Friday, July 8, 2022

Wanderers Wife by Jen Kingwell

 Today there's more show and tell; this time, the quilt is called Wanderer's Wife by Jen Kingwell. This was a Zoom class hosted by Thimbles and Things over 9 months. 

Gypsy Wife pattern booklet

There's a little story behind the name of this quilt. When I purchased my pattern a few years ago, the title was Gypsy Wife. Recently it was "discovered" that gypsy had negative connotations, so the name was changed to Wanderer's Wife. 

The inside is identical to the original - only the name was changed. 

The Wanderer's Wife pattern booklet

I think it's a shame that we have become so sensitive to this kind of thing and how many words are becoming unacceptable. But that's our new world. 

So the same comments as yesterday apply to this show and tell. This was a smaller class, and I believe there are 23 quilt tops (or almost finished). 

I am so proud of the results - each quilt is a WINNER, and there was a great talent in the class, consisting of all skill levels. 

Look for the quilt you prefer, figure out why, then figure out the one you like the least, and also determine why it's not your favorite. You can learn so MUCH about color and contrast from an exercise like that. Don't be shy - it's OK to not like someone else's quilt. That's why we can keep those comments to ourselves, and no one will be offended!

Some people got creative with their backings, and I've included those for you to look at. 

In my wisdom, I decided to teach this class along with BOHO Heart in the SAME one-hour Zoom class each month. There were similarities between the blocks, and the construction with the background strips was similar. But there were a lot of differences as well. However, we managed just fine; from those one-hour Zoom classes, we had almost 60 quilts completed. That's incredible!!

What I loved was the comments from the participants and how many would never have tackled this quilt or BOHO without the group's assistance. That was my thought as well, and we encouraged each other each month. Granted, some fell behind, and there will be the "Jen Kingwell remake" class or whatever I called it yesterday to help those that still need help! There'll be more information on that in a couple of weeks. 





I love how Crystal carried the theme from the front to the back. 

Crystal back






Judy made GIANT blocks for the back of her quilt.

Judy back


Katheleen is using the scraps from the blocks on the front to make improv blocks for the backing! 

Katheleen Back



Linda's quilt after it's quilted!










And here is my quilt. I cannot take credit for this colorway as I spotted something similar online and decided to go for it. I'm so thrilled with it, and if you follow me, you know the backing and the binding are also done, and it's ready to be quilted. 

My quilt

So that wraps up show and tell for today. Thanks to all the participants, and I'll post any other tops that get finished. I would hate for someone to get part way through this quilt or BOHO Heart and abandon it. I'm determined to get them all done, and they are not even my quilts!

We're having fun at the retreat, and I'll share what I'm accomplishing later this weekend. Let's just say that for once, I'm being super productive. Well, I brought several smaller projects, and so far, I've finished one a day! I LOVE it. 

Have a super day!!!


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