Thursday, March 8, 2018

What I did on Monday

I hate REALITY.  Kate very politely informed me that everytime I play Roll up the Rim that my chances are 1 in 6 (thanks Kate!). It's not the total number of cups I buy. I know that. It's just that reality stinks!  Plus in the ALL the previous years where I've bought about the same number of cups, I've won quite a few items over the course of the contest. I can't believe that  my luck has changed so much this year. Should you care to see my past winnings (I know, who but a blogger would take pictures of their Tim's wins!) check out this post.  I'm sure there are other pictures, but this is the one that I found quickly this morning. This year - ONE stinking win!

Personally, I think they know that I won't be a customer after the contest and so they're rigging it!  Just kidding - that the suspicious side of me that's breaking through!

Anyway on to Monday sewing. Oh boy - I was told that the 150 Canadian Women blocks were going to be a challenge at some point. Let's hope that Monday was the worst! I got six blocks done, but it took me ALL day!!!

6 blocks for 150 Canadian Women

I bet Kat was chuckling as she put those blocks together! But hopefully that was the worst. That takes me up to Block 72 - completed!  Almost half way. Only 13 more weeks to go and I'll be done!!  That's THREE more months. I can do it!  I'll be more than half way tomorrow!!!  Yeah!!!! I'm starting to see a lot of finished quilts on various Social media. I have a bit of an idea what I'm going to do, but I'll wait until all the blocks are done.

Speaking of 150 Canadian Women, I saw this book when I was at Chapters - well Indigo. Same store - different name. I haven't stopped to look at it, but I shall next time I'm in the store. And just like that - I requested TWO books from the library!  I did return two books yesterday so that's good. I'm bad at getting books out and then taking forever to read them.

I managed to get a customer quilt done yesterday.

Customer quilt - DONE
 It's a memory quilt made from men's shirts and ties. An interesting mix to say the least, but I think the recipient should be happy with it.

The back was made from the backs of shirts and some T-shirts. It quilted up no problem even through all those thicknesses.

Quilt backing for the customer quilt

The pattern I was writing is mostly finished and was sent to the magazine. Now just one more picture and two templates to draw and I can cross that one off the list.

The next customer (and custom) quilt is on the long arm. I managed to get one row done yesterday. I was hoping for more, but it just didn't happen. Today is sit n sew so no quilting until later in the day. I'm a bit behind. Not panicking YET!  I'm down to NINE quilts now. Nine quilts in 14 days!

This morning, I have a fun little assignment for you.  Check out Meadow Mist's blog. She is also a quilt designer/blogger and ran a three part mystery on her blog. The results are in. She had just over 200 people participate. Yikes - that's a lot. Anyway, you can check out the quilts at that link above.  In the link are three links as she split the quilts up into three different posts.  What's your task? Check the quilts out and see which version you like. If you're struggling to determine the colorway of your next quilt, you should be able to find something within those 200 quilts to spark your creativity. I haven't had a chance to check them all out yet. But the ones that I saw are AMAZING.  While many did the same setting as the original design, a number changed it up a bit. Lots of great ideas and you can download the pattern from Cheryl's blog.

Hmm - I wonder - do you want a mystery??  I could do that, but only after my machine goes in for servicing!

On that note - OH - Lexi has something to say - some big stuff happening in their life and I don't think they are too happy about it.

Have a super day!!!


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