Saturday, November 11, 2017

Retreat - Day Three

No new surprises out the window this morning.  In other words, no more snow, but they are forecasting flurries?  Who knows with the weather. The sun was out yesterday and it was a glorious day and I see the sun out this morning as well.  It's a wee bit cold though - I think I saw minus 17 on my phone.  Yikes!  And I want a Tim's?  I must get my head examined! Apparently, the thermometer outside says minus 12.  Not sure where my phone is registering the temperature.

But at least I was better off here than at home where the furnace went AGAIN!  The temperature dropped to 15 - that's a plus 15. Some motor part went this time. If we keep this up, the entire furnace will have all new bits by the end of the season.  Don't worry - we have a maintenance program and I'm determined to get my money from it!  BUT - I do think this will be the last season for that furnace. It's all fixed and working now - let's see what happens.

Another super productive day yesterday.  I managed to get another quilt top done.  This is one that I designed well over one year ago. And I've had the fabrics and the picture staring at me. I decided that now was the time to get it done. Shoot - the internet is so S L O W this morning even sitting next to the router so the pictures are on my Facebook page. Sorry for that.  But I'm always amazed at how the finished quilt looks EXACTLY like the picture from EQ7.  But that is the beauty of inputting the exact pictures of the fabric into EQ7 and using those to make the quilts.

Ooops - just managed to get the pictures. Here they are

The real quilt

The picture

And I'm very much a visual person so I can just take that diagram and make up the quilt (after printing out the width of borders, etc.).  Then if it's going to be a pattern, I get the fun task of making the pattern.  If not, then that's it! 

So that top got done and the binding got made. Then onto the next project which is one of the on-going classes that I'm teaching at The Hobby Horse.  Oh boy - I'm way behind.  I did manage to get two sets of blocks done last night and one more this morning so that was good.  I have one more set cut and ready to go later today.  There are only three more that need to be finished.  I did make good progress on one other set of the blocks until I ran out of fabric. I probably have enough bits, but want to get the other sets done first.  Despite Ronda's offer that she has an entire bolt of the missing fabric in her van.  NOPE!  I'm good! 

I sorted through what was left of the projects and put those that I know I won't touch in bags so they can be taken to the car today. I also have a huge bag filled with projects that will go to the car. Those are done!  I finished off all the hand stitching last night!  Before we got to the shooters!

I had my three shooters and then I was the first one to bed at 10 PM.  One of the girls has a cold and I was afraid that I would get it and sure enough later in the afternoon, I could feel my throat getting scratchy.  This morning, I'm not bad, but I know what's coming and I'm not liking it.  I'm off to Wal-Mart in a few minutes to get some candies to keep my throat happy!

Back to the quilt store - Thimbles and Things (one of my all-time favs) for supplies.  OK - just more fabric but I'm allowed.  The owner, Sue, is truly the best quilt shop owner around. She knows everyone by name, she is very friendly and very helpful and always new stuff and samples and kits to entice us.  Wish I was closer!

Some of the others were working on the Necessary Clutch yesterday and this morning, I saw a gaggle of them on the cutting table.  They sounded very fiddly to make, but they look awesome.  Last night when I was sorting out what I would sew today, I came across that jewelry bag and decided after a peek at the instructions that I would save that for when I was home and could concentrate!

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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