Tuesday, March 20, 2018

One more day

Have you ever noticed when you're working to a deadline that all we need is ONE MORE DAY. I wonder how that happens. I seem to have my judgement off by ONE day.

However, I'm not worried. I made excellent progress yesterday. The table runner is quilted and trimmed. Yeah! That leaves four projects (one to piece) and three days to go. But honestly, if that one doesn't get pieced and quilted before the machine goes, it can be pieced and quilted (on the domestic sewing machine) after the long arm goes. So it's not critical. And it's small as is the one table runner as well. Both can be handled on the domestic.

The magazine quilt is loaded on the long arm and ready to be quilted today. The other magazine quilt is trimmed and ready for the binding to be sewn on today. It needs to be in a box later today.  I did get a lot of writing done last night so I feel in pretty decent shape, although it's going to be heads down today to make sure that things keep progressing. And I promised those patterns for tomorrow.

As usual, Monday sewing was a lot of fun. I just love how we all get along and we're just one big happy group. I got one more block of the pixelated apple done!  Gosh - I sure wish that I had thought of taking this project to Monday before. But not to worry - all is good and the blocks are coming together nicely. So that makes TEN blocks complete. There are 16 in total and 4 half blocks so another couple of weeks. I might finish this around the time that I finish the 150 Canadian Women. The 6 blocks for that project for this week are done, but I haven't had time to take a picture yet.

Block ten of the pixelated apple quilt

Ten blocks complete!!!
 I'm loving this quilt. I will have to find a picture and make a pixelated design of my own. It's a lot of work (especially twirling all those seams), but I'm loving the look and when it's quilted, it will be the texture of the quilt that I feel, NOT the lumpy bumpy seams. I can hardly wait to get it done!   Can you believe the focus coming out of my little brain?? I'm like a new person!

I had better stop going to the library. Even time I go, I return with more books. There are so many I want to read and let's not forget about the ones that are on my shelf. While I like to read fiction, I also love to read non-fiction and there are tons of both out there.

This quilt book that I'm now reading couldn't be further apart in style from the one I just finished. Thomas is very loose in his style of design and inspiration. I'm hoping to take a couple of ideas from each of the books and find a way to marry them. More on that another day!  This book is a design exercise book, a coloring book and essays on modern quilting (and modern art). It's quite interesting. I'm not into coloring - I'll do it on EQ8 if I wanted to. Some of the design exercises might be fun to try, but some of them - well quite frankly, I'm not sure I even understand what I'm supposed to do! But that could be me reading it at night when I'm tired. I'm going to pick a couple design exercises and maybe one coloring exercise and see what happens.

The Quilt Design Coloring Workbook by Thomas Knauer

Like most people, we have investments. But those investment companies should get their act together. I received all this in the mail yesterday. SIX packages of a large booklet. What a waste of packaging, printing, shipping.  A colossal waste and I would much prefer that this money be put in my retirement account rather than sent to me. I must enquire if this can't be done electronially. HUGE HUGE waste problem.

Six copies of the same document received in the mail

The Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim contest ended - well they ran out of cups a couple of weeks ago. I think some places still have XL or S cups, but I'm done! I won ONE thing - a donut. That's just crazy considering how much I won in previous years. But - it's time to move on. I don't stop at Tim's any more. No that's not true. I stop on Monday morning on my way to Monday sewing. Yesterday, I exchanged that coupon for an oatmeal raisin cookie (calories 220).

Roll up the Rim winnings for 2018

Since I like math, let's do a wee bit of math related to Tim's. Imagine that I stopped ONCE a day to get a large tea. That is $2 PER cup. So over the course of one year, I would have spent $730 for tea. And all they did was open up the tea bag, put it in a cup and pour hot water over it. Let's also consider that each visit to Tim's requires some wait time or time taken out of the day to get there and back from wherever you are.  For the sake of ease, let's just count the wait time - and say it's 4 minutes for each time there. Averaged! That might be a bit high, but I don't think so. That's 1,460 minutes per year spent waiting for Tim's. That's the equivalent of 24 hours. I could do a lot in 24 hours with $730.  I just checked the price - it's $6.49 for a box of 48 tea bags. For an annual cost of $52.00 if I buy my own tea.  So $730 and lose 24 hours or $52 and lose 0 hours. I think the answer is clear here.

Now if I could just be that good with fabric purchases. I am better. Not perfect, but better.

That wraps it up for me today. I see by the clock that I had better start writing or I'll be writing late into the evening and I'd rather read!

Have a great day!!!


PS -- If you want to check out the latest adventures from Lexi and Murphy - it's on Lexi's blog.

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