Saturday, April 23, 2016

Paducah - Day Three

It's the last day of Paducah for 2016.  As much fun as it's been, I'll be glad to get on the road later today. This seriously is the MECCA of quilting.  I'm not sure how big this show is compared to Festival in Houston - it's just that Houston is a huge city compared to Paducah and therefore having all these extra people doesn't seem out of place.  But here in Paducah with all the buses, people wandering from venue to venue or they can take the shuttle bus - well - it's just totally different and a load of fun!

We got to the venue early yesterday and thanks to a vendor badge, I could get in to see the main part of the quilts while it was closed to the public. Yeah as I had 40 minutes to quickly walk the aisles. Some amazing quilts and fun to see some "old" favorites as some of these quilts were in Houston, some in QuiltCon, some in Lancaster and now here in Paducah.

I snapped a pile of pictures. There were quite a few medallion style quilts and the quilting is over the top. The modern quilts have NO quilting on them compared to the quilting on these quilts. People have spent HOURS on these quilts - OK - more like days to quilt some of them. Bright colors, fabulous designs and quite a nice show from that perspective.

I didn't find the show was as busy as I was anticipating  (yesterday). Don't get me wrong - the aisles are packed, our booth is packed almost all the time, it's just they are spread out everywhere.  I think the first day was still the busiest day. I would have to say that we've accomplished our mission here.  People come into our booth gushing about our fabric hoping that we have some for sale. But everyone who comes in goes away with something and that makes them happy.

I have some pictures on my phone and I'll have to share them with you when I get them loaded up. Let's just say that we had fun!  We weren't afraid to ask people for their pictures!

Thankfully the show closes at four today.  Standing for 9 hours and being UP the entire time is very hard work. Around four my feet and legs were about ready to cave. I'm not sure how Patti can stay standing the entire time. I don't mind to be on my feet, but I need to be walking around so from time to time, I did zip out here or there just to get moving!

And I broke down and bought a couple of things.  Someone who had been in our booth on a previous day stopped by to tell me that there were license plates for sale in one of the booths in the main hall. We'd been chatting about license plates the day before and she remembered and came back to tell me.  Now that was very sweet of her.  I popped up and bought all three plates - one from last year - what's one more plate to add to the pile!  And then each of the two plate styles from this year.  OH, what the heck!

After the show closed, Rich and I ran around trying to find a copy of the latest issue of Modern Patchwork which was just released.  Northcott has an ad in the magazine using my quilt that I made for QuiltCon.  How exciting is that!  There is a massive bookstore here in town - called Books a Million and at first, we didn't spot it and then yeah! - there it was.  This place was HUGE.

Sorry, this next picture is sideways - but there is my quilt called Uptown. You can get the pattern as a free download on Northcott website. And that's my couch in the picture - it's still in pieces after our trip home from QuiltCon - I  must reassemble it.  I love it so I don't have to dump my stuff on the floor.
The Northcott ad with my quilt called Uptown and my couch!!!!
While we were scouring the magazines, we had a surprise.  We had this most energetic, enthusiastic lady visit our booth and well - no story will do justice to her.  I had to take a picture and when we arrived at the bookstore, there she was.  She remembered Rich's name and well - you just had to be there. She was a lot of fun!
Rich and our best contestant of the day

Back to the hotel to regroup for dinner which we shared with Susan Claire from NEW ZEALAND. What a fun night we had - I'm sure Rich was a little bored as we did talk quilting for a great part of the evening. However, he may have learned just how silly and obsessed we are. And if Susan had her way, I'd be in her car tonight winging my way to Salt Lake City with her instead of returning home.  Oh my - she is wicked!  We even devised a plan that I could "quilt as you go" by taking Patti's sewing machine with us and getting my quilts prepped for Spring Market. Somehow, I don't think that would fly very well with the office, but it was tempting.
Susan, Patti, and Rich

We went out to Texas Roadhouse once again and they had a board at the front for quilter's to sign where they were from.  The picture above has Susan, Patti and Rich standing next to the board. Actually, there were two boards.

We had the sweetest server last night.  She kept making a mistake about Susan's drink, but because she was so sweet - you had to just love her.
Susan and Payton Raney
On that note, I must gather up all my belongings from this giant suite and get it all packed in my suitcase.  I'm not a spreader when it comes to hotel rooms as I'm afraid of leaving something behind.

Have a great day!


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