Friday, March 16, 2018

I'm the pigeon!

You know how much I love quotes. And so many have wise words of wisdom. As I was pressing something on the ironing board, I glanced at my calendar which just happens to be a quote for the month. This is the quote for March.

Quote for March in my Monthly Quotation calendar

Isn't that the best!  Yep - these last couple of days, I'm the pigeon. Trust me, I've had my share of days of being the statue.

After complaining about the printer being offline, it magically went online all by itself. Why is that? I've no idea, but the bottom line is that I was able to print my templates so I could check that they were OK. I had to tweak them both several times - have you tried to create a template in inches, but your computer is set for centimeters?  Doesn't matter - remember - I'm the pigeon - things are going my way!  I was able to cross that item off the list which was a super feeling.

Here's the other thing that is working well for me. Most mornings, I have steel cut oats for breakfast. Cooked in the microwave with water and topped with a few blueberries. No sugar added. You know what?  I look forward to that breakfast. I LOVE the steel cut oats. That can only mean one thing - I'm either getting old or I'm reverting to my childhood. Isn't that the same thing? When we were kids, we had porridge - why did we call it porridge? That sounds so unappetizing. Anyway, we had porridge every day. Sometimes rolled oats, sometimes cream of wheat and sometimes, red river. I hated it. I wanted boxed cereal like the cool kids. I think we got that on Sunday but only Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, or Shredded Wheat. All the ick cereals that adults would buy. At Grandma's house, we could have Cheerios, Alpha-bits and all those sickly sweet cereals.

All that to say that I think I've adjusted to a world with a whole lot less sugar and I'm OK with that. I don't miss it at all. Where before fruit didn't satisfy my sugar craving, now I'm happy as a clam with a banana or apple.

One more thing of note before I get to the quilting stuff.  I had to go for a mammogram yesterday. Just routine. Someone had mentioned that they were getting new equipment that wasn't so squishy! Well, folks, I hate to tell you that the new machines still squish. They just squish faster! I have to say that the pulling on the neck was greatly reduced. All in all, it didn't take long and it wasn't so bad. I'm off the hook until whenever the next time is.

OK - let's down to quilting. You know that I have this deadline. This time, next week, the long arm will be packed in a box and waiting for me to drop it at the courier. That leaves me SEVEN days to get done what I need/want to get done.

I headed downstairs and look what happened!  I got this customer quilt done!!!  I did make a comment about the backing yesterday, but I'm happy to report that even with all the crazy piecing on this one, the quilt was perfectly square and flat. That along with the colors and the quilt pattern I chose - it was a happy quilt to work on. I was worried that there would be some puckering along that one seam on the back due to stretching. I think there is some ruffling, but no tucks!!!  Hmm - I'm supposed to sew the binding on for the customer, but alas, there doesn't seem to be a binding in the bag.

Customer quilt - DONE

Well, I was psyched after getting that quilt done, so I loaded the next one so it would be ready. This was the quilt that I was going to quilt on Sunday. Well - hate to say - but it's also DONE!!!

Customer quilt - DONE

While I was quilting away, I was thinking about how much more I could cram into the schedule between now and next week. Well, I have two more customer quilts (one is small that I can sneak in), I have one magazine quilt (it's almost pieced - just have to sew the rows together and NO border), I have one quilt where I'm testing the pattern (that one still needs to be sewn together) and then I thought I would throw a couple (OK - 3) of mine in there and hopefully two table runners. See why I'm always busy?  Not one to be happy to get done what was on the schedule, I'm the kind of person that tries to squeeze water from a stone!  Let's go for it!!!  If some of those don't get done, no big deal and the table runners could be done on the domestic machine. One of my three is already loaded (well almost) on the long arm and I'll try to work on it later today when I need a break from the computer. YES - today is heads-down on the computer. I can't put this writing off any longer and the quilting stuff seems to be under control!!!

I also cut the upholstery batting and delivered the tuffet foams. Actually, I exchanged the foams for the wooden bases. All prep work for the upcoming tuffet class.

I rolled the remainder of the upholstery batting a wee bit tighter. I sure hope I didn't shortchange myself by selling off that portion. I still need to cut batting for 17 tuffets from what remains.

Upholstery batting
 I carried all the tuffet foams into the house as they will need to be prepped for the class. But they are not needed until the end of April so I have time to get that done. I know - don't wait until the last minute!!!

Tuffet foams

I have one other little thing to tell you about this morning. While I like to walk in my bare feet, my feet don't like it so much anymore and since it's winter, it also gets a tad cold. So I would wear slippers or socks or both. I HATE Slippers.  Literally, you put them on and next thing you know, you're shuffling around the house. I want to WALK around the house. Slippers suck and so I end up wearing my shoes in the house.

Slippers suck!
 Notice that one slipper is minus a tassel. I wonder who did that? O, Murphy? Did you enjoy eating the pink fake leather???

But the other day, I found these shoes. OK - I bought them a while back but dug them out last week. They are slip-on, they are super light and they are comfortable. More importantly, they allow me to walk around the house, not shuffle. Bye-bye slippers!!!!

Better than slippers

Why are slippers so awful??  They come in small, medium, and large. Which means that they don't properly fit your feet so you have to shuffle to keep them on your feet.  Won't ever be buying slippers again.

On that note, I'm out of here. I've got loads to do on the computer and I'm off to the gym with a personal trainer this morning. Yeah!!  Now that the 15 pounds are almost all gone, it's time to start lifting weights and try to turn some of the remaining fat into muscle. I do have to say that my waistline now fits into my pants, not popping out the top like a muffin. That was worth getting rid of the sugar!!!  I know - this was a day of TMI!!!!   (too much information!)

Have a super day!!!!

I think Lexi has some issues with Murphy, yet again!.

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