Sunday, November 19, 2023

The word of the day is FOCUS

I had a day to myself, which was glorious, even though I didn't accomplish much. That's part of why we need days to ourselves, so if we don't accomplish much -- it's OK! 

I had two Zooms in the morning, and both went very well. One of the projects is down to the wire, with the final reveal next month. I have started sewing my Barn Star Sampler together, and I have three small blocks to assemble, and then I can finish the quilt top. There was one more Zoom in the afternoon for our remedial Jen Kingwell class. In one month, two of those three Zooms will be gone forever! 

It will be a blast to see the different colors that everyone chose and how they come together. The other quilt is the Heartfelt Sampler by a local (to me) designer. Again, the different color choices are so much fun to see. I'm a wee bit behind in sewing those blocks, and perhaps I'll work on that today. 

Yep -- I'm taking today off as well. No long arming, no embroidery, just sewing for me -- IF I get to the sewing machine. Yesterday, I did not. 

I am good at telling others that they need to focus! To pick one project and work on that and nothing else. Hmmm --- I think I need to listen to my own advice. Look at that cutting table. There is ZERO way you could cut on it at the moment. That is NOT good. 

AH -- there's a cutting table under that mess

And look at this mess. In an ideal world, I would start at the front, pick one project, finish it, and move to the next. And now that most of my commitments are ending for this year - at least those in person, which consumes lots of extra time in travel, I might just get to do that. 

Studio B - is a mess

I'll share some more photos tomorrow of my progress. 

I also had a chat with myself on my walk yesterday afternoon. I was 42 KM behind on my Virtual Challenge. Not a big deal, but with 27 days left, it would be tricky to make that happen. This morning, I extended the deadline by seven days! I will still finish by the end of the year, and this is NOT a failure. This is just saying -- let's be realistic. I set a VERY aggressive goal and had a brutal travel schedule over that period. What is better? To achieve the goal on time and kill yourself, or give yourself an extra week and come in smiling? 

I don't even need to answer that question. I should have been more realistic when I set that goal. 

OK -- so remember the junk house in North Bay? We have one in our neighborhood. OK -- it is NOTHING compared to that house. This one is also on a corner, and they recently moved in. OK -- it's probably been a couple of months now. You never know what you'll see on that lawn and their front porch. It's definitely an eyesore, to be sure. 

The start of a JUNK house

Let's hope that it gets cleaned up before winter. And the funny thing? They spent an enormous amount of time bringing plants from somewhere, digging up the front lawn, and planting them, so you think they would be conscious of that mess? 

If people don't know how to live in a house, maybe they shouldn't. That is like my neighbor. The adult boy lives there but does nothing to maintain the outside. No weeding, no lawn cutting, unless we ask. The backyard was a disaster! The parents came home for a bit (they might still be here) and paid someone to clean it up. Well, pay someone to clean it up during the summer! 

Speaking of cleaning up -- do you think I need to invest in some of those cord minders? Heck -- I could make them myself. The mess is still sitting on the kitchen table, and I need to address it today. 

The mess of cords

Speaking of backyards, here is our friend Murphy. Most times, when she sees a squirrel, she freaks out and goes running out the door. This time, she went out slowly and sat down to observe the squirrel. It was like a staring contest to see who would move first. I'm not sure who won; I didn't stick around. 

Murphy having a staring contest with a  squirrel

And the leaves are definitely gone! A few diehard trees hang onto their leaves over winter, but most are now on the ground. There is still beauty in that. I love walking in the woods regardless of the season. 

The leaves are gone

On my walk, I couldn't help myself and stopped at the thrift store. I spotted something that I might make good use of, but it's yellow, and I wonder if it could be dyed? I'll have to think about it and may return on senior day!

But I spotted some adult coloring books, and that got me thinking. I promised some adult coloring books to someone so they could give them to their Dad. Hmm --- who was that? If you want adult coloring books, I have some to share. Oh my --- doesn't the phrase "adult coloring books" conjure up something naughty. I have lovely coloring books but I will only use some of them. 

Coloring books I spotted at the thrift store

I think I might have remembered who I talked to about them. I've sent them a note. Yep -- I was right! 

With this entire "free" week stretching ahead, I'm as relaxed as ever. I have lots to do and loads to have fixed around the house and make appointments, but I'm so calm. I feel amazing!!!!! I must set a schedule or a list of things to do so nothing gets left to the last minute because that will take my relaxed feeling away! 

I'll do that before our UFO clubs this morning. Both presentations, by the way, are set! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Silicone Cable Ties are cheap. Cable slides through the loop and won't get lost when you undo it for use.

    Reminder: The Camino :-)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. You could make a little travel case for your cords with the right number of loops, even write in a label with a Frixion pen then when you are packing up you will know exactly what you are missing.

    1. YES -- I need to do that because I seem to be in a panic about what I'm taking and trying NOT to forget anything!

  3. I spent some time making a list of all of the sewing things that I must do/sew before certain dates. I thought I was doing great; I have the ornaments done and the lounging pants are done except those for our 6 year old grandson . But the things still left to do are suddenly overwhelming me.
    Today I am giving my time to work with an 11 year old who wants to learn how to sew. I am calling this a break! Like you, I need to plan better for next year!

    1. Oh Torry!!! I hear you. We have the best of intentions and then something unforeseen comes up! I had a great two days "break" and now it's back to work!!!

    2. I had the best time teaching the child! She was so excited about everything. It was a good reminder of why I sew. She made a small drawstring bag and was so proud of it!
      Side benefit was the fairly long ride to her house, which was spent in the company of my best friend, who is the grandmother of the child. And the break was what I needed.
      Another project is at the sewing machine. I am about done with it. It is a gift that will be given on Thanksgiving. I now know I will make it!

    3. Torry --- that is so exciting and I think one of the BEST ways to spend a day. And a visit with a good friend is icing on the top! You can make your deadline! Go for it and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Why show pictures of your sewing rooms when they look no better than the garbage filled yards? Have you heard about clean up after each sewing session, so you can walk in your room without the danger of tripping over things?
    Hoarders paradise!

    1. Holy cow Helen...........You must be fairly new around here or you'd know the hard work Elaine has put into decluttering, organizing, using, teaching, packing, unpacking and finishing. Her schedule this last month would ruin most people in their 60s. Not to mention her commitment to her health and walking being a priority to everything else!

    2. Thanks Elle, good reply.

    3. Oh Helen!!!! I put that picture there because as Elle mentioned, my travel schedule this past month was brutal. Normally there is NOTHING on the floor and the spaces are clear and ready to sew. That's why I posted the picture -- because it is NOT the norm for me. My mother is a HOARDER -- trust me -- I know what it's like. My supplies, projects, etc. are sorted, labeled, and in good shape. But with ZERO time to put things away this past month, this is what can happen! It was meant to be "funny." The other thing to keep in mind is that I do this for a living, so I work on multiple projects in one day. I have the luxury of NOT having to clear up everything at the end of the day. That's the beauty of a dedicated sewing space!!! Thanks for the comment!!! And have a great day!!!!