Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mark these dates!!!!

A couple of dates that I forgot to mention or I want to mention again.

Tomorrow is the first class for the modern block quilt called Lilla. The class takes place at Oh Look Fabric in Milton. There are 25 different "modern" blocks in the quilt. We're going to walk through the process of choosing fabrics, lots of sewing, cutting, and pressing tips. And design - we're going to design our own quilts. If you want a fun evening out - sign up for the class by calling the store.

Lilla quilt pattern

If you're in the market to do some organizing, then I've got a great idea for you. The Brampton Quilter's Guild will be hosting the Downsizing Divas at the January guild meeting. I was a wee bit skeptical when I heard about this because almost every organizing guru does NOT understand the quilter's space. They immediately think CRAFT and while quilting is a craft, it's got a whole subcategory of its own. However, I'm happy to report that these ladies have spent considerable time in one of the guild members homes. So - I think they know what we're up against.  It promises to be a super and informative evening.

Here is the information about the meeting location, etc.


Downsizing Diva Brampton and Caledon franchise owners, Brenda Alderdice, Maria Lourenco, and Mary DaSilva will be sharing their many years of experience to provide us with suggestions to organize your creative space including the importance of sorting your inventory and labeling, storage options, “easy find” methods and more!  

Check out their web site!    (click on Find your Diva)

The meeting is January 24, 2019, 7:30pm, Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre 292 Conestoga Dr, Brampton, ON L6Z 3M1  Members free, Guests $7.

My friend who used to quilt sent me this photo of her space which she just spent two days cleaning up. She now sews mostly home dec stuff - I've got something else to share with you about her and what she does. I'll save that for another day. 

A very tidy storage space
Let's just say that she doesn't need to come to the decluttering your sewing space lecture. What do you think??  Those are roman blinds that come down and hide her storage space. It's a very neat idea and tidies up the sewing space very quickly. That's just WAY TOO NEAT for me. 


Doesn't that sound exciting???   I can hardly wait to go!!!  I have made leaps and bounds in my studio, but I'm always up for some new suggestions. 

Here's a couple of other dates to keep in mind. 

If you're interested in my UFO class - it starts on January 27 at 2 PM. I've got space for 3 more people. It might even become a work session - you never know.  Pick a project and we'll meet once a month to help break it down into manageable bits. Send me an e-mail if you're interested. 

Here's the link to all my classes that start in January in case you missed it.  You can get all the details on the two classes mentioned above plus the others and I think there is still room in the Kimberbell classes at Brampton Sew n Serge. Not so sure about those at the Hobby Horse. 


EQ8  - anyone up for a class on EQ8?  I've got a class scheduled for February 10 at 1 PM (right after our UFO class that day!).  It's a three-hour class, you need to bring your laptop with EQ8. Depending on the participants, we'll go through the basics - setting up the workspace, starting a new quilt, starting a new block. If we have time, we'll go into importing fabrics and a few other fun things. Send me an e-mail if you're interested. If you have EQ7, let me know - if there's enough interest, perhaps we can have a class on EQ7, but seriously - if you have EQ7 - you SHOULD buy the upgrade. The new version is SO much easier!!!!!


Yesterday was a challenging day. I got stuff done, but not without some challenges. I was working on the embroidery blocks for Jingle all the way and was having an issue. I'm not sure if it's my sewing machine or the embroidery design. The issue happened with ONE particular stitch. Not the stitch per se, but ONE particular spot. It was quite annoying, however by advancing (and bypassing) that one stitch, the thing stitched out perfectly. Now I'm doing research to understand why that ONE stitch caused me so much grief????? 

I did get four more blocks completed. They need to be cleaned up but I had run out of time by then. 

Four more blocks for Jingle all the way

I also had a HUGE customer quilt loaded on the long arm. And things were going great. Of course, there had to be an issue. This time it was a bobbin. The bobbin ran out. No big deal. I put in another bobbin and hit "pattern repair" to go back the couple of inches that the machine ran before I stopped it when the bobbin ran out. Instead of tracing back along the pattern, the machine made a beeline for the edge of the quilt. ACK!!!!!!   This somehow messed up the placement of the pattern and I couldn't get it back in the right spot to continue the row. OH, good grief. I tried several times and nothing.

I was having my issue with the embroidery machine about this same time and well - I went and had dinner. Then back at it where I solved both problems. I figured out how to get out of that row (on the computer) and then back into the row (on the computer). Then reset the registration mark and went back to the end of the stitching and it worked!!!!!   I was jumping up and down. How I learn these things? I've no idea. Thankfully I'm not afraid to try. What did I have to lose? I just remember Angela (my Quilt Path goddess!) say that she can take a quilt off the long arm and if she had to load it back that she can, as long as that registration mark is accessible. If she can do it - so can I!!!!!   It happened a second time. Not sure why - I've got a question into the User's Group to see if someone knows why. At least I know how to fix it - and that's all that's important.

Here's the customer quilt.  This is NOT even half of the quilt!!!!   It was HUGE.

Customer quilt  - DONE
It's all trimmed and ready for delivery. The next one is already loaded on the long arm. It's small - probably less than ¼ the size of this one. That should be easy to do today!!!

I was cleaning up the few Christmas things that I had put out. I threw my Christmas table runner in the wash and thought I'd share the label with you. This is a label that I printed on my inkjet printer. The table runner has been washed several times and the label is still very legible. No fading from the original washing. Remember to use BLACK ink only on the inkjet printers. Mine is an HP.

Inkjet printed labeled after it's been washed several times

Remember that love/hate relationship I used to have with my printer? Well, this new one (ell - it's not new anymore) is a keeper. With the software installed on my computer, I've had no issues since. I can print and scan and I've no issues. Oh - I love technology!!!!!  Most times!!!!

I'm chugging back my third glass of water right now and my super thick shake. I may have to add a wee bit of water to it or get a spoon. All is good on the eating/drinking front. They were chatting on the radio this morning about mindful eating. In other words - think about what your goals are and think about what you're eating/drinking. Do they match??? I do believe in that. I've got new health/fitness goals for this year and so far, I'm right on track. Now I need to get that foam roller out and do my exercises!!  Despite the wind yesterday, I walked to the library to drop off some books. Yep - if you dress for it - the weather is NOT an issue. 

On that note, have a great day!!!!


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