Sunday, January 6, 2019

It's a new day...........

Today is my last day to eat unhealthily. Oh yes - I paid the price for eating bad over the holidays. I stepped on the scale and it wasn't pretty. Of course, I think I "bulked" up in anticipation of what's coming.

Actually, the switch to healthy eating is not going to be that bad and I'm already following most of the rules. What are the changes? No dairy - no big deal, other than a bit of yogurt and cheese, I don't eat cow dairy. It won't be hard to give that up. No alcohol. No big deal there either, I'm not a big drinker. No gluten - no big deal as I don't eat bread or much with gluten in it. OK - so pasta, but we don't have that often. No caffeine. Not a big deal there either as I don't drink things with caffeine in them. I drink decaf tea or herbal teas. See - I was really good and eliminated most of this stuff last year.

Nope - my issue is going to be sugar - same problem as last year. Do you know how many cookies I ate, how much fruit cake and other sugary goodies that I ate over the last 4 weeks? It's obscene. It's almost like I was on an eating binge because I had deprived myself of it all year -well not deprived, but reduced the sugar intake. I don't know, but it accounts for significantly increased body fat and of course a "few" too many pounds.

Keep in mind - I did NOT overeat at any meal. We did not have huge Christmas dinners or parties. Nope - this was just eating sugar every day. I didn't eat tons of chips - I don't eat chips anymore. I didn't change my exercise plan - this was pure sugar. I gained FIVE pounds. It's all sugar!!!  How the heck did that happen and yes - I tipped the scale over my safe zone. I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself. But it was like I was setting myself up, knowing that this detox was coming.

Anyway - I'm all set. I was at the grocery store yesterday and bought hummus and then bought supplies to make my own hummus. I bought veggies and I was actually craving those fresh veggies on the way home. Today is the last day with oatmeal for a couple of weeks. I'm going to do two weeks of healthy eating before I start the detox. It just doesn't work in my schedule to do it next week.

The goal of all this? Get rid of those ugly five pounds and body fat to start with. But more important to reset my taste buds and get rid of that sugar craving. Oh - I also ate stuff when I wasn't hungry - I ate just for the sake of eating which is bad.

My five-pound overage was all physicological eating and of course having access to stuff in the house that wouldn't normally be here! Like fruitcake! Like homebaked oatmeal raisin cookies!

Enough of that - let's see what happened in the quilting world.

As I promised myself, I sat down and created a list of things that I need to get accomplished this week. This is my Task Master book and while I have those lists (the deadline list and the UFO list), I need to break down those tasks or nothing will get done. I have 14 things on the list and not much else scheduled for the week. I even added a quote to keep me inspired over the week.

List of tasks for the week in the Task Master book

I've commandeered one of the shelves on the new bookshelf for tools/supplies. And my box with the notebooks. I've left the Task Master open at the page for this week - I don't want to get distracted. Oh - just realized that I didn't put down anything for Monday as I'll be starting to work on a UFO on Monday. Oh well - whatever gets done there will be a bonus. But I'll keep that in mind for next week.

One shelf on the bookcase is dedicated to tools/supplies/lists

What did I actually get done yesterday? Well, according to my list, I'm supposed to get all the embroidery blocks done for Kimberbell's Jingle All the Way. I got this many done.

Machine applique embroidery blocks for Jingle all the Way

This is one of three quilts that I'll be teaching at Brampton Sew n Serge starting in January. Let's just say that I have TONS of notes and tips to pass along to the students. Tips on embellishments and the process of the embroidery. It's a hands-on class - not sure if there's any room left, but if you don't have an embroidery machine, you can do the applique in the traditional way with a satin stitch on most sewing machines.

When the bookcase was installed, I had to remove a panel from the design wall. The panel is too wide now and I had the intention of trimming it down and reinstalling it. However, I've decided to leave it as is. I like the fact that it's portable and I can move it around as the tables are somewhat obstructing a good part of the design wall at the moment. Not sure how that happened.

Portable design wall
 Matter of fact, I need THREE of these boards for the weekend. I think I'm going to the hardware store today to get two more pieces of foam insulation. For the weekend, I'm going to just pin the flannel to the boards. I'll need to cut them to a length that will fit in the car and well - since I don't have a car to call my own, I don't know how long they can be to fit in the car. I'll be borrowing DH's car to transport the foam pieces. The original 8-foot pieces fit in my other car!

I'm happy to report that I can check the first item off my weekly list. It was to complete the top of Misty Pines. That got completed this morning. Now to cut the facing and the backing. That's on the agenda for today.

The top of Misty Pines is DONE!!!!!
 Thanks, Patti for that fun quilt. I say fun loosely because it was a lot of work and required paying attention at all times. All parts were used and nothing left over so I guess I did it correctly!

I also got the last quilt done for Audra. This is number five. All that's left if to attach the binding and make a sleeve. Both of those are on the agenda for today as well.
Audra's quilt - DONE

And in all that - I emptied two spools of thread. One for the long arm and one for embroidery. I was busy doing something and I heard the embroidery machine go THUNK! ACK? What happened? In the middle of a design, the thread ran out. I hadn't been paying attention. I didn't have any extra spools of the same color, but I choose something similar. You'll never find it!

Two spools of thread - gone

And that's it for today. I've got a guest coming to sew today so I'll be busy getting my stuff done. Actually, I'm very good now at staying focused when I'm by myself. I'm finally getting in the groove!

Oh - the book - Every Note Played?  I finished it last night. Cried like a baby at the end. Heartbreaking to know that people and their families are "living" that life. I had a great little chat with my friend. He communicates by dictating his messages into his iPad. There was only one typo! You gotta love technology.

Here's something for you - reach out to someone today. Someone that you know could use a boost - maybe they're sick? Even if they're not - reach out and ask someone how they are today!!

Have a super day!!!!!


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