Sunday, November 26, 2023

How much stabilizer is too much?

We are down to the wire! While some people may enjoy packing and going away, I don't! It just becomes a mad dash to see if everything can get done because there is a DROPDEAD deadline - the airplane won't wait for me! 

As I checked off the mental checklist this morning, I felt like the Christmas Poem - The Night Before Christmas. 

The presentations for this morning - DONE

Follow-up e-mails to class - DONE

Customer e-mails - DONE

Sample suitcase packed and weighed - DONE - (just eked under 50 lbs)

And the list goes on. 

I think the only left is to finish packing my office backpack, but I can't do that until the Zoom classes are over. And I need to pull the laundry from the dryer and throw some clothes in the suitcase - just in case I want to change while I'm away! That is always the last thing to pack. I figure, in the worst case, I can always buy what I don't have. 

I've got a rental car waiting for me, but I still need a hotel. I'll get that at the airport or when I arrive. How busy can Winnipeg be at this time of year? 

So, what was the chaos in Studio B? Since I do machine embroidery, I also have stabilizers, and there are four main categories. Stabilizers are categorized in HOW they are removed from your project -- tear away, cut away, wash away, or OTHER. 

I could go on and on for days about the difference between stabilizers, fusible webs, and interfacings because many people do NOT know the difference between them. 

The other day, I was talking to someone else in the business, and they hear the same thing! No - the terms and definitely NOT the products are not interchangeable - they are DIFFERENT. But enough about that. 

So this is the problem - I have stabilizers in various containers and drawer units, and now, a huge box is on the floor. It was driving me mad, and I needed to find a solution. 

A mess of stabilizers

I had purchased two tubs at the mall and walked them home. I had checked the dimensions, but those devils in marketing -- they measure the OUTSIDE dimensions, not the inside. How dare they do that!!!!

Hence, the 20" rolls of stabilizer wouldn't fit. Then my brain got thinking, and I had some different tubs (filled, of course), and I checked, and the 20" rolls would fit in those. So I played Switcharoo and still need to do some more organizing as I threw the contents of the old tubs into the new, and they are a mess. OK - slightly smaller tubs and the contents don't fit as nicely!

Measuring the stabilizer in the tub

I sorted the stabilizer by category, and I'll have a tub for each of the four groups. Do NOT ask, but let's say I do NOT need to buy stabilizers for a while. We organize because we think we are short and buy more because god forbid, we could run out! Then, when we take stock, we realize that we have a LOT of stabilizers. They are CONSUMMABLE -- I will use them now that I know what I have.

Two sorted tubs of stabilizer

I need to get two more tubs for the remaining two types. Then they can be stored on top of those drawer units, and I'm good to go. It was good to sort through them. I see a lot of embroidery in the future! I HAVE to use some of that up!

The stabilizer is half-sorted

My new vacuum arrived on Friday. DH decided to unpack it, which isn't good, but I don't have time. 

MOM -- is that for us?

I got the Animal 2 Pro with the pet hair attachment. I tried it on Murphy, and she was freaking out, so we have to do that in baby steps. Of course, all the packaging is all over the family room, and there is zero time for me to address that this morning. I'll take care of it when I'm back later this week. 

The Animal 2 Pro

At first glance, I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the design, and I hear stories from friends who have them that they rarely use some of the features. So why did I pay $700 for something I'll use half of? I'm not happy, but then it could be me. I'll wait until I can get a closer look before I vent and see if it's just me. The design of that hose extension seems lame! 

AHA -- Miss Lexi and I have NOT gone on the "urban" walking route in a few days, and look. That house is getting a completely new roof. You have to wonder how badly damaged the roof was to require replacing the rafters? 

Raise the roof

And thank goodness for shared drives. I have ONE more writing assignment to do, which I'll tackle when I arrive at my destination. Everything is prepped and ready to go and sitting on the shared drive. Hopefully, that won't take too long, as I NEED to finish it tonight. That would be AWESOME And shouldn't be a problem. 

OH --- here's the latest issue of QUILTsocial. You can read it online or download it for free. I have an article about the Husqvarna Viking Platinum Q160. Plus, there are some other great articles. Be sure to download it (for FREE until the end of December). 

And on that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!


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