Friday, March 23, 2018

Down to the last minutes............

What a marathon sewing day!  I'm happy to report that the quilt is currently on the long arm.

Let that be a lesson to me! I was supposed to be testing this pattern and well, I was working away and I was confused. I didn't cut enough fabrics. Now I'm even more confused. Then I had lunch. I read the pattern the ENTIRE way through. OH! That makes sense, I now have extra blocks!

I'll ask the designer if I can share my quilt (well her design) and my quilt with you. Oh boy - what an idiot I am. But the good news is that the quilt is completely sewn together. And I used EVERY piece of background fabric that I had because of all my extra cutting. The quilt got loaded on the long arm and the background is completely quilted. I was not going to quilt the motifs on the quilt as I could do that on the domestic, but then I thought - let's go for it. I figured out how to quilt them and I'm just waiting for 8 AM so I can start quilting again.

I dug out the box to ship the long arm, but do you think I can find the instructions for disassembling it? Of course, I can't!!  I've e-mailed the company - just to confirm that today is the day that it needs to be shipped and to get the shipping instructions again. I'm sure it's in this pile of paperwork on my desk, but I can't even find the original e-mail that it came in and I don't normally delete much!  Oh well, I may be going to the quilt show early and then home to disassemble!!! I know I read it as I remember them saying to take the light out as they didn't need that.

The girls and I did manage a walk as well. I needed a break from the sewing machine. I have to say that once I got the concept of the pattern in my head, the sewing went super fast. I'm really liking the quilt - I love my choice of fabrics. It's fun and it's bright.

I'm not sure why, but I was wide awake in the middle of the night. But since I go to bed so early, it's not surprising! So what does one do after you've spent over one hour thinking about everything that needs to be done? You get up and do it of course!!!

I decided that my studio was a mess and I needed to get it cleaned up so I'm ready to go to work next week. The next four days are solidly booked with stuff so there won't be a lot of time to sew. Except that I have to finish getting stuff ready for my three classes tomorrow.

Oh - before I show you what happened in the wee hours of this morning, I found a new hot cereal. It was next to the steel cut oats. I tried it yesterday and it's quite good. It has different cooking times than the steel cut oats, but with my new skills at microwaving hot cereal, it worked just fine. I put a little fruit in it to add some flavor. All good - no sugar needed.

Super Grains hot cereal

I started the tidy up in the studio by tidying up those stash bins. That alone made a huge difference. There's a lot of fabric in those bins and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stash bins - neat and tidy and sorted

Then I tidied up the work tables. I dug out the brand new sewing machine from PFAFF - the creative icon and will be firing that up next week to see how I like it. And there's the Husqvarna Viking Epic 980Q. You'll see next week on QUILTsocial what I've been up to with that machine. I must say that I love the machine and I feel like I'm only touching the surface of all that it can do! Let's just say that it's fast - fast - super fast!

Fun sewing machines to play with
 Then I went to my personal sewing area and got that all tidied up as well.

My sewing machine area

Well, I was on a roll. I tackled the cutting table next. I was so amused by the whole process that I actually got a dust cloth and dusted everything including the grooves in the ruler holders. Am I psyched or a psycho?
Cutting mat - super clean and ready to cut the next project

The ironing board is also spin and span - well as much as it can be with all the use that it gets. I tidied up everything that didn't need to be there. Oh, shoot - I meant to take a picture of my distilled water supply. I'm down to ONE jug. I guess that means a trip to the store to get more. God forbid that I run out!!

Ironing board - clear

What happened to everything?  You guessed it - I heaped it on the work tables. I have no idea why I do this, but I do!  It's insane.  I now have until April 19 to get this area cleared off. That's the date of the next Sit n Sew.  I think it's possible. At least, a good part of it can be cleared off once I trim all those quilts. It's like a game to me. Perhaps I'll post a picture a day to see the progress.

Stuff to deal with
 And I need to deal with those tuffet foams as well. There'll be no long arm to distract me for the next at least three weeks, more likely four.

Tuffet foams

The missing part of the pattern is done and sent. The pictures for day four of the blog posts are loaded and I'm about to write the text in a few minutes. All is good. But one more day would be awesome!

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!


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