Saturday, November 25, 2023

On the treadmill of LIFE

The treadmill of life! We can't avoid it, but there are days when I get on, the program is set to MARATHON, and I can't get off! I had two successful events yesterday for the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 3. I'm home today and have two presentations this morning - they are prepped and ready to go. We have a Virtual Retreat tonight and tomorrow, along with two more classes tomorrow morning. 

Then it's off to Winnipeg to Carellen Sewing Center for three days. Then I'm home, and that's the end of business travel for the year! YEAH!! I'll have my regular Zooms in December, but nothing for sewing machines. 

But between now and Monday at 9 AM, I still have two more blog posts to prepare. One is almost done, and the other - well, I might be writing that one on the plane! 

All is good. I looked at the next program on the treadmill of life, and it's a slow walk! Let's hope it stays that way for a while! 

I chuckled this morning when I opened my FitBit to see how I was doing on my Virtual Challenge since I extended the timeframe by 7 days. Guess what? I'm now 28 KM ahead! That's crazy, and it is almost certain I will get there ahead of the new schedule and might meet the original deadline. I don't care - I just keep walking! I've got less than 300 KM to go and 28 days to do so. That'll be a piece of cake! 

I had to drop my car off for detailing the other day, and I told the person that I would walk back to get it. She looked at me like I was crazy. That's 50 minutes, she says. I know, and I can probably walk it faster than 50 minutes. She had looked at Google Maps because I needed a ride to my house after dropping the car off. 

When I walked back, it took 50 minutes, but I stopped to take some photos, made an appointment at the groomer for Miss Murphy (not until January when it's absolutely QUIET), and went into a new dollar store that I spotted on my route! I didn't tell her that when I arrived! 

This is a statue that I've seen in the past - I had stopped many years ago when it was freshly created. It's all done with a chainsaw and some smaller tools. It's absolutely stunning, even after all this time. 

Animals carved into an old tree stump

You can only really appreciate the beauty of this once you look closely at the animals. 

A wolf

A fawn

It's hard to see, but there's an eagle on top and a heron on the side. 

There is an eagle on top and a heron on the side

While this area is NOT far from my house, I don't go there that often. Holy -- I knew that development was going on, but this house, which used to be in an empty field, is now surrounded by commercial and retail spaces. I'm sure that land is worth a fair penny, but they obviously don't want to move!

The house in the middle of the development

It's absolutely insane, and most of the retail appears to be food-related. A small grocery store that used to be located in the same plaza as my dentist and bank moved to this plaza. Although it didn't matter to me, the parking lot was INSANELY packed with cars. Now, the grocery store has a much larger parking lot, and I'm sure their customers are pretty happy about that. 

The house is located where the trees are

Like most plazas, it could be better laid out regarding driving and parking and certainly NOT friendly if you are on foot. What you notice when you are NOT in a car is amazing. Lots of craziness. I almost hate driving a car! Yep --- I refuse to drive a car to do errands unless it's outside that 4 KM zone, and then I make alternate decisions. 

The other day, I went to the mall to look for some storage for the chaos I created in Studio B, and I walked home with this. 

Two storage totes and two magazines

It really wasn't a big deal, and it's not far from the mall - about a 15-20 minute walk. Not a big deal at all. I sure wish I had stopped using my car locally years ago! I didn't, but now I have, so I'm good with that. 

I had been looking for some containers for glue, and we had checked out several dollar stores but didn't find anything satisfactory. But at this new dollar store called Dollar Land, I found three different types, so yep, I bought them all and will try to find the best one for the glue. 

Plastic containers with small tips

I don't have time to talk about the chaos this morning, but the pictures are ready to go tomorrow. I did manage to quilt another customer quilt, and I have THREE of them to trim before I leave tomorrow. 

Customer quilt

Look how cozy it looks on the back!! 

The back of the customer quilt

On that note, I've moved a bunch of pictures to a new folder for tomorrow, and life goes on! 

Remember to come visit at the Virtual Retreat tonight. I don't think I'll have a chance to get on tomorrow until later in the day. But first - I must book a car and a hotel! I'm so not good with that. 

Saturday, November 25, Starts at 6 PM

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Sunday, November 26 - Starts at NOON

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On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day.


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