Saturday, January 12, 2019

Going modern

I had a look at my list of Tasks for the week and I'm doing very well at crossing them off. A few things that aren't going to get done. But those will get rolled over for the next week. There was a lot of running around this past week that I didn't count on.

I went back to my old car - it looks so sad in the car wreck graveyard but I collected the bag of lug nuts for the fancy rims (my summer tires) that are in storage and well - those tires on the fancy rims belong to me - insurance only wants the car as is. If they tires won't fit the new car, I thought I'd sell them, and it would be nice to have those nuts. I said "goodbye" to the car and that chapter is closed. But there's still the tasks of getting new winter tires for the new car and dealing with the rental today. So many details.

A couple more errands and then I was back home. I did accomplish a lot of paperwork, but not all. I have to do more this afternoon.

Then it was back to the sewing machine. Actually, I don't think I really sewed much yesterday but I had stuff to prep for some upcoming blog posts. I really should have been doing something else but that's me. I'm better, but not always the best at prioritizing. That means that something that is due today isn't going to be quite finished.

Here's the status of Jingle all the Way by Kimberbell. There are three more pieced blocks to add to the mix. I'm making the half square triangles as enders/leaders so they're almost ready to be sewn together. I think there's still 9 embroidery blocks to make. Just didn't have time! But all is good.

Blocks for Jingle all the way
I was finishing off the blocks for the homework for last night's class of Lilla at Oh Look Fabric. I'm loving this quilt and we have a great group of ladies in the class. It was so good to see some faces that I haven't seen in a while - Hi to Genny and Kathy. A couple of newbies in the class. It's going to be great fun and I think almost everyone wants to make the HUGE quilt with 100 blocks. 

These are the blocks that I made for last night. The pattern calls for four of each block. The rest of my blocks are cut and in partial assembly, so I could demonstrate the techniques in the class. Won't take too long to finish them off - but I MUST make sure that I finish them off.

Blocks from the Lilla quilt

What I love about modern blocks and IMPROV piecing - there is NO right or wrong. If you look at that middle block - the pink and grey one. The block on the left is how the block is supposed to look, but I changed it up and rotated the left side section before I sewed it together. Does it look wrong? Nope. I want everyone in the class to realize that anything goes. As one of the newbies said, "as long as it ends up a square we're good?"  YES YES YES.  She's going to do great in the class.

Then we had a fabric buying frenzy as some of the ladies had to buy fabric or supplement what they had brought. It was great fun and there are some amazing combinations. I can't wait to see the blocks next month.

If you're interested, now that you've seen a couple of the blocks - you could still sign up! We meet once a month on Friday night.

I got home a wee bit later than planned and too tired to work on my other modern blocks. These are for the West End Modern Quilt Guild's charity quilt for Quiltcon. I ended up with FOUR packages of blocks to make and each package contains 7 blocks. OK - so I shouldn't have left that for the last night.

I've made eleven blocks so far this morning and hope that before I leave for the meeting that I can get at least another six made. They are ALL supposed to be made for the meeting as we're laying out the quilt. Oh well - we'll have to make it up with plain squares of fabric and I'll make the blocks this afternoon. One must be flexible - this is a HOBBY after all.

Making improv blocks

Then that quilt has to be sewn up and quilted ASAP as it needs to be in the mail by February 1 which in my house is LOADS of time, but I must be cognizant of the other deadlines I have. So far so good.

On that note, I'm out of here. I've got to get a few more blocks sewn!

Have a great day!!!!


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