those in your inspiration book as well or maybe another book called the UNINSPIRED book.

You also need to WRITE down why you took the picture. What exactly did you like or dislike about the elements you took.  That is a huge part of the learning experience.

I can't wait!!!!

Anyway - off to another crazy day!  Can't wait to get started.

Have a good day!!!


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