Monday, November 20, 2017

Motivational Monday - It's that time of year!

Have you checked your e-mails lately? You know - the ones that are promising all kinds of amazing projects for 2018.  Sew-alongs, blocks of the day/week/month and everything else that you can imagine.

Aren't they enticing?  "Oh - I have that project in my "to do" box. I could join."  Did you just hear yourself say that? 

Here's the thing.  THINK VERY HARD AND VERY DEEP on whether you want to sign up for that project.   What will you gain by signing up for that project?  Will you learn something?  Perhaps make new friends?  What are your goals?  Do I really need/want to start a new project?  Do I like that teacher/designer?   Will you be committed to finishing it or will it end up as a UFO?

I'm sure there are tons of other questions that you could ask yourself.  TONS.  You'll have to be the judge. I was tempted - really, really tempted this morning when I saw a sew along, but common sense kicked in before I went too far.  I don't need a sew along. I need the MOTIVATION to get some of the stuff done that I have to do. And I cannot (simply CANNOT) believe that as I sat in my studio yesterday, I actually thought of downsizing.  OH MY GOD!  The world is coming to an end!!!

Now I don't think I was too serious, but the thought did cross my mind.  I'll call it residue from being sick. I'm much better today BTW - not perfect, but much better.

I'm not certain what goals I'll set for myself for 2018.  I really really like the idea of the 12 projects - one a month.  Even though I haven't quite accomplished all those goals, I did manage to NOT start a whole pile of new ones. I did manage to get a couple on the list completely done and I have made huge leaps and bounds on several of the others.  I just need to get a wee bit more serious about it, but honestly - for me - the Motivational Monday and The Task Master?  They worked. I hope they worked for some of you as well.

So how will we work going forward?  There are only a few weeks left this year.  I keep hearing over and over again how much stuff we all have and ladies (and gentlemen) if we don't start to take better control over the situation, our families are going to have a huge mess to clean up!  My travel schedule for 2018 has been set and it's a lot less than 2017 and I'm thrilled for that!  Getting an extra day off does NOT compensate for being away from home. So right there I see way more time to sew or relax.

As the next couple of weeks progress, I want to set out some very serious goals for myself for 2018. Not because I want to be a better person, but I want to enjoy my hobby/work more than I currently am. There are roadblocks to that happening. What are those roadblocks?  Too much stuff!  Too much clutter! Too many deadlines!   So as the new year approaches, I'm going to try and find even more ways to eliminate those roadblocks so I can have a bit of fun.

Here's something to contemplate. For the most part, I know where my projects and tools are.  You may not think I do, but I do.  However, there are two projects that I have misplaced and no idea what I've done with them. One is a double wedding ring quilt that I want to finish, but NO CLUE where it is. The other thing that I'm missing is my hexies!  I put everything associated with that project into a box and for the life of me, I can't find it. I also have some hexie dies that are with the hexies. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I found one of the hexie dies. I thought I was close!

Alas - NO hexies!

Something big - REAL big is happening in my studio this week. So big that I don't think I can share it even after it happens. Well, eventually I'll be able to. The question of the day is how much of a mess do I leave the studio in?  Last week, I was perfectly happy to leave it as it is.  Last night, I was ready to whip all that loose stuff into bags and hide it. Which is why I'm going to have a miracle recovery and probably get rid of some of the stuff - at least off the tables. 

On that note, I'm out of here to NOT get tempted by reading about all the upcoming cool events for 2018.   Let the others do them.  I will NOT, will NOT get pulled into doing what everyone else is doing. I will NOT.

Have a great day!!!


PS -- doing the draw this afternoon. Sorry - hard to coordinate the timing of that.


  1. How does the hexi die work and where can you purchase one?

    1. I am not Elaine but it work like a paper punch and I got mine at Micheal's :)