Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Motivational Monday

It works much better for me to show you on Tuesday what I've been working on since I'm usually running around getting ready for Monday and since I'm the key keeper, I can't be late.

Yesterday was Monday sewing. Always tons of fun, always lots of work gets done. From time to time, I get a few pictures of what the others have completed. They are a pretty prolific group!

I had to laugh at Claudette though. She voiced something that I was thinking just the other day. While the rest of the group seem to be off and working on a bunch of new stuff, we're stuck making things that should have been done months or even years ago. Oh well - we both like working on stuff with little pieces and it takes time.

This morning, I decided to dig out some projects for the upcoming sewing retreat. I think three of the four are on the UFO lists - either last year or this year's lists. I think this is where the focusing comes into play. You have to focus on finishing things and you have to STOP trying to do all the things that everyone in the group is doing.

In other words - pick projects that YOU want to do, not what the others are doing. I'm making good progress so I'm not going to complain. Although I did have a moment last night (because now I'm dangerously behind) where I wondered why am I continuing to work on the 150 Canadian Women. The celebration year is over. There's one person in our group who has already finished her blocks, made three quilts from them and they are gifted. Two others have their quilt tops together - waiting for quilting. Yes - there are two others working on the blocks, but I think they are way behind me.

I decided that I'm this far through the project that I'm going to forge ahead. Get it done so I can move onto something else on Monday.

Let's see what the others have been working on. This is a string quilt made by Claudette. She's been working on this one for a while, but the top is now DONE! The colors are beautiful. Nice and bright. And it's BIG! That's another reason why it takes so long to make quilts - if you make them big, it takes longer.

String quilt

Just to put things in perspective, Claudette was lamenting about working on projects that others have already finished. Well - look at what kind of projects she works on. The string quilt above, which is a fairly easy thing to sew. BUT look at this one. Those are teeny tiny little squares. Cut 1"
Teeny tiny little squares
 She's making a Bonnie Hunter quilt and this is part of one block. And then she wonders why she is still working on old stuff.

Blocks that are teeny tiny
 Claudette needs to work on a project like Tishs'. This is Vintage Farm Girl. Tish made all the blocks in the 12-inch format. She made two quilts with her blocks (there are 45 in total). Those pieces go together easy peasy and FAST. The borders are now on this quilt and it's ready to be quilted!

Vintage Farm Girl
 What did I get done? Well, I have to say that my improvised carrying case for the pixelated quilt worked perfectly!  I love that blue felt board that's supporting the little pieces. It was a good investment. They don't make that kind anymore, but I think they should!

Anyway, I got quite a bit of block 9 completed. There's just the bottom row to sew into four patches and then join the five rows together. That's impressive for one day of enders and leaders. I wish I had thought of doing this months ago - I would be done!

Pixelated quilt - block 9

I did get six more blocks completed for 150 Canadian Women. Unlike last week when it took almost all day, I finished before lunch. I'm excited about that. But as I mentioned earlier, I had a moment of doubt. I want more red/white quilts so I'm forging ahead.

6 more blocks for 150 Canadian Women
 I now have 78 blocks completed. That means I'm over half way there. And if I keep up this pace, I'll be finished in 12 weeks. ACK - that's still three months. That's a LOT of work. But I'll get them done and then design the quilts and get moving onto the next project whatever that is.

I got one more block sewn together for the National Quilter's Circle Block Challenge. This was NOT a beginner project and I see some of the finished quilts on the internet and the color schemes that some chose were amazing!!!!  I'm OK with my colors - it's bright - I'll dress it up with some fancy quilting.  I still have to think of a sashing/border combo for the quilt. I think I've got something for the sashing, but what color do I use for a border? I used solids and any solid would be too overpowering. Maybe just a darker shade of grey.

7 of 9 blocks done!
 I made good progress on Block 8 yesterday so that won't take long to complete next week and the last block is also cut and ready to sew. Hopefully, I'll get both of them done next week.

Then I get to go back to the Garden Patch quilt. Yeah! More fiddly bits. It seems boring that I'm always working on the same quilts! 

Two more blocks cut and ready to sew

Yes, it seems that I, like Claudette, like fiddly little projects! We're our own worse enemy!

I cut out another quilt this morning. It's one of the urgent ones. It's super simple and between quilting the other one, I should have this completed by the end of the day.

On that note, I'm out of here. I've so much paperwork to do, I'm not sure where to start and I don't have time until next week or later this week to tackle it.

Have a super day!!!


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