Friday, August 11, 2023

A rest day

So here I sit in my hotel room after a long boring day! I have been experiencing some discomfort in my right knee, but not so bad that I couldn't continue. However, after that steep descent yesterday and well, my knee has just decided that it doesn't want to function properly. 

I got some cream, I got anti-inflammatories, and I had my makeshift icepack. I was hoping all night that things would have a better outlook in the morning, but they did not. I got dressed and ready to go and walked about one block and realized that it would be a mistake to go any further. 

At least, this is somewhat of a large center (somewhat being the operative word), so I figued it would be best to stay here. If I got stuck in a smaller center, things would be more complicated. Again, the Camino provided for that situation.

I had bought a telecom package that lasted two weeks -- why can we not initially buy for longer? Anyway, I couldn't log in to extend the time. And you know how I hate technology when it doesn't go my way. Its been four days already. So I spent a LOT of time on the albergue's Wi-Fi, checking out options, and then I decided I had better be the grown-up and get this figured out. 

The issue was that I couldn't remember my password. I swear I knew what it was, but the darn thing would NOT work. Despite repeated e-mails to the company for assistance, I got nothing. So I decided to forge ahead and start a brand new account and buy an e-sim. Well, I don't know what happened, but somehow I got into my account -- was that a new account or my original one? I'm still using the same French phone number. 

Then when it came time to pay, VISA decides that as additional security, it will send me a code with a text. Sure --- that will go to the SIM card that is NOT in my phone. Sigh..... 

I did not have the tool with me to pop out the sim card, and no paper clip, but amazing what you can do with a needle!!! So I popped out the SIM card, made the transaction and I'm good to go. I canˋt imagine what that cost to happen. I was probably charged one day of roaming fees to make the transaction. I think a letter to VISA would be in order. While I appreciate the added security, it's a pain when you're not using your own SIM card. 

Resolving that made me feel better. Then I went to the park and sat for a bit, while I waited for the pharmacy to open, so I could get some tape for my knee. But not before I had a gab fest with my night owl friends back home to talk some sense into me. I swear I was ready to grab the train today and head home!!! Common sense prevails!! I'm such a whiny person when things don't go well.

Then I found a hotel (not an alberque) where I could crash. And I suck at Google Maps on foot. I am 100% turned around - always. But I got a room to myself and after taking more drugs, I crashed. 

I've been enscounced in the room all day and periodically getting up to test the knee in the room. Hmmm --- it's feeling "better", but perhaps that is only in my mind. I think I'm going to stay here for one more day and then I'll seee how it goes. If I get my backpack transported and find a walking stick, and shorten the distance each day, I might be able to pull it off. At least to the next large city. Let's see how it goes. 

And so what have I done all day? I finished my e-book and fortunately had another one as well, so I've been reading and sleeping all day. I'm bored to death! But if it allows me to finish or to complete more of the Camino, then so be it. 

I have to laugh because, if you remember about 10 days ago, I said I picked up a pebble representing a virtue, that I would carry as a thing to work on. Within 10 minutes, I tossed that pebble! What was the word I called that pebble? Patience!!!!! Oh yes -- -the Camino is smart in many ways and perhaps my Camino is NOT to get to Santiago, but to learn how to handle things on my own in a foreign country and to learn patience, both of which I donˋt have a lot of experience with. 

Plus I figured out the technology thing, so there is some hope. 

Iˋll be venturing out in an hour to find something to eat and then back to the room to sleep!!! I did find a great bakery this morning, but now with the weekend here, who knows if itˋll be open tomorrow. I do not understand the hours of Spanish businesses. 

And so that's the scoop. Patience my friends is a virtue and one that I need a lot of learning. So bear with me, as I attempt to heal and I hope to be back on the trail soon. 

Have a great day!


The one sentence

Taking a rest day due to my knee. I am truly disappointed and was ready to throw in the towel -- no patience. However, chats with friends back home (one is never alone) and sleep and drugs, I'm feeling better. 

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  1. Brilliant to listen to your body and make your mind allow the break needed to evaluate, treat, heal.