Thursday, August 31, 2023

Do you know where you are?

I need to clarify one thing -- I have been lamenting the last couple of days that I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. While I am getting loads done, I'm a MAKER, so I need to see results! I think that's why people like to make lists, so they can see the checkmark as if something physically happened! So yes --- lots of things are getting accomplished; I just don't have much to show for it! 

HOWEVER --- that's a bit different today! 

I have loads that I should be sewing, but I'm trying to focus and not move from one project to the next. It's hard!!! But here's one more block from the Barn Star Sampler quilt. Again -- this is a 24" block, so it's huge. There are not many pieces, and they go together pretty quickly. 

Block for Barn Star Sampler

I still had two blocks to catch up on the summer homework, which is already late since I'm supposed to have it done BEFORE I assign it. So, onto the next block. I'm listening to an audiobook, and I NEED to know how it ends, so that's motivation to keep sewing. There are a few more pieces in this block, but this is one more 24" block - DONE. 

Block for Barn Star Sampler

That leaves one more 24" block, and then I'm still behind by eight blocks, although they are smaller. I pulled fabrics for those eight blocks, and if I could get that up-to-date, I would happily move on to something else. I used to be OK with being behind, but I'm trying to avoid that. 

This is going to be a HUGE quilt. Here are my blocks so far, and I'm running out of room on the design boards. I really like the citrus colorway. 

My blocks for the Barn Star Sampler so far

Of course, my helper was there in case my knee got tired. 

MOM -- can I PUSH NOW? 

I was back to the emails and unsubscribing. Good grief -- what a job, but I'm making headway. There are also emails from people I know that just got abandoned in the inbox, and I need to STOP doing that because those emails can pile up as well. I'm down to less than 15,000 emails! I think that's hilarious, but it is what it is, and I've eliminated 5,000!!!!!

There are still a lot of emails to deal with

Two good things are coming from this purge. One is that I'm unsubscribing to prevent the mess from reoccurring. And second, I'm actually reading and dealing with the ones still coming in. Don't compound the problem! So, it will take another month or so to get it under control, but even a little bit every day helps. 

When I went for my afternoon walk yesterday, this was my route. I took the long way to the mall, and my knee seemed to be OK. Not perfect, but OK. The sharp pains are gone -- thank goodness.   

My urban walk

But as I walked, I couldn't help but be reminded of The Camino. 

My Camino walk

There's a path along the side of the road!!!!! I had a chuckle over that. 

And when I was cleaning out my email, I came across one from Google Maps. As I keep my location feature on, there are NO SECRETS about where I've been. It's kind of uncanny as I look at my activity for 2023. 

But here's my trip to Europe in a nutshell. I flew to Paris and took the train to Bayonne (the dot nearest the Bay of Biscay). Then, the train to St. Jean Pied de Port (the start of the long string of red dots). Then, I walked all that distance, and each dot represents a day (more or less). And then the train to Madrid for the flight home. 

Europe trip in a nutshell!

Here's a close-up of all those dots on my walk. You have to admit that it's kind of cool to see that!!! That string of dots represents about 450 KM!!!!! And looking at that map from Leon to Santiago, I'm more than halfway there!!!!

The Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port to Leon

And since it's all on my blog, I don't care two hoots about the location services. However, and I'm sure someone has already done this --- there needs to be a mystery book written about location features and how they helped or hindered solving a crime!!! 

So --- in case you keep that location service on - Google knows where you are!!! Just saying!!!

And I had an excellent two-hour meeting in the morning, which was pretty exciting. Sharing ideas and best practices is, well -- just the best thing. But now I also need to buckle down and work on some samples as I'm a little behind, but that's OK. I'm doing the audiobook thing right now, and it's pretty hard to focus on the long arm, embroidery, listening to an audiobook, and sewing. My limit is two things, so right now -- I'm good. But that dream world of working will come to an abrupt halt soon!

This is my way of thinking!!! Bring on the ideas, let them percolate while walking, and then when you go to actually make the things? Piece of cake!!!

Well, I must start the day as there are many things to do. Oh shoot --- I was going to post the classes for fall -- OK -- I'll try to do that tomorrow. I keep forgetting, but I made the distribution list for Tequila Lime, so a note will go out to them soon. 

Have a super day!!!!


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