Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Unpacking from retreat

 OK -- a much better sleep last night. I HATE those sleepless nights - like what a waste of time!

I spent most of yesterday attempting to unpack the bags I took to the retreat. I wanted to ensure that I actioned what needed to be done and not just put it back, where it would be useless for the next retreat or to finish it. Slow and steady -- that's my motto. 

Well, I never found a picture of the car when Dede and I were packed, but I found one I took after I packed my HALF of the vehicle before I picked her up! Yes -- I know my half looks a bit larger than her half, but it all worked out. 

Packing for the retreat!

Softsided items work way better than hard items, but we're good at what we pack and how we pack; we're experienced retreaters! OH -- I have my list of tools I put in my retreat bag, and I should share that with you. WAIT -- I'm going to take better pictures and share that tomorrow. I need to figure out how to attach a document to this blog, so you can download the list rather than just see it on the screen.

OK, so I'm curious and want to know how things work. So when I recently met someone who had a sensor for diabetes, I had questions. What does it do? How does it work? How do you stick it on your arm and all that? It was fascinating, and I took one of the old ones and popped it apart (as best we could) to look inside. Yep -- a couple of computer chips in there! 

Inside a glucose monitor

It's a simple system to stick to your arm and handy to the wearer, as there is no need to prick your finger to measure your glucose levels. How handy is that? You know who you are, but thanks for that lesson! 

I found a couple of pictures from the retreat. It was often cool when I walked in the morning, so I always started with my sweater. On this particular day, I was 1 KM into the walk when I realized I no longer needed my sweater. I was NOT going to carry it for the entire walk, so I hung it on a signboard and picked it up on my way home! 

My clothes hanger!

I said I would NOT buy more bicycle fabric, and I did not, but Michelle spotted this and bought me some. Yes, it's not quite orange, but very reddish-orange. Thanks!!!!!

Bicycle fabric

I hadn't cleared the cutting table before I left, and the first thing I had to do was put away three more quilt tops that Diane had made. There are more at her house, and I hope to pick them up later today or tomorrow. 

Three community project quilt tops

OH -- and look what I found in the mailbox when I got home. We now have keys to the NEW mailbox that is coming sometime soon. It has definitely been sporadic and random as to replacing those boxes. A few were replaced last year, and I guess they are starting to replace again. 

We're getting a new mailbox!

It was a bustle of activity outside as they finished placing the stone on the patio and the sidewalks. And now they have started planting! 

Planting trees

We have ONE of three trees in the ground. Already, the front seems less exposed! I was a bit worried as it got windy in the afternoon, and I expected that tree to start leaning, but it didn't budge! 

And at one point, I glanced out the window and saw a brand new crew laying the rebar in the driveway. 

Laying rebar in the driveway

The new driveway should be coming on Thursday, but our cars must remain on the street for another two to three weeks!

And the best news is the shut-off valve in our driveway got fixed. Last week, the top popped off, and we were told it could take up to 10 business days to repair it and not to finish the driveway until that was done. Why couldn't they put those shut-off valves in the lawn area of the front yards so if something needed to be done to the driveway, that valve wouldn't be in the way? Luckily, they came yesterday, and we now have a new cap. So at least when the driveway gets laid, there is no danger that this needs to be rejigged. 

Can you imagine having a brand new driveway, and some of it needed to be jam-hammered out to fix that valve? Not cool!! So everything is working out just fine. 

I managed to get a customer quilt done - so I need to trim that one later today, and I'll be working on the next one later today. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I took my Among the Stars Again to the retreat and got quite a bit of the border sewn. The quilt top was together. I now have three of the four borders sewn together and am working on the last one. I still have to make the corner blocks and cut more fabric, so I'm hoping to get that done today! 

Among the Stars Again

I counted those tumbling blocks, and about 90 of them are sewn together. I counted the dark blue diamonds, and there were another 70 blocks still to sew. ACK!! I didn't think there were that many, but I'll persevere. I opened EQ8 last night to see how many I would need, and I can make a project with 170 of them. I may need to make some partial units for the sides and add something to the top, but I've got a plan now, and that's all that counts. 

Remember the jewel blocks I made at the retreat? Well, I've decided to make a rectangular wall hanging and need four more blocks, so I photocopied the pattern, and I've got that all prepped as well. 

The project bags I took to the retreat are mostly empty now, but some of the contents still need to be put away. I made good progress even though we had Monday sewing, I had to take my MIL to physio, and I had a meeting. 

Then I did something I hadn't done in a long time. I sat outside with my headphones on, trying to finish a book. While listening, I got out a long pointy tool and started clearing the debris from the cracks in the deck. Then as I was back in my chair (not in the gazebo) and listening, it began to spit rain. I thought I should move inside, and it started to pour an instant later! I had planned to move the cards to our side of the street and ggetthe mail, but that never happened. 

I now have 15 minutes left on the book -- exciting, and I want to know what happens!

On that note, I might just have time before I need to take the girls out! 

Have a super day!!!


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