Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Which dog breed are you?

Oh - I'm not sure what happened yesterday. The blog was written, and I swear I hit PUBLISH before I left for the gym. But apparently, that didn't happen. Today -- I had a bad night and slept in -- I really slept in, so it's late again! 

You all know about Lexi and Murphy, and I talk about their personalities and show you lots of pictures. However, their personalities are very much linked to their breed. I found these videos, which I think explain PERFECTLY how they differ. I laughed my head off watching these. 

The first is a husky doing an agility course at the Westminister Kennel Club. It's hilarious, and this is so like Lexi. "I'll do it if I want to, and I'll do it on my own time!"  The commentator's comments are spot on as well. Check out the speed, especially through the weave poles. 

The second is a Golden Retriever doing the same agility course. I need not say anything -- this is Murphy to a tee. Check the dog out as it goes through the weave poles --- that's my Murphy!!! And just so you know -- Murphy was by my side and watched those videos and barked her head off. 

But if you want to see a dog loving the agility course, watch this video of a border collie. This dog is in its glory and is focused!!! No wasted effort on barking! 

Anyway --- I digressed there for a  minute, but what fun to watch those videos!!! So, the next time you want a dog -- check out how it performs in the agility course to see its personality!

The teaser e-mails are out for the NEW Husqvarna Viking EPIC 3. That's all I'll say, as I'm not allowed to say more, but it's kind of fun being on the inside, knowing what is about to be revealed. We'll do some "what's new" parties in the fall, so watch for that at your local Husqvarna Viking dealer. I have some classes/lectures coming up in September/October, and I'll post those tomorrow, so if you're in the area, you can check them out. And if you're in the market for a top-of-the-line embroidery machine, there are AMAZING deals out there right now!!!!

Each day in my Happiness Journal is a quote, and this was the one from August 27. OH MY GOSH!!!! Isn't that appropriate for all our cleaning up, clearing out, and finishing off UFOs!!!! Can you imagine my energy level if I had no UFOs? I'd be off the chart!

I confess that I didn't accomplish much yesterday, and I'm not sure why, but that's OK. I do have some lazy days, but I need to start getting some work done, or I'll surely be in a time crunch!!!!

I finished this block from the Barn Star Sampler quilt. So, I'm making progress in completing all the summer homework. There is so much that this is not something you want to do the night before the class!!!! And I need to catch up from the previous month! 

A block from the Barn Star Sampler quilt

Then, it was time to start prepping for the next round of classes. I'll put them together on a blog post to remind people of what they are if you want to sign up for a new class. 

This is one that I'm teaching at Thimbles and Things and is part of the class pass. It starts in October and is called Tequila Lime by Quiltworx. 

Tequila Lime pattern

It's a THICK pattern and on the expensive side, but all the papers for paper piecing are in the package. 

A THICK pattern

Oh boy -- when I opened the package and started looking, I wanted to sign up for the class!! Wait -- I'm teaching the class - I need to figure out the details to explain to the others. That is definitely not a class that can be prepped the night before. There is so much to explain. This is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of the patterns by this company. I LOVE the designs. But find they are OVERLY complicated, and then you wonder why they need certified teachers. I am NOT a certified teacher, but I understand logic and take the time to figure it out. 

After an hour of fiddling around, I think I've got it worked out (more or less) and will start putting the presentation together to see if it m makes sense. I also have to work out the NEW fabric requirements because they are so wasteful with the fabric. I mean, it's REALLY wasteful. And then I have to find some fabric and start making it! 

I know a number of you have signed up, and I should be sending out an acknowledgment e-mail within two weeks. So hang tight -- I have the e-mails in a folder, and you're on the list. TRUST me -- if you've wanted to try one of these patterns or have a different pattern, and you've opened the pattern and immediately shut it again, sign up for this class if for no other reason than to hear the explanation of how to decipher the pattern!!! The first two classes would be more than worth your time. You can sign up for this class at Thimbles and Things

When I walked to the grocery store, I saw this outside. The MUMS are here, which can only mean one thing -- fall is around the corner!! 

Mums are out!!!!

OK -- I have no Monday Zoom and hopefully only a few phone calls, so nothing to distract me for hours, and I can get some writing done, start making presentations, or get more sewing done! Let's not forget UNSUBSCRIBE. I didn't do much yesterday, but already I can feel the "tension" ease in the number of e-mails I get every day!!! Let's keep plodding along, as it will be fantastic to get that weight off my shoulders!!!!

Have a super day!!!!!!


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  1. Well, you lit a fire under me! Yesterday, I pinned together three United States panels with the backing and batting for wall hangings. I am a retired teacher, so this spoke to me enough to buy two of them, and then I got a third one in a grab bag. I used fabrics from my stash for the three backings. Then I searched through my stash for fabrics that I bought to go with a train panel for a wall hanging for a Christmas gift. I hope to be done with those in a week. I also pulled the fabrics to make a wall hanging for Christmas. I will be quilting them on my 1960's Singer sewing machine.
    Today, my very good friend came over and, while we visited, I did the hand sewing on 50 Santa hat ornaments. Only one hundred and twenty left to do. Enough for family, friends and the medical staff who cared for me when I was battling breast cancer. I do a different ornament of my own design each year. This year's ornaments are pretty cute, if I do say so. And they cleared out the stash of red and white polar fleece.
    As I am going through my bins, I am also pulling fabric to give to another friend's granddaughter. The child will be getting a sewing machine for Christmas, so I have been putting extra notions and fabrics aside for her. Hopefully she will become a devoted sewer.