Saturday, January 5, 2019


Don't we love to document our "firsts"? The first block of a project? First child? After we get the first out of the way, the rest doesn't really count. I have a couple of firsts to share today.

Wednesday was M's FIRST day at school. Yes - she's off to Vancouver Film School to up her game in the acting world. Sounds like she's having a blast and hopefully learning lots. Good luck M!! Someday we hope to see your name in lights!!! Well technically that's theatre, but you never know where life will take you.
The first day of school at Vancouver Film School

A selfie at school with her name tag

We always took a picture on the first day of school. However, I think we totally forgot one year.

Have a look at this beauty.

M - the first day of kindergarten or thereabouts.  Love that tunic that her thoughtful mother purchased in a size too big so she could grow into it. Beautifully accessorized by those CLUNKY looking shoes and let's not forget the BLANKIE!!!!!!   She looks like a chipmunk with her teeth sticking out - she never had buck teeth - just a goofy grin.
When I was looking on my blog for something else, I found this FIRST-day picture.

The first day of Grade 12
A wee bit short on the length of that dress. Oh well, hopefully, she's outgrown that stage. I doubt it. What I don't see - I can't fret over!!!

Oh my - well she is still cute!!!!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, but I wasn't able to enjoy a walk as I had to teach a class. It was a rope bowl class. For all of you who know how to sew, don't take that skill for granted. Both students were pretty new to sewing, very little knowledge of their sewing machine and it was a wee bit of a challenge. Let's just say it was a good thing we were using matching threads.

Rope bowls from the class

And here's a suggestion to EVERYONE who sews. Do yourself a favor and buy a SMALL pair of snips. SHARP snips. I know where I can get them and I'm tempted to buy a big pack and have them on hand to sell to people. Drives me crazy when they have a huge pair of scissors to cut threads. Oh - that's the joy of teaching. But I'm very serious about the snips. I think I'll get a bulk pack and have them on hand. They are NOT expensive, but people don't know about them.

I'll show you mine one day - I've posted them a number of times.

Oh - I cheated and found a picture on my blog. Here are the BEST snips in the world.

Best snips in the world

But I did get some work done yesterday.

I started the samples for the Kimberbell Designs - Jingle all the Way quilt. Oh my - it's so incredibly cute. I can't wait to get back at it today. This block needs to be trimmed and tidied up. This is just off the embroidery machine.

Candy cane block

I hope to have the entire quilt together by the first class.

Here's my workstation. A total disaster. No room to put the fabric on the table, so it's on the chair. I'm pretending I'm pressing it each time I sit down!!!

Embroidery workstation with fabric strewn everywhere

 Here's my Misty Pines quilt. That's the one by Patti Carey. I'd like to give Patti a high-five for designing this quilt. Many of the fabrics are very close or have such a mottled appearance - I can only imagine it was a nightmare to make the design and then to write the pattern!!!

Misty Pines quilt
 I'm happy to report that mine is now in four sections. That's very exciting and I can't wait to get those last three seams sewn, make the facing and the backing and then it can go into the "to be quilted" pile and off the UFO list. Maybe today!!!

And I took liberty with no one around at the moment and cleaned off that table that was beside my sewing machine so it allowed me to lay out my entire ender/leader project. It's in stages, but I'm making progress.
Ender/leader project
 Here's the next UFO that needs to be worked on. I'll take pictures and post what needs to be done maybe tomorrow or the next day.

The next UFO to work on
 I can't spend all my time working on those UFOs as I have samples and blog posts and deadline quilts that need to be worked on and it's time to get to work on those. Not in a panic, but I really need to watch the time. I'll be sitting down later today to work out a schedule for the week as to what needs to get done. Actually, I might try for the entire month just to help deal with the deadlines.

So I'm reading this book called Every Note Played by Lisa Genova. Has anyone read it? Oh - it's so sad. It's about a concert pianist who gets afflicted with ALS. It's heartbreaking to see what happens to his body while his mind is totally intact. I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone. And the caregivers? Gosh - they are saints! I'm not sure how I would react in this situation - either as the patient or the caregiver. Stephen Hawking, who had ALS for fifty years, did amazing things with his talented brain. Not everyone is Stephen Hawking!

Every Note Played by Lisa Genova

If you haven't read any of Lisa's books, you should. She wrote "Still Alice" about Alzheimer's and "Left Neglected" about a serious brain injury. "Love Anthony" is about autism and "Inside the O'Brien's" - Huntington's Disease.  I've read them all but "Inside the O'Brien's".

It's a real eye-opener and again, makes you appreciate EVERYTHING. Something as simple as going to the bathroom! Imagine having arms that are totally useless. You can't even use it as a lever - it's a dead weight that you have zero control over that paralyzed body part. That's what happens with ALS - your muscles become paralyzed and slowly you lose all body functions including the ability to breath on your own and to speak. I'm almost finished the book and I know what happens at the end. It's just heartbreaking to read about the family and all their issues on top of this terrible disease. I have a Facebook friend that is diagnosed with ALS and my heart breaks for him and his family. He was an excellent cyclist and so helpful in prepping for my big cross Canada trip. I haven't touched base with him in a while. I'm almost afraid to, but I'm going to send him a note today.

OK - I sent him a note and cried while writing the entire thing!

To leave you on a happy note today, I have another Facebook friend (Heather Chapplain) who is currently at the Golden Globes with her fashions. She started off as a quilter and somehow ended up in the fashion world. Here's a link to the video that explains how she got to the Golden Globes. She's been posting live IG feeds the last couple of days and it's so exciting for her to be there. Hard work!!!!  Awesome job Heather!!!!

On that note, there's going to be lots of action in the studio today and I'd better get started.

Have a super day!!!



  1. Congratulations to M and Heather! What a great way to start 2019. Honestly Elaine I think you must have more than 24 hours in a day you get so much done! You are an inspiration. Happy New Year, Judi

    1. Judith -- Of course, I have more than 24 hours in a day - don't you? All kidding aside, I try to be efficient, I don't watch TV (almost 10 years now), and I'm very selfish with my time. Sometimes, not enough. Elaine

  2. Your daughter's pictures are adorable!

    I will never be able to read the book, as I watched my friend die of ALS. Her family showed themselves to be angels as they cared for her. I know that your friend needs contact with the outside world. At the time you need it (outside contact) the most is when you can not reach out to gain it. Thank you for reaching out! (A friend of mine read a quote to me that the angels capture your tears shed for others. I believe that, if that is true, angels were capturing your tears today. )

    1. Torry - I'm so sorry as I can't imagine watching anyone die of ALS. I cried like a baby at the end of the book and I can appreciate you not being able to read it. I had a nice little chat with my friend as he dictated his posts into his iPad. Technology has improved so much. Thanks for sharing.