Thursday, August 17, 2023

Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero

And so another day of walking is done!

It was an interestinig evening as we were once again in a church. That usually means mass and communal dinne. This one also had a meeting where pilgrims could meet and then chat about themseles or why they are on the Camino. 

I went to the meetng, but didn't go to the other things. The meeting was actaully pretty cool and led by the priest. It was pretty emotional at times, even for me. The big question was why are you walking the Camino and for some, it was the sports challenge of it, which is partially why I'm here. But there's a deeper meaning for me to be here and I'll share it later. I've prbably mentiioned it to some of you but it's not the time yet to say. Don't worry --- it's NOTHING bad. 

Some are here beause of loved ones who have passed and trying to rebuild their lives. One poor fellow was so emotional that he could barely talk and it was moving to say the least. Then we had to pick a symbol from a pile of cards and then tell why we had chosen that symbol. That was also emotional. Maybe I was just an emotional wreck yesterday!

But I enjoyed the process, but boy oh boy, that priest could talk. I didnˋt understand it all as it was mostly in Spansh, some in French. 

I find some people at these albergues are extremely RUDE. No way else to say it. But when they say silence after 10;15 PM and people are still getting ready for bed at 10:15 and making tons of noise, itˋs really discourteous. And we had a third person in our room last night and she didnˋt even get back to the room until 10:30. We never saw her the entire evening, and I just found it annoying!

I was also annoyed by somthing else last night and I had a hard time getting to sleep. Hereˋs a tip to anyone out there who does this. I used to be a 'fixer.' I would try to solve everyone's problems. Even if they didn't want a solution, Iˋd offer one up. Why. Because I knew everything. I have tried to curb that habit as I am NOT the keeper of other people. They have hopes and dreams and if they are happy, who am I to interrupt or interpret that. Who am I to be diappointed it they don't make it? It DRIVES me nuts and I think how much I must have annoyed people in the past. 

So if ever I have done that to you, I apoligize profusely, becaue I find it extremely annoying!!!! People who know me, should know that I mostly run with the flow these days and have for years. If something doesn't work, I find the silver lining and move on. I live with ZERO regeats about anything and so no one should be feeling sorry for me either!!!!

Anyway, I finally fell asleep after doing some stretches, hoping that my knee would handle the new day. I was prepared. I went to the pharmacy and got 'strong' drugs -- whatever that means. I have no idea, but I took one anyway. They are HUGE and even though others suggested I get a knee brace, I resisted. One more 'gimmick' and Iˋm running out of patience. Then my cousin suggested a knee brace as she too is graced with a bad knee. When I think about it, it is true, our family is 'blessed' with bad knees. So back to the pharmacy to get a brace. 

So with the stronger meds and the knee brace, I practially ran today! OK-- so I'm kidding, but I have to say that both of those things made the day thoroughly enjoyable.  There was a bit nore variety in the terrain --- so even though we are walking alongside a road, there were trees. However, the path was on the wrong side of the trees so we didn't really get shade, but it was something to look at. 

The path was easy and pretty flat and there were many benches along the way to sit down, so that was good, although I was careful to not sit too often as it takes me a few minutes to get back up to speed. At one point, I used my sticks as "propellors" to get me going and then I was good!!

So I used the sticks some, but not much. As I said before, I'm not a fan, but they sure help with the downhill. I spent some tine chatting with the French lady who I shared a room with last night --- not the one who came to bed late. 

And at one point I was sitting in a picnic area and wondering what that track was for. DUH!!!! Thatˋs the train! So there we are in the middle of nowhere  - the maor highway and the highspeed train and weˋre walking on a dirt path. Itˋs all very cool. 

I confess that I had TWO of those chocolate pastries today. One I bought at the grocery store and another when I arrived in the town where I'm staying today. They are so good. I'll be afraid to get on the scale when I get home. 

The best part of the whole day was not looking at my watch or counting the KM until I reached my destination. It was quite pleasant to arrive in town and know that I had the steam to keep going. But this was my destination for today and I was happy to arrive. After my snack, I had to wait until 1 PM for the albergue to open. 

Now hereˋs the thing -- in this area, the houses are adobe. Hmmm --- not sure if that the right way to word that. But the earth is red and the albergue is adobe. The walls are thick -- I would say somewhere around 18" thick and made with straw and mud. Now the sun is beating down on this place and it is cool inside. Super cool, with the windows open, but honestly, I could live in this place. The Spanish sure know how to make houses. In North america, not so much. We do NOT make houses for the weather we have. 

As I waited for the albergue to open, I chatted with a highschool girl frm Spain who is walking with her dad. Today is their first day and she said these houses are built to be warm in winter and cool in summer and I believe it. Some of the houses in town have been faced with brick to pretty them up. But all in all, it's pretty cool. 

So I had the pilgrim's meal at the restaurant across the street and I'm stuffed. But as much as I try to say the name of the local beer, I fail miserably every time so the wait staff look at me like I'm speaking a totally diffent language!!! 

Lots of personal reflecton today and I have to say that my creative side is surfacing. Loads of ideas are popping to the surface, so that is good as for a long time, I thought they were gone. I couldn't have dreamed of making anything, but today I wan t to sew!!!

I need a new colorway for a quilt and I thought I might use the sky as my colorway. But seriously --- baby blue and baby pink. I think not!!!! I might attempt to use the colors in one of my sunrises. How about those sunflowers? Or what about the red earth in the adobe houses. I'm going to try and figure something out from the Camino trip, but what???? 

Well, that about wraps up today. Remember --- it is only ME who can be disappointed in what I accompllish or donˋt accomplish. It is NOT your job to make me happy or to fix aything I have or havenˋt done!!!  That goes for all of us --- happiness or disappointment comes from within and I do not need anyone to remind me of it or try to fix it if it goes bad. Iˋm a big kid and I can handle pretty much anything life throws at me!!!! 

Donˋt worry --- most of you get what I mean when I say that. But if you don't you should evaluate how to talk to others --- are you tryig to fix things??? My daughter has accused me of doing it all the time and she is absolutely right and I thank her for bringing it to my attention. If I do that to you ---- PLEASE tell me!!!! 

Anyway --- it's time to go!!!!

Have a super day!!!

One sentence

A great day with stronger meds and a knee brace. So much learning on the Camino -- my head is about to explode and my creative juices are returning!!!! Get me a sewing machine!!!!


  1. The introspection you are teaching through your writing about your Camino is invaluable to us all!

    I'm glad you have found some resources to decrease the discomfort of your knees. I've had that super sharp pain in both of mine (1 at a time) and have 2 titanium knees because I could not stand up straight on either one nor walk distances. I'm glad you're not there!!!!

    Happy Thursday afternoon to you :-)

  2. Food for thought on the journey. What is the difference between FIXING everyone and sharing your knowledge/experience? When someone shares their knowledge/experience with me I can use it, store it for the future or totally ignore it. My husband is currently experiencing a very stiff grumpy hamstring. I asked if he had used anything on it. Answer "No". He has heard my knowledge/experience so I hold my tongue and thoughts and wait for him to ask what he should do or where is such and such. I am envious of the fields of sunflowers. If you find fields of lavender I will be totally jealous. Jackie

  3. I used to go to Chicago to visit my daughter, and I ate very well the entire time! But I always came home weighing 10 pounds less! Why? I was walking everywhere. So, you may not have as much of a weight gain as you think. At least, that is my experience.

  4. The Chicago comment is mine. Torry