Saturday, November 11, 2023

Boundless energy

Multitasking - good or bad? 

By the way - I fixed the link in yesterday's post. Good grief -- I attached a link but hadn't actually copied it from the web page, so it just pasted in the previous link I had copied, which was classes from a store. Sigh!!!

Someone here was talking about coaching for a job interview, and it was highly recommended to NOT mention that you can multitask! I agree -- we get buzzing around and don't do any job as well as we could if we focused on one and then moved to the other. WAIT -- let me clarify that. If I have to wait for an embroidery to stitch out, then yes - I'll do another task, like cutting fabric. But be careful because you can easily make mistakes if you move from one to the other. And I get zipping around so fast that I forget things! Not because I'm forgetful or getting dementia, but because my brain cannot process the steps as quickly as I'm doing them! 

And your brain needs a rest. Seriously -- even though I can do multiple things at the same time, I often intentionally do not. I just don't need the "hassle."

For someone who has many technology woes, I sure get myself into the mix with little hesitation. When doing a Zoom presentation, it's easy for me to use Zoom to switch from one source to another. Live camera or my presentation. Well, it can be challenging, but it works. 

But how to do it live? I purchased a small switch box (thanks, Margaret, for the recommendation). I had a larger one when we first started to do Zoom. It was too complicated to figure out, so I gave it away. Now I have this little box, and with THREE HDMI to HDMI cables, I can hook it to the TV in the room, then add the computer and the camera. It works pretty seamlessly. I have one minor glitch to figure out, but I was in the middle of the presentation, and it was NOT the time to figure that out. However, I MADE it work!

I'll practice when I get home. My camera needs power, so it is powered off the sewing machine (DESIGNER EPIC3) with a USB port. Oh yes --- it's quite the production to get everything set up. But yesterday was the first day I did that, and it was amazing!!! 

My camera setup

You can see the camera in front of the EPIC3 and how it appears on the TV screen behind! YES!!!

Now, I just need to use a pen to touch the screen. I used my fingers yesterday, and they look HUGE on the screen! So I can make the technology world function for me! I will NEVER let technology defeat me. 

Look how cool the room looked!!! Thanks to K&A for hosting the event! Assistant Manager Maureen made everyone feel welcome, and we had fun! At the end of one of the presentations, one of the participants said that I was an excellent presenter and that my enthusiasm and passion showed. WOW -- that was so sweet of her. I agree -- I'm doing what I love, and I LOVE doing it. I feed off the energy in the room - it just bursts from me, and I hope I never lose that. 

Ready to present!

And look at the cookies they had! Oh my -- I haven't eaten mine yet -- there was ZERO time for that. 

EPIC 3 cookies

After I got back to the retreat house, we had dinner. The group was so amazing as they waited for me. Thanks, guys!! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!!!

I don't think I did much last night, but we sat around and talked. I noticed these two tables. Hmmm -- just a wee bit busy? 

Busy beavers at these tables

No names will be mentioned, of course. What happens at the retreat - well, you might get to see it, but it stays anonymous! OK -- I dare not show my workstations! 

I was the last one to bed last night and the first one up! Yikes! I have way too much energy, but that's OK. 

This is the sewing room here at Spring House Retreat. It's the BEST sewing space of any retreat house I've been to. I almost do NOT want to mention their name. They are booked solid, and I want to be able to return. That just means we book VERY early. The lights have been changed slightly, and OH MY -- the change is significant. We have ample light at all the tables. Yeah!!!!!! Thank you to Spring House Retreat for listening and making those changes.

The left side of the sewing room

The right side of the sewing room

I'm working on my UFO - a quilt that has sat for years, and it'll probably take me a couple of hours to finish off the top. Seriously??? Good grief -- how many more do I have like that? 

It's good that no one else was up when I worked on this quilt. Not only have I commandeered two sewing tables, I completely took over one cutting table, and there were two empty tables on the other side, and I also had one of those in use. Oops! Everything is cleared off that table, but I still have the cutting table filled with my quilt! 

I will be out for a walk this morning as I didn't get out for a walk yesterday. I need to walk! Just to clear my head and possibly calm down? Well, not calm down in a bad way - just get back into my routine! I have to laugh because I make good progress on my walking challenge, and then I slip a day, and it sets me back. It's like trying to get to the edge of the pool. Just as I reach to grab the edge, it moves! But I'll make it happen! I still have 35 days in which to get back on track!

Oh my -- so many samples to make and so little time. And then what about all the embroidery I want to make for me. Well, that would be more samples! I'm not going to work on samples for the next two days. I need to step back and just do whatever I want. I think I might need a wee nap this afternoon.

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!!!

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