Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Lost and found

Have you ever lost things in your house? Of course -- we have all lost something because we put them in a safe place, and where that safe place is remains a mystery! I keep saying that I'm starting a list of all the lost things because when I find them, I get the satisfaction of crossing them off a list! Because I can't remember what is lost and then found or is still lost. And do I have anything else lost in my house? That's why a list would be great!

While I was at the retreat, someone asked if I still had an external CD drive. Yes -- of course I do, since I have many embroidery patterns that are still on CD and not transferred to the computer. HEY -- I still have a 3 ½" floppy disk drive for the same reason. We won't go there. 

So, I was asked if I could transfer some patterns for this person. I said yes, but in the back of my mind, I was certain I had the same pattern at home. Yesterday, I took a minute to dig out a box of machine embroidery patterns, and while searching through the box for the one she wanted, I found this!

AHA -- a lost book

I had been looking for this book for a while, but no go! I had since got another copy from someone who no longer needed it. That means I can pass along a copy to my new colleague who won't have one, but it's a useful book for learning various serger techniques! It's called Serger 101 by Katrina Walker, who is an SVP freelance educator in the US. She focuses much on clothing. 

And one more thing is off the imaginary list of lost things. 

It was a great mail day yesterday. OK -- so it was a holiday for the mail delivery, but no one had picked up our mail last week. I wonder why we need daily mail delivery. In the country where my parents lived, they got mail delivery twice a week. It wasn't a big deal. And now, with most of our mail coming via e-mail, there really isn't a need to have mail delivered daily. We usually pick it up once or twice a week. 

You've got mail!

I forgot to take a picture of what was in the box, but I'll try to remember to share it tomorrow. But I got TWO magazines. One was from the Canadian Quilter's Association, and the other was the most recent issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. I have TWO articles in this issue. I think it's two. 

A Needle Pulling Thread issue 64 - Textures

YES --- I'm in there twice - once for an article on creating texture with quilting, and the second one is about a joint project between Carla (the editor), Paul Leger (everyone knows Paul), and myself. That was a fun project, and we each tell the story of our contribution! 

I've been in the magazine twice!

This is the joint project quilt. 

The Selvage Quilt

Before you go on, you should check out that web page. WOW --- I haven't been in a while, but they have broken down the articles by category --- machine embroidery, quilting, knitting, etc. and if you're looking for some specific projects, it's easy to find. Then you can pay for the project only. Be sure to check it out. Here's the link one more time. WOW -- go to the list of designers in the quilting section on the left-hand side. I'm in there a LOT! Who knew all that was there? And so nicely organized! 

Look at the lid for my teacup! Its job is to prevent the liquid from cooling too quickly. I must remember to use a mug rug under the cup as there is a LOT of condensation! 

Teacup cover

Can you believe this dog? Nope -- she's no longer a dog but a princess. At first, she was so timid, and she kept to her blanket on one side of the couch. Now - she thinks the entire couch is for her! I hear her and DH discussing how much space each takes and which part is theirs! 

DAD -- This is MY couch! 

Meanwhile, Murphy is quite happy to lay on the floor. She's not big on sleeping on the couch. WAIT -- her favorite place to sleep is where she doesn't have permission! If we leave the cushions off the furniture in the front, she thinks we did it for her. 

Mom -- I'm a good dog, not a princess!

But yesterday, when I needed a nap, they both were there to keep me company! How sweet! 

MOM -- we're here for you!

On my walk, I spotted the work they'd been doing at the grocery store. Yep -- you can see that big box they have made instead of the peaked roof. I have no idea what's going in there yet. They are also working on the inside, so I imagine we'll see some signage soon. 

The new roof line on part of the grocery store

Then, I walked to the thrift store and checked out the books. Boy -- some of those books seem to turn over very quickly. And others not so much, But that is a good thing because if they turn over, there is always something new to look at. 

Based on that article about quilting with sheets, I decided to look and spotted these. 

I was tempted by this one, but the print is fairly large but very pretty. 

"Vintage" sheet

But there was a striped sheet that would have gone nicely with it. 

A striped sheet

A cutesy small floral print. 

And then a larger floral print. 

I did NOT buy any -- if I want something, I'll go on discount day, which I believe is today. WAIT A MINUTE  --- Did you know that many hotels, restaurants, etc., will give you SENIOR discounts??? I want my money back!!!! I have some things I could get a discount on. I'm not sure if I need the CARP membership as mentioned in this article, but if so -- the $20 membership would save a lot of money. 

And yes -- my thrift store has a senior discount day on Tuesday. I spied a piece of fabric I would like, so it'll be cheaper today!

What are you doing Thursday evening (Thursday, November 16)? Nothing? Then, you should sign up for this FREE Zoom session on World War II quilts made by Canadians. I can't wait!!! Many years ago, I spoke to the presenter as part of a project I wanted to do. She has written a book on Alberta Quilts -- which I now need to get! 

Oh -- there are so many projects that my mind can't grasp even a tiny portion of what I want to accomplish! I look at the long list of UFOs and the stuff sitting around Studio B, and well, I won't get overwhelmed. I will look at it as one of the methods I use to keep myself busy. If I wasn't busy, what the heck would life be like? I cannot imagine. And right now, as I finish up the year with a bit more travel than I would like, I know next year should be quieter. 

You can stop laughing right now! First -- the work travel will lessen as we have a full-time person to take over some of what I was doing. Then, if I look at the list of monthly clubs/classes I run (17 currently), four for sure are being dropped for various reasons (all good ones), and two are being joined into one, so that means there will be 12 next year, not 17. That is almost a 30% reduction in the number of classes, and that is HUGE because for each hour on Zoom, I may spend up to four or five hours prepping/sewing for that class. Several project classes will be finished -- Barn Star and Jen Kingwell Remedial will end in December, Heartfelt finishes in April (so four months in 2024), and EQ8 will be dropped (they don't do enough homework for me!). Digital cutters and embroidery software are combined into one class to focus on FABRIC applique. 

Of the twelve, six of them are run from several shops - The Hobby Horse (two classes), Thimbles and Things (two classes), Brampton Sew and Serge (one club), and Stitch by Stitch (one club). As long as the stores are good to continue, then so am I. The remaining six are ones I run personally - Out of the Box, Many Blocks, two sessions of UFO, Machine Embroidery Club, and the new one focused on fabric applique. 

The trick is NOT to fill that space with something new, and I'm not going to! I have ZERO plans to add anything except what is mentioned above. I'm going to enjoy the extra time on the weekends without a Zoom call, and I'm going to enjoy the extra prep time, or lack thereof, to work on the other things. So, all is good, and there are positive vibes for next year! 

Oh - someone asked how I liked my new car. New car? Oh yes -- I bought a new car. I haven't even given it a thought since the salesperson told me over a week ago. A couple of people expressed interest in my current car, but the timing wasn't right for them. Heck -- the timing of this car is NOT right for me. So, I hope to pick it up late next week or perhaps the week after. Seriously -- I can't even get excited about it.

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!


PS -- If something seems wonky, the grammar checker was NOT helpful this morning and caused more issues than it fixed! 


  1. Lexi is just protecting the couch till Dad comes home. That said when I left home to go to University our dog took over my bed, she was a bit larger than Lexi. The first few visits home she was good about sharing the bed when I came home but by Christmas she would lay across the bed on t blankets at the pillows and was a brute to move 😄

    1. LOL --- they are worse than children. Give them an inch, they take a mile!