Monday, August 14, 2023

Rest Day in Carillon de los Condes

So even after I had arranged to have my luggage (my backpack!) forwarded, I woke up very early this morning and decided that I need a rest day! 

It wasnˋt so much the rest day that I needed as I needed to get hiking poles. Let's face it --- everyone is saying how much better they will be and why not give myself the best opportunity I can to make this happen.

So I canceled the luggage transfer and reset it for tomorrow. 

I was in a very noisy room last night. They came back to the room after 10 pm and didn't settle until 11 pm. The first person's alarm went off at 4:30. Seriously? And then it was a constant shuffle of bags until 6 AM when the last person left. I didn't get up until 7 AM. 

Then I was downstairs and read for a while. There was one other person here, who was also going to take a rest day. I fianlly saw someone and confirmed that I could leave my bag here while I went out for a bit. 

I found a cafe and had a chocolate pastry and orange juice. Then I found the grocery store and bought some stuff for lunch and dinner. I was not overly impressed at what I had for dinner last night and ended up not eating a lot of it. Uncooked chicken. 

Then I was off to the pilgrim store. There are a few along the way and it just so happens there is one here. The next one is about 85 KM away. She helped with the pole selection ad I also got a little bag to carry my stuff in. I could continue to use my own little bag, but this one is cool and didn't cost very much. 

I came back to the albergue to wait so I could check in again and spent some time talking with the man from Denmark. He had a blood blister that required medical attention and he's been resting/walking for a couple of days and will be taking a bus forward. 

We had a long chat about doing what we want to do and what we can actually do. There is so much truth to that, but I swear, it's one of the hardest thiings that I'm struggling with. Each of us (all the pilgrims) are walking for a diffrent reason and different motivations. Some are happy to get to the end in one shot even if it requires a taxi and I think I'd rather walk the entire thing, even it it took several tries. 

That realization is something for me because at the start, I really wanted to be able to walk the entire thing in one swoop but now, I'll be happy to say that I walked the entire route, even if i have to come back! (Gasp!) I don't know what the future is going to bring -- I'm taking it one day at a time and one step at a time. 

What is so frustrating is that this thing with my knee is so focused in one area and while the walking is better, that pain doesn't seem to be going away. However, I did not take an IBPROFIN at noon, so is that progress? 

The other thing that I'm learning about myself is that I don't like change. OK--- I knew that. But when I get into a town, Iˋm totally disoriented and can't find anything. Then today, when I searched for the grocery store (which I did yesterday), there it was and I had a grand time searching the shelves for things to eat. I could have gone to the restaurant, but this is also fun and a change. 

So it appears that I need ONE day to orient myself. That will work for vacaions, but it doesn't work for this. If I took two days in every spot, Iˋd still be here at Christmas!!!

We have a nice quiet group of people in the room today. When I left, the room wasn't even full yet. And I had to laugh at a couple of Italian ladies, who were changing in the room and a guy walked in. Ooops --- was it co-ed, ALL the rooms Iˋve been in have been co-ed!

You donˋt even notice it any longer and people are polite and well, Iˋve seen a lot of underwear! We are all here for one thing -- to walk and no cares about your underwear!

OK-- so I did a bad thing, but it sure helps the rest days go by. I downloaded another e-book. You have to love that I can do that and this one is GOOD. I think it's called The Night She Disappeared or something like that. I found a great way to find newer books is to go to the "skip the line" list and pick from there. 

Being over here and still have access to library books is amazing. I didn't think I could do it, but yes I can!!! I won't be able to finish it tonight, so I'll have to walk fast tomorrow, so I get some time to read when I arrive! 

I checked in with the Monday girls to say HI. Everyone is busy sewing and I haven't given a thought to sewing in weeks! It's going to be a challenge to get back in the groove!!

I slept lots this afternoon to make up for the missing sleep last night. Tonight should be better so I can get up and walk tomorrow.

There is a classical guitar concert tonight at 8 pm. Would be fun to go, but not my thing. 

Not much else is happening here! 

Have a great day!!


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