Sunday, March 25, 2018

I'm super super SUPER excited this morning!!!

The biggest issue with going to bed so early is that you wake up early! Really early!  I need to try and switch that time back a wee bit. However, I'm happy to report that I've already made huge leaps and bounds into getting some stuff done!!!

I'm so technically competent today I almost fell over. My class wanted me to provide some notes to them. The notes would be hand drawn so how to distribute them? Well, scanning them would be the obvious choice. When I checked the printer/scanner this morning, I didn't see my computer on the list. Hm - how to make that happen? To make a long story short, I did some quick research, downloaded the software and within minutes, my document was scanned and it should be waiting for the students when they check their e-mail this morning. I'm over the moon with happiness about that. Yahoo!!!!   It worked - it worked!!!

That's very exciting because there are other times when I'd like to send something and I would like to scan it - now I know how and maybe the printer will cooperate better.

The weigh-in went very well yesterday. One more pound is gone! I might just have to buy some new pants soon. The low-rise pants that I love, well, I have to be careful now! I won't go into details. That's too much information. Two pounds to go!!!!   Yahoo!!!!!!

I acquired the missing fabrics from the Purely Canadien Eh? collection.  Now to find the pattern idea that I wanted to experiment with. AHA - found that after going through a huge pile of books where I also found a book that I OWN, but I had just borrowed the same book from the library. The library copy is now by the front door. That's sad that I don't even remember purchasing that book.

Purely Canadian fabric
Thanks to Ronda, my fabric mule for the safe delivery!!!!

I turned on the sewing machine when I first went down to the studio, but I was busy doing other things and didn't have time to get to the machine right away. Then when I finally did get there, it asked me if I wanted to do the upgrade. The darn thing is connected to the internet, so the upgrade was done, but then I had to find something else to do while the upgrade occurred.

Upgrade happening on its own
You have to love technology when it works. Upgrades are done by themselves. I love it!!

So I looked at that heaped table to see where I could start. I collected all the loose bits of batting and now they are folded and labeled and ready to be put in the batting closet.

Batting bits labeled and ready to store

The next block for the pixelated apple is laid out.

Block Eleven of the apple quilt
Notice that there is some green in this block. All the red squares are cut.  The project bag is getting smaller. I now have a deadline to get this quilt finished, but that shouldn't be an issue. The deadline is months away and I'm on a roll.

Project bag is getting smaller

I cut some blocks for one of my monthly classes, but I'm not ready to sew them together yet.

Hm - now what to do with stuff that I pull from the table that is processed. I don't want to put it back on the table. So I dug out two tote bags. You have to LOVE those tote bags.

One is for the upcoming sewing retreat. Those blocks would be perfect to sew at the retreat. And the second bag is to store stuff like the rest of the pixelated apple. I don't want it to go far away.

Two tote bags to store "prepped or waiting" items
Can you figure out which one is for the retreat?  YES - it's the biggest one of course!  My goal is to ONLY take that bag with me. No other bags of projects.

A while back, a friend gave me a bunch of prepped rectangles that were for a rag quilt. She actually was making two. Didn't like the process so gave it to me. One of them is done. Remember how I toted that rag quilt with me everywhere while I clipped the seams. Well, the remainder of the rectangles were sitting on top of a cupboard. I had them all arranged in bundles for the rows for the second quilt. Then they fell over.

I decided to make THREE much smaller quilts from the rectangles. Here are two bundles.

Two bundles of rectangles for rag quilts

The third bundle

 I'm starting with the larger one first to make sure that I'm OK with the size. I may end up making two, but it's time to get these quilts made and donated. That takes up a lot of space in the studio! I started sewing this morning but didn't get too far with all the other stuff that I was sorting out.

I'm off for a fun day with quilting friends. So I had best get myself organized. Got to take my lunch but what to take?  That's the one thing I miss is not just grabbing something along the way. Since I won't eat bread, sandwiches are out of the question. Anyway, I'll figure something out.

And I've some AMAZING pictures to share with you from the show n tell at the classes yesterday. They were FABULOUS!!!!!

Have a SUPER DAY!!!!!


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