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Paducah - Day Two

Let's start off with a correction.  Susan Claire would be mortified if she saw that I wrote she was from Australia.    She is from NEW ZEALAND and there is a big difference.  She even corrected me when I spoke to her - I can't remember things!   Anyway - I changed it on my blog post from yesterday.  Susan Claire of Town and Country - 365 Day challenge is from NEW ZEALAND!!!!

Image result for town and country quilt gourmet
Town and Country - 365 Block a Day quilt by Susan Claire

I learned a valuable lesson last night.  It is not a good idea to mix beer, brownies and very stimulating conversation until 11 PM.  I could not sleep.  Not so much from the beer and the brownies but from the conversation. Essentially we had a planning session for future shows over dinner. It was super productive - this kind of planning session is way better than any in-office planning session and hopefully we can have more of them - meetings and shows!  That's not to say that we didn't talk shop at the previous dinners, but this one was intense!

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner and we closed that restaurant at 9 PM. Came back to the hotel - no - we're not ready to stop yet. So off to a local bar and we closed that place at 10 PM. This time back to the hotel for good and sat in the lounge for another hour and finally up to bed at 11 PM.  Patti took notes, but I have more ideas to add to the mix after that sleepless night!  ACK - it's going to be a long day!!!

Yesterday was a repeat of the first day.  I didn't think it was as busy as the first day, but then it's so hard to judge. I think we had a steadier stream of people for longer in the day, but not always as fast and furious as the previous day.  Doesn't matter - I said my demo a thousand times or so it seems. So here is a question for you - what gets you excited at a quilt show?  Free stuff - patterns and/or fabric? Playing simple games? Looking at quilts, shopping?  Of course - we are a bit of an odd ball since we are NOT selling anything. Anytime you want to chat about quilt show stuff - let me know - I'd love to hear it!

We stopped at the grocery store for sandwiches again - I have to say, they were awfully slow this morning and we waited almost a half hour for those sandwiches!  I think today, we're going to try the food tents at the event. Just for a change.  Managed to get out for a quick lunch and while I needed to get back to the booth, I did take a fast run around of the floor above us.  There were quilts there, but I didn't even stop to look at them. I very quickly checked out the vendors and back to our booth.  Even at the end of the day - there wasn't much time and let's not forget that we're there not just to promote Northcott, but to support the vendors selling Northcott, check out patterns and ideas for future shows/events which leaves very little time for personal shopping.

Did have some interesting conversations with people. Marti Michell was wandering the aisles late in the day and I spoke to her and she ended up staying in our booth for 15 minutes. Rich and I had to leave to chat to one vendor.  Vanessa from Crafty Gemini came by (I had already seen her at her booth upstairs). I saw Ricky Tims in the parking lot, but he doesn't know me from a hole in the ground, but I said HI anyway.

Vanessa - The Crafty Gemini  
I caught her in action at her booth.  See the gray/black quilt on the left and the blue/white quilt behind her?   Those were the two quilts she made for her QuiltCon demos with Northcott fabrics.

Let's see - the more you come to these shows, the more you can name drop!  A young girl came by our booth and gosh - I knew her face.  Then it clicked - she was a winner that I met in Houston.  Her quilt won in Lancaster and again here in Paducah. Her name is Angela Petrocelli.  She won second here at the show.

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Home Machine Quilted sponsored by Baby Lock USA
1ST #505 VICTORY, Colette Dumont, Saint-Romain, Quebec, Canada
2ND #522 WHY NOT?, Angela Petrocelli, Prescott Valley, AZ
3RD #525 OSCAR THE GREAT, Nancy Sterett Martin and Karen Sistek, Owensboro, KY
HM #526 BLUE PLATE SPECIAL, Susan Stewart, Pittsburg, KS

Why Not? by Angela Petrocelli

The luminosity in this quilt is absolutely stunning.  What is equally stunning is that Angela is NOT a quilter and this is her first quilt. I chatted with her and her mother at great length - well 15 minutes. Lovely people and I think we will see much more of Angela in the future.

To be fair - here are the winners in the group category - our friends from Waterloo.   I will have to get a picture of the quilt since I don't have one and not sure where to find it on the internet.

GROUP QUILTS: sponsored by Innova
2ND #909 SPIRIT OF SEDONA, Mavericks Ladies, Mesa, AZ
3RD #904 VINTAGE BLOCKS—TOSSED BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, Jane V. Cole & Quilters, Waynesville, NC
HM #906 SLICES OF MARKET LIFE, It’s Been A Slice, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Met another lady who we saw at Quiltcon. Her quilt didn't win at QuiltCon, but it won here.  I couldn't remember what her quilt looked like and she had a small sample in her bag!  AH - now I remembered her quilt!!!  Her name is Cassandra Ireland Beaver and her quilt won first place here

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Modern Quilts sponsored by Statler Stitcher
1ST #802 THE WHOLE IS GREATER THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS, Cassandra Ireland Beaver, Urbana, OH
2ND #815 FACETS, Christa Watson, Las Vegas, NV
3RD #805 BIG LOVE, Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, Woodbridge, CT
HM #811 CELESTIAL ORBS, Sylvia Schaefer, Athens, GA

Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts, modern quilt, The Not So Dramatic Life.  QuiltCon 2016 preview.:
The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts by Cassandra Ireland Beaver
I remembered this quilt from QuiltCon because of the colored thread she used to quilt it.

And then I was chatting to a lady and she had a yellow ribbon on her badge.  What is that?  Ah a sponsor.  Then I really looked at her name badge - oh my god - this is Katja from Katja's Quilt Shop in Kamloops.  She wrote a book and she's the one who has this crazy project - the millifiore quilt that everyone is going ga-ga about.  Shirley and I chatted about it in Lancaster.  Hey Shirley - were your ears burning - we were talking about you yesterday!!!!

Me and Katja - two orange junkies!
Her case for her phone is bright orange!  I'm stuck with a boring old black Otterbox!

Image result for the new hexagon book
The New Hexagon by Katja Marek
The Millefiore quilt

Wow - that's a lot of name dropping.  Of course, I saw Susan again yesterday - Susan from NEW ZEALAND!

I think I'm going to buy the back issues of Modern Quilts and Modern Patchwork that are at the next booth over - I was going to order them and would have had to pay shipping so now I can get them and not pay shipping.  Sad - but why not buy something that I was going to buy anyway!  Seriously - I do not need to buy fabic and I can get some of the other things cheaper through work.  I'm OK with that!!!!

On that note - I guess I had better check e-mail before the show and hopefully we can get in to see some of the quilts before the show opens today.

Have a great day!


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