Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Hornillos del Camino to Castjeriz

And it's the end of another fine day on the Camino! Can you believe I fell into such a deep sleep that I awoke with a start from a nightmare? Good grief -- how did that happen? I had earplugs in as there was a snorer in the room. I'm reading a crazy book about gambling, drugs, women, etc. in The Biloxi Boys by John Grisham. That combined with the layout of the room, my big girls at home and well, it all melded into one big bad old dream. I will say that my girls were there to defend me!!

I was up early and started at 6:30 AM. It was going to be a short day and I didn't want to arrive too early. Another day on The Meseta, which most people don't like as they consider it too boring. It is just like Sasktchewan, but with more hills and I rather enjoyed it. 

There was a fair amount of variety in the terrain and we walked on dirt roads as well as small trails along the side of one of the hills that paralleled the paved country road. 

While there wasn't a ton of shade, there was much more than I thought there would be, so that was a welcome relief from time to time. 

Still passing fields of sunflowers, although not as many as before and those sunny faces are so cheerful to see. I spotted the odd one that was much higher than the others and one even cheeky enough to turn backward!!

I took extra water with me just in case, but there were two stops along the way and all was good. I feel bad for a couple of albergues as they are of the road a short distance and Iˋm not walking down there in case they are not oepn. 

I knew it was going to be a hot day -- itˋs so hot that itˋs hazy - just like at home when we have humidity, but there is no humdity. It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Whatˋs cool is that these buildings are NOT air conditioned, but set up so they are relatiavely cool with thick stone walls, high ceilings and tight winodw shades to block the sun. Itˋs all rather civilized. 

I loved seeing the farming in action today and balinig straw seems to be the thing to do right now. Took a few pictures and the equipment is a bit larger than what I had seen early on. 

I didnˋt see too many people - wait -- the couple that marched past me the other day, well, they passed me again. They must have stayed in the same town. Then shortly thereafter, they stopped. When I got to the next restaurant, they caught up to me and stopped also. I havenˋt seen them since! They sure walk fast!

And that got me to thinking about Type A or Type B people. Iˋm definitely a Type A, but Iˋm not a full vlown Type A. What am I learniing about that personality on the Camino?

Itˋs OK NOT to be first. Who cares? -- there are plenty of beds. 

It's OK not to collect data and count how many steps, or KM or stairs climbed. I have NOT yet used my Fitbit as a guide for the diatance because it doesnˋt match up and it'll drive me mad when the distance we're supposed to walk is 21 KM and my Fitbit will register 26 or something like that. The stride in the Fitbit is NOT accurate and so I ignore it and I'm happy to do so. 

While many people say the best part of the Camino is meeting other people, I'm OK if I don't. On a regular basis, I'm a very shy person (I know many of you will not believe that) and I'm OK to sit in the back and observe. There's a lot that can be learned by observing.

I'm good with being humble as this trail will humble even the best. 

I'm OK with not having things mapped out exactly. And I'm learning that I can find a bed for myself each night!

I'm also OK leaving the comforts of home at home. I start out in the morning with a short sleeved T-shirt, when at home, I'd be wrapped in my sweatshirt. I'd have tons of snacks waiting for me and here I have to conserve!!

We are in a medieval town that was supposedly founded by Julius Cesear. There are the ruins of a massive castle on the hill behind the town. It was built sometime in the 8th century. So much history here. The town is long ad skinny and we had to walk almost 2 KM to get to the end of the town where this albergue is. There is one large room, so that should be a fun night. Earplugs are in order again!

We also passed through the ruins of San Anton, which is a huge churh. Again -- so much history. 

Well I think that's it for today! I found a groery store, but not much in it. I'll see if I can find something else to eat or thereˋs a restaurant at the bottom of the stairs to the albergue. YES-- a huge flight of stone steps to get to this building, ACK!!! My knee is not happy, but Iˋll take it slow and all should be good. Blisters are good. 

Thatˋs it for today!!

Have a great day!!


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