Wednesday, November 29, 2023


 Another great day with the sergers! Today is the last day of my SVP events for the year, and it's one of my favorites -- we get to play with the mySewnet software! And I hope I left my power cord for the laptop at the store because I do NOT see it in my backpack! I remember winding it up, and I probably left it on the table because I was distracted while talking. I've been known to do that. It's not a problem today, but I better not do that tonight when I pack up!

I will give Winnipeg credit for its sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. I'm in an area where I don't think there's much foot traffic. But every corner has a device (for the hearing impaired) that indicates when it's safe to walk. And there are times when I swear I walk up to the corner, and it stops the major traffic arteries (Highway 90) and gives me the right of way!


In a few instances, I have to push the button, but most times, it's automatic. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed by the whole thing, and there are actual sidewalks as well - so that's a bonus. 

Real sidewalks!

The temperature has warmed up, so it's only minus 5 this morning and feels like minus 10! I chuckled when I went out yesterday because of the wind. Back home, the wind is usually in the same direction, so you start by walking into the wind and then coming home, it's "warmer" with the wind at your back. 

However, the wind had completely switched directions yesterday, so I got "warm" on the way out and the wind on the way back. But since it was much warmer, it wasn't a big deal. 

I see the temperature in Florida is COLD- it's almost freezing, which isn't great for those not equipped for that temperature. 

When I returned to my room last night, I intended to walk to a restaurant for dinner and then return and do some paperwork. I have TWO intense classes this weekend. No --the classes aren't intense, but I envision the prep work will take some time. One more than the other. But no worries, I have half of Thursday and all day Friday, so I've got loads of time. 

I was going to do some prep work last night, but I was tired when I returned from the restaurant. So I read a bit and then went to sleep! Can you believe I've become "old?" When I arrived at the restaurant, I wanted something hot to drink, but I didn't want hot chocolate or tea or coffee, so I ordered hot water! 

My Dad drinks hot water! You know what? It's actually pretty good! Who would have known? I've got a new drink! It's cheap, free, and doesn't stain your teeth or contain calories or caffeine! 

I was surprised when I entered the restaurant as you could sit in the restaurant or the lounge. I might as well sit in the lounge - it looked much quieter, and after the hubbub of the day, I wanted peace and quiet. I had to show my ID before I went in. OK -- I think I'm past that stage when I need to be asked for ID, but what the heck. 

He took my driver's license to a little machine and registered my information. Not sure what that was all about. But when I left, I noticed some video slot machines in the back corner. AHA -- that's why they needed the ID. They do NOT care about your age -- well, you need to be 19 or older, but they need to know who was in the lounge. 

I don't have much experience with that - I don't remember being asked for ID when I was in a casino in the US? Trust me -- I was NOT gambling; I was merely walking through out of curiosity. 

I'm doing classes this afternoon and evening, so I'm off on an adventure this morning. I'll share it with you tomorrow as I think it will be quite interesting. And I actually did some research last night on it. 

Well, it's short and sweet this morning. I'm off to breakfast and a walk. Then, my BIG adventure, which I'm looking forward to. Then off to work. 

I forgot to include the link to the QUILTsocial link for Day Three of the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 3. 

Have a super day!!



  1. I bought fresh lemons last week. I juice 2 at a time and put a few teaspoons in my water. (plain water gets boring sometimes and I drink a lot!)

    Hope you found the cord!

    1. Found the cord - right where I knew I left it because I was talking!
      Great idea about the lemons. I NEED to drink much more!