Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Quilts and Fashion

Before I start, I have a bone to pick! So all Canadians know that it's Roll up the Rim at Tim's. The odds of winning are one in six. One in SIX - it's even written on the cups. Well, I've bought about 20 teas and I've won ONCE. Hey - Tim's it's getting a little old. Yes - you may have printed one in six winners, but what happened to those winning cups? I won a donut. Big whoop! I'm hearing the same complaint from everyone so where are those winning cups??

Please play again!
I used to be a frequent customer of Tim's for many things - lunches, dinners, etc. Now I'm buying just the tea and ONLY because it's Roll up the Rim. Once the contest is over - that's it for me. I'll just make my tea when I need/want it. I've found that I have way more willpower than I ever thought I had. Just say NO!!!  Now if I could apply that to when someone asks me to do something for them!

I made excellent progress on the pattern that has been sitting here for a while. It's a bit of a challenge and I really should have written the pattern when the quilt was still in my possession. I couldn't even fall back on my EQ8 files because I didn't make the final design in EQ8. And it was only yesterday when I was trying to sort out the fabric requirements that I realized that I used a different setting than I had originally planned!!!  DUH!!!  Both look nice so it's not a huge deal! Thank god for pictures via e-mail.

I hope to get the pattern finished up this morning. NO - I HAVE to get it finished up this morning.

I managed to get one more customer quilt done yesterday as well.

Customer quilt - DONE
The next one is loaded on the long arm - well almost. There's no batting in there yet. I put things a wee bit out of order. I have a customer coming on Sunday to sew and I really wanted to get her quilt to her. So I swapped one of the others out. But that doesn't change the fact that the other two are due to be completed soon as well.

I'm down to 10 quilts before the machine goes in slightly over 2 weeks. Yesterday, I got the fabric for the last one that needs to be made. Thankfully, it's a small quilt so that helps. I'm not worried - I believe I can get all 10 of these quilts done and maybe a small one that came to me the other day as well. Oh- I'm such a dreamer!  FOUR of the quilt still needs to be made. And where was I yesterday afternoon?  At the movies!  I watched Game Night which was hilarious!

Did any of you read that article that was in the New York Times about Ken Burns and his quilt collection?  Well, that wasn't the only story about quilts coming from New York. Have a look at this - quilts on the RUNWAY!!!!   That's the fashion runway!!!  GASP - don't be shocked at some of the images as they have cut up OLD quilts in some cases - but they used cutter quilts or made new ones in other cases! A cutter quilt is a quilt that is in bad shape as a quilt, but parts of it are good to be used in other forms. Doesn't matter - what it gives us is MORE EXPOSURE to our industry! And that's all good.  Ladies -maybe it's time to resurrect all those quilted jackets and "I can't believe it's a sweatshirt" jackets!!!!

And it pains me to post this link, but red and white quilts were recently used in a Calvin Klein underwear commercial with the K family. You know the one that is famous for doing nothing.

I did spend a bit of time on the first link just looking at the pictures, but you can also go to google images and search for Quilts on the Runway and you'll see most of the pictures. I want to know what's written on those quilts that the models are carrying.  Don't you????  Looks like it says - Designed by Calvin Klein or something like that.

Anyway, it's interesting how people approach the quilting world. Look at Louise Grey - she has a small video at the end of that last link. She sells quilts to the population. But she does it like an industry. I didn't see a rotary cutter cutting her fabrics and it almost looking like she has one of these flatbed tables for quilting.   I just checked the price - they are WAY cheaper than a long arm - that's what we're doing wrong!!!

Anyway, enough of that. I've got to get on with my day!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Sorry, Elaine. Each cup has a one in six chance to win. Each new cup is a new game. So each time, one in six. All the winning cups could be at another store, or in a different stack. They aren't evenly distributed, they are random. If they were evenly distributed they would be breaking the law for such contests.
    If you want a free one every six you have to go to MacDonalds and peel the sticker off the cup.

    1. Kate - you realist you!!!!

    2. A career in studying random events! I won a latte, though.

  2. So Vogue is crediting a fashion designer for 'reviving' quilting - what the ??? ("Credit for the craft’s most current revival is due to a Belgian gent named Raf Simons.") That's a little silly, no?

    1. Peggy - right on. I should have mentioned that. I will tomorrow!!! STupid people!