Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This is progress......

In an ideal world, this is how my studio would look every night before I shut the lights out. I'm happy to say that it's how my studio has looked before I close up shop for the last two nights!

Look at that super clean cutting area.  The scrap bin is empty, the rotary cutters have new blades, the rulers are organized, the mat is newish. That is so inviting to actually cut something without squeezing fabric amongst piles of other stuff.

The cutting area
 Now it really isn't difficult to make this happen. You cut something, you put the scraps away. The key is to NOT throw stuff on there that doesn't belong. Simple! I prefer the height of my original cutting area so I may switch them out.

Then we go to the sewing area. That's nice and tidy as well. Oh gosh - I even started to use that tool holder thing that the sewing machine sits on as I was forever trying to find my seam ripper/awl or cutting amongst the stuff on the table.

Sewing area - clear!
 There are a few small containers to the right where I have a couple of different color of threads, the walking foot which I'm using a lot these days and some pins and my enders/leaders. I think I can live with that little bit of clutter.

Next up is the ironing surface. Yep - that area is clean as well. This is so super exciting and the best part - I did NOT bring everything out once everyone left last week.  Yeah!  Notice the floor is also clear of clutter!  The clutter is contained in those IKEA bags. Hurrah for IKEA!

Ironing surface - clear!

Now there is one area - the old cutting table that still has stuff on it. I need to sort through the few items on there or put them away. Some of this is projects that I want to work on once the urgent stuff is out of the way. So that's why it's sitting here - waiting to be cut. The key will be to NOT overcrowd this area and to only keep stuff that's waiting to be cut (a reasonable amount). I'm not good with reasonable amounts! But I want to try. I was listening to an ad on the radio this morning about trying to quit smoking. I believe the product was some kind of nicotine patch. It said the patch was to be used for a smoking-cessation program that included WILL POWER!  I'm so motivated to make and keep these areas clear - I'm MOTIVATED! I've got WILL POWER!

Area to tidy up!
I took a picture of the big group of work tables, but there was something on them that I wasn't ready to show you yet so can't post that picture. There is a bit of stuff on it, but not much. The idea is to keep that area clear so if I need to do paperwork or have people over to sew - it's easy to do the work and then tidy up!  Oh yes - I'm so motivated. I just need a wee bit more energy back to really get motivated and then I'll be a danger to myself!!!

Do you chain piece? If you don't, you should! Often, I mention the subject in class and I sometimes get blank stares! I wrote this tutorial (and other tips for speed and accuracy) on QUILTsocial. Check it out! Got questions? Let me know! 

And I'm out of here!

Have a super day!


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