Monday, July 25, 2022

Silence is golden

While I'm not a big fan of TV -- it's been so many years since I watched TV that I don't think of it as a form of entertainment. The radio used to be my entertainment, but for the last couple of years, we've had such turnover in our morning crews that I'm just not into that anymore. I enjoy playlists on Spotify, but mainly at the retreats. I love audiobooks, but lately, I'm happy to listen to NOTHING. 

Perhaps my brain isn't able to sort out the background noise from what I'm doing? But I also spend so much time alone (a positive thing for me) that I'm just enjoying my own company and don't need anyone or anything (noise) to fill that gap!

It's so weird because I know there are people that have the TV on all day for background noise, and I just love the sound of silence (I also love the song!). Our windows are open, and I can hear nature (birds, water, trees rustling), which makes me very happy. 

A friend of mine goes on silent retreats where there is NO TALKING. At first, that sounded strange to me -- how could people go all day without talking, but I really think it's a great thing. If we shut off all those external verbal sounds in our life and really get to know ourselves -- I think that's a good thing! The same goes for our phones, but I'm not going there today!

And it doesn't help that I started a physical book the other day, and want to get to the end of it. More on that book when I'm done!

The latest issue (Number 59) of A Needle Pulling Thread is out. 

Issue 59 of A Needle Pulling Thread

I have a project in the magazine. This is an exciting project, and while it looks simple, there are a lot of firsts in it for me. I designed the flower in EQ8. The flower components were cut out on the Brother Scan and Cut. If I had time, I would have digitized the applique stitches around the flower and done that part on the embroidery machine, but I did the stitching by hand -- well, on the sewing machine, but not digitized. 

Flower Power by me! 

So it's cute, simple, and uses scraps - the entire background is pieced with leftovers, and it was made so those flowers can be removed, and you could insert a new mini quilt in each of the three spots. So check out the magazine and my pattern if you get a chance! 

I didn't get any decluttering done yesterday. I had my two Zoom show and tell classes in the morning (no idea why I thought one of them was in the afternoon), and I had not prepped either presentation, so there was a little less chit-chat time for me as I assembled the pictures. Oops!!! I need to look at that calendar! I did miss a few pictures, but that's OK. I did have something from everyone who sent me pictures. 

I'm just blown away by the creativity the Out of the Box class has shown. Where do their ideas come from? Everyone of the projects was so creative, and we had fun learning how they were made and what materials they used. 

My naughty girls. When are they not naughty? If Murphy is in the backyard and needs to come in, she barks. We usually keep the screen door open enough for her to get in. Miss Lexi, on the other hand, is a princess and barking is too much effort for her, so she paws at the door. And over several years, she had put holes in the screen door. It's now to the point where they can escape through the hole she has created. Sigh..................

Me? I'm a princes and I can do no wrong

I did NOT make that hole in the screen door - somebody did, but not me

MOM -- it wasn't me -- I know how to open the door!

OK -- I know the price of groceries is going through the roof, and we have always stuck to the basics, but I swear it will be slim pickings for us. I especially love fresh fruit, but when I saw the price of cherries a while back (9.99 per KG) -- I refused to buy them. Seriously??

The other day, I spotted them for 5.99 per KG, and decided to treat myself. This bag cost $15.00!!!!! There are not many cherries in that bag -- well enough for several snacks, but YIKES! However, while I was in spin class this morning and thinking about it -- that would be about $2 per snack which is the same price as the granola bar I eat! Hmmm!!! 

Cherries are expensive!

I guess it's no worse than paying $2 per peach or apple. Things are becoming very expensive, and I told DH that we better not be wasting a single morsel of food. At that price, we'll have to watch our food budget a bit more. We don't waste food, and we don't overbuy. Imagine if we were a family of four with growing kids? 

We finally had rain last night. It had been forecast all day, and areas to the north got rain, but we got nothing, so I sat out in the front yard watering everything. I have a sprinkler -- don't worry -- I don't stand there holding the hose. Shoot -- I'll show you pictures of the final yard tomorrow, and it's so lovely to have peace and quiet on that front as well. It's been six weeks with so much coming and going, and it's all pretty much gone, except the porta potty, which leaves today. 

While I would have liked to stay in bed and read that book, I'm off to spin class! Then I have a tiny bit of editing on the last writing assignment, and that will be done. BUT WAIT -- there are a couple of patterns to write, but one project has to be designed first. And I need to get back to the long arm this week. It's incredible how all these little things just keep one hopping. 

How can there be people out there who are bored? That's just not possible as there's so much to do either around the house or in the quilting world. I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do. However I get loads of downtime - walking with the girls, sitting out front watering the grass, and don't forget my eight hours of sleep every night and sometimes a nap or two. I get plenty of downtime and certainly plenty of time for me. I'm probably more selfish with my time than most people!

Anyway -- enough of that -- it's time to get in the car parked in my own driveway!

Have a great day!!!



  1. As much as I’m sure we’re different, I am very much like you in so many ways, Elaine. I too love to have things quiet. Steve grew up in a household where there was ALWAYS something on…the radio or the TV, so it is harder for him, but after 34 years married to me, I find him sitting in relative silence too once in a while. I also LOVE being able to have windows/sliders open. I prefer the outside sounds to pretty much anything else (I do indulge in music sometimes…Love the Jazz channel out of Toronto). As social as I can be, I’ve never been one who is uncomfortable in my own company, or in silence. I think it’s much needed for our psyches.
    So…enjoy some peace and quiet whenever you can 😊

  2. I enjoy quiet instead of TV, music etc. also. I have a friend who leads hikes for a small group in the desert in the winter. A few years ago she had a silent hike in the mountains where we weren't supposed to talk during the 3-4 hour hike. It wasn't difficult for me, as I am a naturally quiet person, but I could tell it was a challenge for a few others. They would start to say something and then bite it back. It was interesting, and I certainly noticed more of the natural surroundings than I usually do on group hikes where there is a lot of chatting and visiting (which is nice too). We were doing well being silent until someone saw the rattlesnake in the brush alongside the trail - Quiet time over!

  3. Thank you Elaine for your post about receiving your copy of ANPTmag! Your projects always have a twist to them offering something interesting. I have always loved quiet time, but more so these last two years, and I'm lucky to be married to a man who loves a quiet home too. At social gatherings, however, we are the first to arrive and the last to leave! LOL