Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Estrella to Torres del Rio

OK --- so while I enjoyed the pods for sleeping, the place was crazy! We were only four in the room - the Brit (Mike), the Aussie (Sean) and one other person and me. The window was open and at 9 PM we could hear THUMP THUMP. Some kids were playing basketball or something. but it was only THUMP THUMP. Then a break. then THUMP THUMP. I didn't bother to get up and look. 

Once they were done and I don't know if it was the same group but they were hooping and hollaring for hours! It was insane but at some point I did fall asleep. Only to be woken by snoring in the room. Sigh --- I got the ear plugs out. 

I think all three people left before me and I never heard them! Well, I heard an alarm. Why do people need an alarm Oh yes --- they are not necessarily morning people. 

The big question of the day was how far to go. The map called for 21 KM or something like that. But then the map calls for two very long days for the next two days. So like many people, once I got to the Los Arcos, I took stock of me and decided to do the next 8 KM, so I'd have a long day, a short day and then another long day. 

The biggest issues were knees, blisters, and heat! All seemed in order, so I trouped on. I'm so glad I did. It was 29 Celcius when I arrived and shortly thereafter, it climbed to 31 and is still climbing. thankfully there is no humidity, but still - that's hot to be out and walking. 

I hate to say that I checked ahead on the temperature and tomorrow looks good - the rest of the week, not so much! It's going to be hot!!!!

But we won't think about that It's like the frog -- you start out early and as the heat builds, you don't notice, but once you stop -- WHOA!!! Thankfully, there was a breezy headwind today and that made the walk bearable. 

I passed the wine fountain, but it wasn't working. It's put there by a local winery. There's a story I'm sure if you want to Google it. Then we walked through some beautiful country and had loads of shade, when we didnt need it. 

I should clarify one thing - I said the sun comes up around 9. That is false! It comes up earlier but we don't see it until later because of the hills. 

We walked mostly on trails through vineyard and along fields. Just before the village, we had to walk on the road. I swear, I'm all twisted and turned around. I have no idea which direction I'm going, but the sun is on my back so that's what I keep telling myself. I MUST be going west!

There is a distinct mountain that you see from a long way away. I remember last year having a disussion if it was natural or was that a fortress up there. Yep --- itˋs an ancient fortress. Iˋll have to find the information on that as well.

Then I passed the abandoned fountain that still have goldfish in it. I stopped there last year to doctor my feet. Itˋs funny how I remember so many little spots along the way. I passed this person here or I doctored my feet there. Or I saw an inspirational rock along the way. 

This year, there seems to be fewer people or they are walking at different times than me. Iˋm not really passing anyone and no one is passing me. We have the Pilgrimˋs Rythmn. I did pass one group. I think it was a family. The young boy had a leg brace and crutches. I could barely complain about two blisters. 

My feet are good -- well, the left one is really good, the right one has blisers. I suspect whatˋs happening is that I walk much heavier on the right foot that causes a lot more pressure. So Iˋm trying to equal my gait. The two blisters are manageable and comfortable to walk with, so I just have to keep them that way. 

I wish I didn't have them, but compard to last year when I could barely walk by this time, and the condition of other peopleˋs feet Iˋm doing OK. 

To be honest, not a lot happened today. The towns were few and far between, but thatˋs OK. I had food with me. Mike and I went to the big grocery store yesterday and bought stuff for dinner last night. I still had cheese and a baguette so thatˋs what I munched on. OK -- so now I see why the baguette is so good. It doesnˋt get crushed and is easy to carry. 

We are seeing lots of berries along the way. Can we eat them? I didnˋt try, until I saw someone else eat some. They were very good, but there are hardly any on the bushes having been stripped off by previous Pilgrims. I think they are blackberries. 

I love staying at the same albergues as last year. My WiFi connects automatically! Thereˋs a pool here, but Iˋm not going near it. Too hot!!!

And donˋt panic if the blog is late on a day or two. Today, I arrived about 1:15 and I needed a break. Then a shower and so on and well, itˋs now almost 4 PM. 

Iˋm off to stretch and look at those blisters which Iˋve been ignoriing!

Not a lot of english speaking people this year!!!! I think Sean and Mike made it as well, but they are in a different albergue. 

Have a super day!


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