Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Belated April Fools

A first for me at this retreat, I was one of the first people to bed each night.  Not sure why - must be getting old. But on the last night, a number of others retired before I did.  I was prowling around when I spotted this. 

A very clean table
I wasn't the only one up and well - their tables looked like this. 

Now that's a table at a quilting retreat!
And this was my sewing spot
As you can see - I pretty much took up the entire table.  Yeah!!!!  Just like home and just like the office.

While prowling that night, we also spotted this table.  Another very clear work surface.  How can that be for a retreat????

A tad too tidy for our liking

Even her ruler was nicely placed on her work - ready for the next day
Well - the few of us that were still up couldn't stand it.  Oh no - we had to do something.  We couldn't do anything at the first table because one of the occupants was still up. But that second tidy table - well they were both in bed.  What did we do???   The old switch-a-roo.  We completely swapped their stuff to each other's side!!!! And we were laughing so hard when we did it - that if anyone was asleep - well they weren't any longer.

Switched sewing spots
Oh, what fun as we gleefully went to bed with gales of laughter wafting through the house!  The best part was the next morning when one of the ladies came down and stood looking at her space.  She was speechless as she couldn't figure out what had happened.  Obviously, she had not had her morning coffee yet.

What?????   Where's my stuff?
Oh my god - it was just as funny the next morning as it was the night before!!  At least, now everyone knew why we were laughing so hard!!!!   It was funny!

And there were many other funny moments, like what to do with your basket?  Why not try it on as a hat?

Beautiful hat!

Speaking of organized, some of these people are very organized!  Look at this book.  Each pattern and the resulting block are neatly organized in a binder.  Actually, that is a super idea and I should try to take advantage of that!

Nicely organized project
And then there were the bags.  Loads and loads of project bags - EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Project bags!

More project bags
Ronda was complaining that she doesn't have any of the Everyday Totes - well she needs to make one!!!!  Oh - maybe I could be persuaded to give her one of my 10 - yes I think I'm up to ten of the darn things now!!!!   It's such a handy big bag!!!!

And some of us had project bags that we never even dug into during the retreat.  God forbid that you run out of work while on retreat and a mere five minutes from a quilt store!!!!

Untouched project bag
Some of us dressed for a quilting retreat.

Love those socks!!!!!
And let's not forget the outtakes from taking our group picture.  The bench was covered with snow and I wasn't putting my butt down. But look at those angelic grins on the sweet faces of Ronda and Katheleen!!!!

An outtake!!!

I had a very productive evening last night and got all the pictures from the retreat edited and ready to upload for the rest of this week. Yeah!!!!   And I"m making progress on clearing up that cutting table - I can actually see the cutting mat now and there is only one more bag to unpack, but I'm not really going to unpack it since it was packed when I left for PEI last year and still haven't gotten to it!!!!

I see it is snowing again this morning. What happened to spring?

Have a great day!!!!!


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