Monday, January 7, 2019

It's all about Ronda!!!

From time to time, Ronda pops over for a sewing day. Don't worry - she does ask before she comes. We each sew on our own projects just like a sit n sew. If anyone else wants to come, you can ask and if I'm free, you're welcome to come. But yesterday? Well - it was definitely all about Ronda!

We started off with a couple of machine embroidery designs that we were going to make into mug rugs. Unfortunately, there was a wee problem with the embroidery designs when we went to add the second thread color so they didn't get finished. GRRR. Now I have to follow up with the company we purchased the designs from and see what the scoop is on these.

Then she pulled out these panels. She had told me about the panels last week so I did a wee bit of research before she came. I was so excited about the quilting design that I found that I threw them on the long arm and the panels got quilted! That wasn't in the plan for the day or the week and there wasn't anything on the long arm!

Quilting a Star Wars panel
See that emblem in the border? Apparently, that's the symbol for The Force - the good guys in Star Wars. 

The symbol for The Force
 And in my research, I had found that symbol. Of course, I didn't know what it was!!!  Of course! So we bought the pattern and downloaded it. Now I didn't get the proportion quite the same as the original. I should mess around with that to see if I can get it closer to the right proportion. Too late for Ronda's panels!!

The Force symbol quilted on the panel

The panels were BOTH 36 by 43. Yep - you know where that is going. However, I got some strips of fabric and made her serge them to all sides of the back panel and then it was easy to quilt. A wee bit of one of the panels got trimmed away as it's not easy to get them exactly centered. No one will know.

Here's the GOOD side of the panel quilt.

The GOOD side of the panel quilt

And this is what's on the back!!! 

The BAD side of the panel quilt

Everything went smoothly with the quilting, except for one spot where I hit "go to the next row" button when in fact the thread had run out. However, I was able to go back and fix it. I'm getting somewhat competent in the basics of the computerized long arm.

While I'm running around quilting her panels, she's working on this other panel. A hockey panel. She started out with the panel and some fat quarters. A wee bit of thinking for her and me, we came up with this. But of course, after she got the round with the squares on, what to put on next? I dug through my Northcott stash and found a nice blue that matches perfectly. There is no more of that blue so don't ask!

Ronda's hockey quilt - it's still a work in progress

Then she bought a purple basket from me and shopped in my stash of rope bowl making materials. We never did get to the "urgent" embroidery project that we were supposed to work on.

You see what I mean - it really was a day all about Ronda!!! But it was fun! And I'm happy to report that I did get some stuff done for me!! Matter of fact, I crossed off 6 of 14 items on my weekly task list.

I got the backing for Misty Pines assembled.

The backing for Misty Pines
I also had on my list to make the facing, but it would make a lot of sense to use the leftovers of the backing once the quilt is done to make the facings. So that task will wait until the quilt is quilted. I've started a list called "to be quilted" and this is the first item for 2019 that was added to the list. I hope to keep track of what gets taken off that list as well. Hopefully, the finished list will be longer than the new ones that get added. 

This is what remains of the Misty Pines fabric. A wee bit of yardage and a bag of leftovers. I'll put those away later today. And that's one UFO from 2018 that's done!!!!  I know - it should be quilted to be done, but that's not how I roll. My justification is that someone could take this quilt and have it quilted by someone or themselves and the quilt will actually get used. If someone found it in the mess it was when I started - well, no one would want to sort that out. So a quilt top, backing, and binding is considered DONE for my UFOs.

Leftovers from Misty Pines
 I got even more stuff done!  I got the backings ready for two quilts. Both of them were huge so that was great. My goal is to get these two quilted this week. One is custom and one is not.

Backings for two quilts

I got three more blocks embroidered for Jingle all the Way. I forgot to take a picture of them. NO time to get one now.

And I managed to get my first finish for the year!!!  I got the binding and the sleeve on Audra's quilt. It's done and now all of them are ready for pickup. I must get in touch with her daughter and make that happen.

Customer quilt - DONE

This is now on my list of finished items for the year. I've left room in the notebook for 100 finishes. So optimistic. The picture is in a separate folder so hopefully, at the end of the year, I'll be able to see all my finishes in picture form. Now to remember all that!!!!

Having a banana smoothie this morning. It's very good and it's the kind of thing that I don't drink fast so it lasts a long time. I had no problem yesterday with sugar cravings and I didn't eat just for the sake of eating. I am "cheating" and finishing up the last of my yogurt which isn't that bad and then all the forbidden food will be gone. And those veggies and hummus made a great snack yesterday afternoon. Got to remember to drink LOTS of water as well.

That's it for today!!  I'm off to sew at Monday sewing with NO sewing machine. I have got a LOT of handwork/prep to finish off a couple of the UFOs for 2018. Might as well get started on that or it'll never get finished.

Have a super day!!!!


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