Monday, November 6, 2023


Oh my --- I had a busy day, but I don't have much to show! But I tried, and what doesn't get completely finished, at least, is a sample. The finishing will come later! I trust the people looking at the samples aren't going for finesse -- we're going for the inspiration and the ideas! Plus, I have some finished samples. 

But the day started with the two Zoom classes, which went great! I am passionate about teaching, and well, I'm just darn good at it! No one toots their own horn often enough, but I'll say that I'm a pretty good teacher. I'm not a patient person, but when I'm teaching, I am. It's weird how that happens. 

And teaching on Zoom means the students walk away with so much more than they would in person. Video recordings, copies of slides, and so much more! I was up late last night sending out all the follow-up information, and I have one more class to send off stuff this morning. 

Then I'm all caught up until next weekend! 

I'm whittling down the list of classes and clubs being offered next year. I'm combining two of them into one and eliminating another. I'm compiling a list of what I'll be doing next year. I'll give you one hint. There will be NO PROJECTS - i.e., quilts I'll teach personally. I'll continue what's on the schedule, but after that, NO NEW PROJECTS, unless it's with a shop. That eliminates another two classes, and there will be no Jen Kindwell remedial, so there goes one more. 

The trick will be to NOT replace any of those with anything. I need the time to work on samples and to have days off when I can do something other than sewing! An entire day! So I'm making progress at this "downsizing" my time thing!

So here's part of what happened at my house. And please remember that these are not my machines -- it's a perk of the job I spend copious amounts of time doing. There has to be some reward somewhere. 

OK -- the first one is my machine. 

Let's fire up machine number one. 

The Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2

Anyway -- this machine spent most of the day embroidering ONE thing. And it's stunning. I won't show you yet, but I must spend more time embroidering. I love the results. 

Part of what I was working on was an experiment that went well but not as well as I expected. There are two things that I learned. And here's something to think about for next year. I plan on hosting a class that is focused 100% on marrying our technology together -- digital cutters, sewing machines, embroidery machines, and embroidery software. Watch for more details on that, but it's going to be super exciting and will blow your socks off with what we're going to do! You do NOT need an embroidery machine to participate!

Anyway, thank goodness I checked that I had an extra spool of thread because I emptied the first one! 

One spool of thread bites the dust

Then, it was onto machine number two. Oh my -- -what a beauty!!!! Yes -- I am spoiled, but I work hard!

Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 3

It was also set up to do embroidery. Again -- another experiment. Actually, two of them -- and they both worked out beautifully. All new stuff!!!

Using the free arm embroidery hoop!

And then, for the trifecta, let's get the third machine going. 

The PFAFF creative icon 2

It was also set up to do embroidery and, again -- another experiment. I'm happy to say that this also worked quite well. It was really a test of the Embellishment Attachment, and now I can do the real thing. OH -- wait until you see -- it's adorable!!!

Using the Embellishment attachment

Let's just say that the areas around those machines were a mess of tools, scraps of fabric, or thread. Studio B is a bit scary right now! 

Messy area!!!

This was an accident waiting to happen -- presser feet mixed in with the scraps, so I cleaned that up before I threw anything valuable away. 

Another mess

And to top it off, I had the digital cutter working. 

Using the digital cutter to cut fabric

Again -- another experiment. It seems that everything I do is trying new things. Imagine if I were the timid type! I wouldn't survive long in this job with new stuff, ideas, and supplies coming out all the time. 

Speaking of finishing things - I need to get better. I have a couple of small samples that I thought would look great on a presentation board. This is a 9 by 12" artist's canvas. I attempted to use tape to secure the back, but that looked back. So, I tried spray glue. The glue has dried somewhat, so it doesn't look nearly as bad!

Using spray glue to mount the sample

Those are NOT perfectly entered corners. They make it look so easy on a video. I will cover the back with another fabric and fuse it in place, but for the moment, this will work. The sample is stinking cute, and I'll share it later. I don't want to steal any thunder from my presentations. 

But I managed to get glue on my fingers, and then I was working with something fuzzy, and I had fuzz all over my hands!!!


Again -- if anyone wants to check out a presentation by myself on the NEW Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 3, I'll be at Hamilton Sewing on Thursday and K& A Quilt Shop on Friday. Check out the links to get signed up. Some of the sessions are already sold out. 

I'll be in North Bay and Sudbury later this month - Gem Sewing, North Bay on November 15th, and Sudbury on November 17th. Then at Brampton Sew n Serge at the end of the month - November 24th. 

For those in the West, I'll be in Winnipeg at Carellen Sewing from November 27th to 29th to show off the DESIGNER EPIC 3. I'll be doing other events in Winnipeg, so call the store.

On that note, I have an early start this morning, and the car is only partly packed (in the garage). I need to get that done, walk the girls (short one), pack a few clothes, and I'm off to meet a bunch of local Husqvarna Viking dealers today!

Have a super day!!!


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