Thursday, November 16, 2017


Well, I'm better. Not jumping up and down and running a marathon yet, but I had a nap when I got home and then I was up for a couple of hours. I took my nightly dose of Nyquil to knock me out, but despite that, I woke up in the night.  OK - too much sleep now.  I'm still coughing and lacking energy, but I'm getting better!

As you know before we went away to Quilt Market, I was sewing up a storm.  Lots of quilts to be done for magazines and lots of quilts to be done for display.  Here's one that I finished.

This is the Gravity quilt by Jaybird Quilts.  I had taught the class a while back and for some reason, I had this great vision of making the quilt twice - once in the Northcott solids (ColorWorks) and one in the Northcott Toscana.


I had completed almost all the blocks for the Toscana version when I was teaching the class.  I only had three blocks of the ColorWorks version done. No problem - I can whip that quilt up in no time. And I did!   Because YES - it was the ColorWorks quilt that we wanted, not the Toscana.

I had to sort through all the colors and pick the ones that were most appropriate for each block. Each block has 6 colors in it. Then they had to be cut out and sewn together.  I did have a cutting fest one day and got most of the blocks cut out. However, there were times when I was piecing the blocks where I had screwed up on the cutting and had to dig the fabric back out and cut some more.

Then I cut the background fabrics and madly sewed those together.  It's amazing how those big diamonds are deceiving and there were times when they got sewn together incorrectly.  I'm sure if you look at the back, there are places where the seams aren't the best.  BUT - who is going to look at the back anyway.   Nope - they'll only be peeking at the front.  The center lies flat and I'm very happy with the end result.

I have to get some backing for it and make the binding, but there is no rush.  It will happen. And then to finish off the Toscana one.  That should take mere hours, not days!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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