Sunday, August 13, 2023

Fromista to Carrillon de los Condes

It was with geat trepeition that I went to bed last night, but not before I was able to finish my e-book. Good grief -- I read an entire book in one day. but it was pretty decent and well, I had nothing else to do!!

I woke up several times, thinking about the day and would I be able to walk. I had arranged to have my luggage transported as well. 

When you transport the luggage, you fill out an envelope, put the cash inside and leave it in the lobby of where you are staying. You send them an e-mail and they come pick it up. Sounds easy - right? Wrong! 

Remember that I got moved to a different room of the hotel? So in order to get to this room, I had to walk through the bar. So this morning, when I got up, that door was locked. Hmmm --- how to get out of this place? So I realized that the door to the garden was open, but then I was in the garden and how to get out of there? I then realized that the two gates would take me to the street. Only to realize that I couldn't get to the hotel lobby as the front door was locked. Good grief!!! I can't just leave my bag by the front door!!

What to do? What to do? So I walked the bag over to the other albergue that I stayed at the night before and e-mailed the new pickup to the luggage company. Then I prayed!!!

I startd out with my trusty litle shopping bag to carry my water and snacks. Someone gave me this bag many years ago and I LOVE it. It folds up into a small ball and you can slip it in your purse or fanny pak or whatever. I've been using it as a grocery bag, a shower bag, and a laundry bag, but now Iˋm using it as a backpack!!!

The road was super flat today. And there was an alternative route. We could have walked 19 KM beside the highway on a gravel path, or we could take a detour (added about 1 KM) and walk along side the river with shade and trees. Even though my knee wasnˋt happy, I chose the longer route. 

While that river was mostly mud and weeds, the shade was very welcome and I was happy I chose the alternative route. 

I wasn't sure what kind of pace Iˋd be able to keep, but I maintained a steady pace and didn't experience too much discomfort. Well, nothing that I couldn't handle.. Several people passed me and I was OK with that. But imagine my surprise when I got to a cafe and all of then arrived after me! How did that happen? Iˋve no idea - they must have stopped along the way, but there weren't really any places to stop. Another mystery of the Camino! 

So I arrived in Carillon and the first thing I did was grab a chocolate pasty since I hadn't seen any along the way. Then I went in search of the alberge, since I had to find a specific one as that's where my bag would be. I arrived and there was my bag sitting there all by itself, But it was here!!!

One thing I have noticed is how 'rude' the wait staff are in the resaruants. Iˋm sure it's not rude to them, but just normal behavior. But I've stood in line and itˋs pretty obvious that Iˋm not a local and they will serve the locals before me. There is almost no service at the table -- you go to the counter. 

Today, when I went in to get something to eat, the guy started to get what I wanted, then it appeared that something was missing and he spent time searching for it and then a few minutes later, came back to finish getting me what I wanted. 

The lesson of the day is........ Do I even need to spell it out? Patience!!!!!

This is a prety decent albergue and I thought it was going to be good sleeping arrangements with no bunkbeds and started out with three women. Then the Italians came along and one yappy woman who didnˋt shut up, even though several of us were asleep. Now she is sleeping and snoring and I want to whack her bed!! I know --- where are my Camino manners, but seriously?? I guess earplugs will be in order tonight. 

Iˋve used my makeshift icepack and weˋll see how it goes. So far, so good, but I doubt the real pain will ever go away until Iˋm home and can truly rest the knee, but you never know -- Iˋm hoping for a Camino miracle. Iˋm massaging the muscles in question - itˋs mostly one little patch about two inches square that is casuing most of the issues. 

And there is ALWAYS a slamming door somewhere in the buildnig. It doesn't matter which building, there's a slamming door! 

I'm not fond of having to forward my luggage because it means I have to predetermine how far I'll walk the next day. What if I donˋt make it? Well, there's always a taxi to go and get it. So I have to make that decision tonight and book the transfer. 

I was hoping to get some walking sticks, but the store is closed and is supposed to open at 10 AM tomorrow, but I donˋt trust them. So I may forego the sticks (hope for another Camino miracle) and get some in Leon. 

Letˋs just say that each day is a new day and Iˋll deal with it as it comes. I did not plan much for this trip, and Iˋm glad I didnˋt. Each day brings new decisions and having to deal with something! But thatˋs OK --- thatˋs part of life. 

The best news is that Iˋm feeling OK about things and that's a good thing. The one thing I've also realized about myself is that I'm NOT the party girl. Iˋm the shy wall flower (I kid you not) and while eveyone talks about the peple they meet on the Camino, I canˋt say that Iˋve met many and Iˋm OK with that. Thatˋs not who I am!! 

Well, on that note, it's time to go and contemplate how many KMs I want to walk tomorrow and get that organized. 

Have a super day!


The one sentence

I walked today and started out with great trepedation. But all was well, but got tired towards the end. Funny how your body holds out until it knows you are almost there!!

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  1. Hi Elaine, often the albergues have extra poles that have been forgotten by previous pilgrims. It can't hurt to ask the hospitalearo. Good luck.