Monday, November 20, 2023

It's all about the UFO

WOW -- I have no idea what has happened, but for the past three nights, I wake up at ridiculous o'clock even for me. Should I stay in bed and try to go back to sleep, or should I get up and do some work? I've opted for working, but I hate this because it "wrecks" my day. Well, not really, but I may or may not need a nap. 

So if you're getting e-mails at weird times from me -- don't worry! This morning was bad because I was thinking about a thread issue on someone's machine and had to get up and send them an e-mail. Imagine my surprise when they replied back almost immediately! I guess I'm not the only one having a weird night!

I thoroughly enjoyed my two days off! That's the first time in a very long time. I did putter a bit and put some things away, but I still have a long way to go to get Studio B back in shape! It'll happen, but probably not until Christmas, as I still have some travel between now and then. And oh boy -- I forgot that I have another Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 3 event this Friday at Brampton Sew n Serge. But all is good, and it's just a short drive from my house. 

So, if you're in the area and have yet to attend an event, call (905 )874-1564 and get signed up!!

Yesterday was our UFO club, and I'm happy to report that I finished well before the deadline. The braids for this quilt were done, but they needed to be trimmed, and then the sashing cut and the components sewn together. I managed to get this done at the retreat during my short time there! 

My braid quilt top - DONE

I also got the binding made. 

The binding for the braid quilt

The blue flannel in the project box was just a wee bit too small, so I went through my labeled backings and found the correct yardage. I just need to make one seam for that, and then this project can be moved to the "to be quilted" pile. 

Backing for the braid quilt

That UFO was started many years ago. Myself and another lady made two quilts for a friend who was getting married. We made two blue braid quilts for them as a gift, labeled with machine embroidery HIS and HERS. I suspect I liked the quilt so much that I had to make one for myself. I will have to ask Carol what year she got married -- it's been a "while."

Someone didn't like the "hoarding" pictures I posted of Studio B yesterday. Yep -- it's a total mess, and it was mentioned that it looked just like the junk-filled yards I've been posting lately. And you know what -- that's an excellent way to describe it. But we all know that that is NOT the norm. I have another large machine in that room, and I need to get rid of the other one, so machines have had to be set on the floor. Bits and pieces of sample making and a few store purchases in the past couple of weeks have yet to be dealt with. 

But what is put away is labeled and sorted, and well -- you all know that! There was a time when things like the backings were NOT labeled and were not in the same place. Now, that was a nightmare and a total disaster to find anything. I found that backing in about 30 seconds! 

The best part of how my studio is now set up is that because everything has a home, it will NOT take long to get it back in shape - I just need the time. 

It was time to think of the NEXT UFO, so I went to the storage room with the UFO projects and pulled out these boxes, which were neatly labeled, and I knew exactly where they were. Granted, some hoarders are neat and organized! But I don't consider myself a hoarder because I know how to get rid of stuff, and I just need a week with NO travel or quilt class deadline to make that happen. 

My next UFO project

This is the pattern, and I had a few people nod their heads when I showed this UFO. Yep -- they recognized it. 

My next UFO 

I checked a receipt in the box, and it was from our $10 club at the Hobby Horse in 2005. Yes -- this qualities as a UFO. 

OH -- a real UFO

I also found a bunch of other stuff in the box. A pattern for a paper-pieced maple leaf. 

A paper-pieced maple leaf pattern

Notes as we voted for the project to run in 2006. 

Which project to run in 2006?

The mention of Sudbury on a page? Why was that there?

Why was this here?

A random paper pieced page. No idea what that is. 

Random paper-pieced page

And then copies of the cutting instructions from the book. These are NOT good cutting instructions as they are listed by color/fabric for the entire quilt in one long list. Not block by block. That's a pain!!! 

Copies of the cutting instructions

I have removed ALL the "junk" from the box, and it's been dealt with - recycling, filing, or whatever needed to happen. 

Back then, I was teaching only in person, and to make it easy for people to see what I was doing, I made TWO of each quilt. One to show them what it looked like sewn together and one to show the steps. What was I thinking? 

So, I pulled this partial top out of the boxes and saw only one. The other one must be nearby. 

The partial quilt top

I returned to the shelf, and there it was - it had popped out of the box. 

The second partial quilt top

Then, I opened each of the three boxes to see what was inside. This one is filled with wool and Perle cotton for the applique, as I decided I needed to do wool applique. 

The bits of wool for applique

Some of the wool applique

Some of the blocks and borders are complete for ONE of the quilts. 

Blocks and borders for one of the quilts

And there was the fabric for the borders. 

Fabric for the quilt

Oh boy --- this is the kind of situation that we need to clean up before downsizing the sewing stuff. I cannot imagine passing this box to someone when I'm not here! All that extra stuff? It took me a bit to sort it out - imagine someone who didn't work on the project? I am trying to focus on getting these UFOs under control, and slowly, one by one, they are ending up as tops (with binding and backing). When I am no longer here or need to downsize, it will be a lot easier to pass along quilts that are ready to be quilted than a bunch of project boxes filled with random stuff! 

I sure do NOT want my daughter to have to deal with what my Mom has done to us! 

It will happen as I have made HUGE inroads into sorting, organizing, and labeling. And I have NOT added to the pile of UFOs. I have a couple of projects I want to get the borders on - like my Tula Pink butterfly, but for the most part, I have NOT added to the UFO pile for the last five or more years. And that is HUGE!!! 

I hope to focus on that and be able to start the new year with things back in complete order and NO project waiting for the borders to be attached -- there are two -- the Butterfly and Toes in the Sand. 

I now have two open spots on my shelves to put some of the things that are out! And that will be great!

OK -- so I am still not tired - I guess I should just keep working! 

Have a super day!!!




  1. I dance with Glee every time you quickly find exactly what you need or want. Walking through your organizing and decluttering journey fills me w/gratitude for my own organized life.

    I have that "outdoorsy" booklet as well. I've never cut or sewn a stitch. Good reminder to get it out and do it or give it to someone who will!

    Happy Monday Elaine :-)

    1. You and me both!! WAIT! you mean you also have this pattern? Yep -- it's been around a while -- time to move it along to someone else!