Thursday, November 9, 2017

Retreat - Day One

So here I am at Fireside Retreat after a crazy day yesterday.  I'm waiting for my oatmeal to cook!!   It's the only place that I eat this oatmeal as it takes 20-25 minutes to cook.

Yesterday was a totally crazy day but I was calm. Very calm.  What's the point in getting frustrated when there is nothing you can do about a certain situation except wait?

I was up early and prepping more stuff for the retreat. I really didn't have much time to think about what I needed so I just packed lots!  Why not!  At least when I packed the car, I only had my laundry basket in the very back of the car. I had a box of books, four quilts that need to be dropped off and Tish's suitcase in the backseat in addition to my own stuff so I didn't do too badly. Plus four more quilts that I'm either putting binding or labels on.  I could see out the back window!

I headed to the gas station to fill the car and pump up the tires as my tire pressure gauge light was on. Did you know they now take Interact at the air pump?  I thought that was kind of cool and slowly we're becoming a cashless society.  I did have enough change in the car, but gosh, I hardly ever use cash anymore.  Got my tea and I was back home.

Great - I have to learn to cook this oatmeal all over again.  I have this puny amount in my bowl and I missed stirring at one point so the bottom of the pot needs a good soak!!!

Did a wee bit of paperwork in the morning and got all that stuff organized so that was great and good to have it done.  I have a couple more phone calls to make today and I should be able to completely relax for the rest of the retreat.

On a normal retreat day, I'm out of the house before 8 to get to the retreat by 9.  But because the furnace was on the fritz and I was the responsible person to wait for them, I was tethered to the house. The appointment was between 11 and 3.  Hmm - how close to three will they come?  And in a way, it was good because Tish forgot her suitcase at home so after her husband drove her to the retreat, he had to go back home and then to my house. It all worked out!

The repairman finally called around noon and didn't leave until 2:30.  Apparently, we needed a new circuit board. It was all good because I was thinking we might need a new furnace since ours is older. The girls didn't mind me being home because they got to play outside.

I did pack a few more projects after cutting out two that need to be done fairly quickly so I threw everything in the car and I was set. And although I wanted to quiz the repairman about how long it was going to take to fix and how long would it take for him to get the part, I remained calm and said nothing!

Confirmed with DH that he was in fact on the plane to get home so the girls wouldn't be left home alone and then I was gone.  I had to stop by work to pick up some fabric that I needed for a magazine project.  Work is very conveniently along the way.  One more stop to exchange a sewing machine part and then finally I was on my way.

I arrived at the retreat shortly after 5 - only 8 hours late!   Of course, everyone was already here and dinner was served at 6.  Good timing. 

I unpacked everything and got the sewing machine set up and after dinner, I did manage to get the binding sewn on one quilt. That was very exciting to say that I at least accomplished something on my crazy day.  My stuff is a bit disorganized as I can't find the labels that I wanted to sew on the other three quilts that I brought with me.  I WILL find them today! Ronda and I are sewing in the dining room. Probably a good thing as we make enough noise to more than compensate for the quietness of the others!

Had a great sleep and now I'm up and madly sewing.  Finished my puny bowl of oatmeal and now it's back to work!

So good to touch base with the gang as some of them I haven't seen for a while and even the regular sewing group, I haven't seen them in a while either! It's going to be super fun.

I did learn one thing though and that is to NEVER predict not being here. I had a potential appointment come up on Nov 8 and I had mentioned to Ronda that I might be late. The appointment got moved, but the furnace (and fate) came through with my prediction. Never again!

Have a super day!!!!


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