Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What have I done?

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day.  It was a travel day.  That means we were up at the usual time and I had my last breakfast at the hotel.  Yeah - it was fun the first week, and then got tired the second week.  I wanted breakfast from Tim's and where was that yummy Tim's tea?

We had a ride arranged to the airport but the poor driver had a wee bit of an issue to get all the luggage (for four people) into the trunk of the car so ended up having a suitcase up front.  I don't know what the others pack, but I can go away for 12 days with a carry-on.  It's called roll n pack. It's called moderation, it's called layering, but I REFUSE to take a large suitcase. I don't even have a large suitcase and there is no need to check my carry-on.  Mine is NOT a huge carry-on but a lot will go in it! I even had my toiletries and two pairs of shoes in there. The rest of my stuff goes in the backpack which I pair down as well - laptop, electrical cords, a wee bit of paperwork and that's it! 

I breezed through security having TSA pre-check so that was a snap. And then I had almost three hours to kill before boarding the plane. I set myself up at a table and chair, plugged my laptop in, got a tea from Starbucks (not the same!) and did e-mail for a couple of hours. Very productive use of time.

Then when it was getting close to boarding time, I did a BAD thing. I went to the bookstore and purchased a book because it appears that I did NOT bring a book to read.  Got the book, and some munchies and boarded the plane. By the way, this particular store has a policy.  Buy a book, read it and return it at one of the participating shops in MANY US airports and get 50% back. Now to remember to pack that book when I go to LA next year.

I started to read the book and read for most of the flight except for a few moments where I just dozed off.  The last couple of weeks was a long haul and it was nice that everything was done!

My knee is so stiff these days that when I get up after sitting for a while, I can barely walk.  After about five minutes of hobbling along, I'm good, but I look and feel about 100 for that first five minutes!!!   I zipped through security using my NEXUS status and with NO luggage to check, I was off the plane and in the waiting car in about 8 minutes!  DH just happened to pull up as I was exiting the airport.  How convenient was that!!!

Home to greet a couple of VERY excited girls.  Holy - they were excited!!!! 

I went to the studio because I thought there is NO way that I can go to the retreat with the way I packed that laundry basket.  So I spent a bit of time doing some prep work.  I confess that I have a wee bit more than the laundry basket, but I think I'm prepped good enough to go.  I need to pack up the sewing machine and some tools.  Whatever I'm missing, I'll buy it. 

But here's the first of the bad things that happened yesterday.  I had great intentions of editing some photos when I was in Houston. So I removed the camera card from my good camera and put it in a small plastic case that I was CERTAIN I put in my backpack.  I couldn't find it last night.  WHAT DID I DO WITH IT??????   I've no idea. I'm not panicked as there wasn't too much that was spectacular on it, but I had pictures that I needed for upcoming blog posts and if I can't find the card, it means I have to do the pictures again.  I feel a bit sick over that, but I'll live.  But why oh why did I take that card?   I didn't touch it.  I've checked every corner of my backpack, I've checked my suitcase and NOTHING.  The only thing I can think is that it came out in my room (I'm waiting on a call from the lost and found at the hotel) or there were two times when I removed stuff from my backpack at the airport and it may have popped out then.  The last chance is that I shoved it in one of the boxes that got put on the crate which means I will get it back, but too late for the blog posts.  OH GOD - what an idiot I am!!!!

The second bad thing that I did was the book that I bought.  It's called The Girl on the Train.  OH MY GOD - what an AWESOME book.   I couldn't put it down and I should have forfeited retreat prep for reading. I'm about 50 pages away from the end.  I read until very late and of course, slept in this morning. If you haven't read this book - you MUST.  I know it's been made into a movie which would be cool to see as it's a dialogue book and well - what happens??????   Don't tell me - I'll be finishing it tonight.

Let's just say that I don't think the girls made it out for a walk or the park while I was away.  The two of them were total idiots on the walk this morning!

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I read The Girl on the Train last year and loved it! I was very excited to see the movie, especially since Emily Blunt was starring in it. It is now on The Movie Network and I was very disappointed in it.

    1. OHH --- I'm afriad to ask why the movie wasn't good. It's a dialogue kind of book and perhaps hard to portray??? I saw the trailer and it seemed OK. But the book was awesome!