Thursday, April 28, 2016

What can I say..............

Remember how I got on the highway when I was supposed to be going to the gym?  Well, it gets better.  I got home last night and around 8 PM, the phone rang. I didn't make it to the phone, but there were some VM, so I decided to check.  AH - that would be the hospital telling me that I'm late for my 8 AM appointment (they called at 9:30 AM) and then another call from the surgeon's office to tell me they have rescheduled that pre-op to 12:15 today.  If I don't go - no surgery.  DUH!!!   How could I forget something like this???  Well - I took the phone call for the appointment two weeks ago. Wrote it in my book, but did NOT write it in my calendar.  Since I didn't do that, I didn't internalize this.  For some reason, I was still waiting for them to call me.   I'm such an idiot.  So that messes up my day today. And why were they calling my home phone????   I MUST do call forward on that home phone. 

My plan was to get to work early and I left the house at 7:11 AM.  But it took over one hour to get to work - why???   There are no accidents - just stupid drivers.  And my one beef is the number of cars with ONE driver that take the HOV lanes.  This morning, there were two cars pulled over by the OPP.  They were very close to each other and it was surprising how many other single drivers decided to drive in that lane since the cops were already tied up!   People are just arrogant!   They need to police this with cameras and their VISA should be charged ON THE SPOT!   

OK - I'm done with my rant!

Getting stuck in traffic isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but you do get lots of thinking time. Like dreaming of what you would do if you won the lottery since the next jack-pot for one of them is $34 Million.  But I like my job and so - would I quit?  Hmm - that would be a tough question. 

Despite the fact that I put my FitBit on at 7:00 PM last night, I still managed to get 2,300 steps in before I hit the bed at 10 PM.  Whew - no wonder I'm tired these days!

I managed to get the customer quilt done - it was a huge T-shirt quilt.  But not just an ordinary T-shirt quilt.  No - there was a 3-D logo on it that I had to work around. 

3-D logo to work around on T-shirt quilt
So I made a series of squiggles on my pattern.............

Squiggles on my pattern
I know - that looks insane, but I was able to decipher that and then stitch it out (without looking at the quilt - just followed the pattern) and then it was done!

Stitched around the 3-D logo

Customer quilt - DONE
But not before I had a mild panic attack about the thread.  I grabbed a darker grey neutral for the thread.  I finished the first spool - had to hunt for the second and this is how much was left as I started the last row on the quilt.

Is there enough thread to finish?

Just  enough!

Phew - that big quilt came off and I have one more smallish customer quilt that needs to be done and then it's going to be heads down on stuff for Spring Quilt Market.  I have three of them sitting by the machine waiting for me to get started.  Let's just say that it's going to be a busy weekend.  So much for cycling, but it's supposed to rain this weekend?  Did I hear that or did my brain hear what it wanted to hear?

On that note - I'm now trying to cram an entire day's worth of work into two hours.

OH - and have a look at the new collections that are up on Northcott's web page - in particular this one for Canadian Sesquicentennial.   And also this page with the fabrics.   It is going to be loads of fun!!!!!

Have a great day!


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