Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quilt Market - Day Three

I have failed you all in my quest to keep you in touch with what's happening at Quilt Market.  I've been in the booth having some amazing conversations with editors and quilt designers and people in the industry that I just didn't have time to make it on the floor. I literally did NOT walk this floor at all.  I did manage to get into a few booths - people I wanted to thank for supporting me in some of my endeavors which I managed to do.

I got to show Elizabeth Hartman my version of her Florence Flamingo. She was thrilled to see it done in another colorway from her original pattern. Shoot, I should have taken a picture of her and me with the quilt.  I'm realizing something - if I rely solely on my phone to take pictures - it isn't going to happen.  I checked my phone this morning and found that I hadn't taken any pictures yesterday.  Well, just one!  And it was a bicycle in the booth next to us.

The booth belonged to Kimberbell and she has some amazing new stuff out.  I must go shopping when I get home!

Anyone for a ride?
 I was going to borrow it to go to the washroom, but then I never did!  But I asked and they said yes but of course, they were kidding and so was I!!

The color of the year for bicycles appears to be teal. I found one more on set-up day!

Another teal bicycle

I did have about two free hours at the end of the day but I was busy trying to get some business done for one of our customers.  So that didn't allow a whole lot of time, but I was OK with that.

I did manage to purchase one thing at the show so that really didn't do too much damage to the pocketbook or did it?  You'll have to wait for that one. And there were a number of people who influenced that purchase and I don't know whether to love them or hate them.  Thanks to Marilyn and to Jean!

Tear down was the usual chaos!  Thankfully we had lots of people to help which really helps out.  We tore down one booth and reconfigured the second booth and thanks to everyone who stayed a wee bit later than they planned, but we are basically set up for the preview night which is tomorrow starting at 5 PM.

That means that I now have one day and a half with no firm plans.  I'm contemplating taking a class. Found one or two that are still available and I could get away with not having any fabric or tools. The other option was to go to the Quilt Museum, but it's 100 miles away and without a car, that's a little difficult to manage.  I think someone is going to several local shops so that might be an option?  I'm not sure what the day will bring.

Oh - I ran out of the hotel yesterday and it was only hours later that I realized I forgot to edit the post and hit PUBLISH!   DUH!!!

Have a great day!


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