Saturday, August 26, 2023

FOMO - fear of missing out

OH MY!!!!! I didn't take a single picture yesterday. In fact, I was a total slug all day, and I loved it!

I did grab a couple of pictures this morning, but nothing earth-shattering. 

So what did I do all day? I was on the phone quite a bit. I know --- I had to break the "vow" of silence to get some work and family business done. Mission accomplished, but now I have some follow-up to do. It's always that darn follow-up that kills me. But if I get some of it done today and forget the quilting, that would be good. 

I have to try not to get into a time constraint!! 

The other thing I did was unsubscribe e-mail. I found a couple more folders of e-mails that needed to be deleted, so I got some of that done. But I swear this will be a never-ending job - at least for a couple of weeks. There is only so much unsubscribing that one can do at a time. And then there are e-mails from people I know that never got deleted or filed, which must also be dealt with. 

So far, I've been ruthless. All those subscriptions that I thought were cool are GONE, well, not all yet. I get this is how these designers get people to sign up for things, but I never even opened the e-mails, so what's the point? And even when I'm trying to be on the alert, I missed an important e-mail that came in at 12:30 yesterday, and I just saw it this morning. 

And while the number of e-mails was decreased to less than 18,000, the amount of storage used went up! Why? Because someone sent me an attachment, and that takes up room. YES --- one must deal with the e-mail thing -- -no sweeping it under the rug!!! 

Here's my new keyboard, which is HUGE!!!! But it works, and that's all I care about! 

New keyboard

And there's the new fancy mouse, with buttons that I have yet to learn what they are supposed to do. 

New mouse

I sat out in the gazebo last night until it got dark and was chased into the house by mosquitos! I think I mentioned that it was repaired while I was away. It needed to be repainted, and then there appeared to be a lot of rot, so the wood got replaced, and it's nice and newly painted. It needs to stay painted to not rot again! We have carpenter ants, so I must call and get the area treated.

I'm also watching Season 13 of The Great British Baking Show. What fun!!!! And while I watched episode 4 (Mexican week), I finished ripping out the quilting on the ninth Barbie quilt. Yeah!!!! Now, the fun job of picking out the little bits of thread and getting it loaded on the long arm. That might be my slow task of the day. 

I also got brave and walked to the mall. Yep -- I cannot let that knee seize up on me, and it was fine. I took my brace and put it on part way there, and it was fine. OK - not totally fine, but it felt better than it did one week ago. I swear the traction and the shock treatment worked like a charm. I might go back for one more treatment this week -- just because. And I need to follow up with the doctor. Hey --- if all it took was a few treatments like that periodically to keep things happy -- I'm up for that. I know it's not up to the constant walking of a Camino yet, but I'll get there!! 

But I need to get back into exercising and start building up the strength around the joint. Our family was just blessed with crappy knees. Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!! Although I suspect that came from further down the line than them!

Remember, there's a virtual retreat tonight and tomorrow -- the links are in a separate post that I had set up before I left. I'll be logging on, and who knows, I might participate. 

I see I'm getting sign-ups for my fall classes, so that's exciting. I know I scared many away as these projects are NOT small, and I want people to avoid getting bogged down in FOMO. It's so easy to get caught up in the moment and sign up for everything -- classes, newsletters, or whatever. I'm guilty as charged in that aspect -- look at me with my 20,000 e-mail to deal with. 

Here's the thing. We should look at what we want to do in our lives -- where do we want to travel, what do we want to learn, what kind of person do we want to be, what are our interests, and what do we do with our downtime? Those are pretty important things that everyone should have somewhat of a handle on. Then, we need to look at those personal interests with FOMO. If you do something else, what of the things you WANT to do will you miss out? That's HUGE --- don't worry about missing out on external opportunities, but think about the INTERNAL stuff you'll miss because you want to do what everyone else is doing! 

Yep --- I'm guilty, and I've been trying to change that over the years. I still want to take classes, and I still want to learn, but I don't want to do those things at the expense of some personal and quiet time for me. So I must be very cognizant as September rolls around to keep that in check!!

On that happy note!!! I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Elaine!

  2. I hope you have a great birthday 🎂!!!! Hugs for you and your sweet girls 🥰