Sunday, November 12, 2023


Even though I was at the retreat all day and had no other commitments, I did NOT seem to accomplish much, and that's OK. While we are at a sewing retreat, it's technically a vacation, and I'm free to do whatever I want!

When I first arrived (it seems like ages ago), I spotted a stack of jigsaw puzzles. Some of the furniture has been moved around, with a nice table beside those puzzles. After a quick perusal through them, I pulled out a 1000-piece puzzle. None of these 350 ones for me! 

I started by laying out some of the pieces on the table. I didn't have time to do more. But every night, when I came home from my presentations, I noticed someone working on the puzzle. The borders were done, and that's about all that had been accomplished by yesterday morning. That border was a challenge since it's all the same color, more or less. 

And GASP- the pieces I had laid out were now in the box! ACK --- you can't find pieces when they are in the box -- I don't care if they are right side up!

Anyway -- we all have our way of putting a jigsaw puzzle together. I like to pull out the pieces from a color or section and then get to work. But I have to spread all the pieces out and then scour them for the color I'm working on. 

This one had a white grid running through the puzzle, so I aimed to complete that part. And I made excellent progress. But at one point, too many people were trying to put pieces in, and it was "busy." Puzzle putting together should be relaxing. So I left and went to get some sewing done. 

But I went back when no one was around, and I couldn't help myself. 

The puzzle is done!

I wonder if I have this one at home. If I do -- should I now just donate it as I've technically put it together! 

Earlier, some others had worked on filling in the quilt blocks once I had the grid in place. And well, I just kept working until it was done. It was an easy puzzle. 

I'm pretty methodical when it comes to putting puzzles together. I work on the border first - someone already did that. Then, pick one main component, gather all the pieces, and work on that. Then, the next component, etc. In this case, that main component was the white grid, and once that was done, it didn't take long to "sew" the blocks. Because of all the separate colors, it was super easy. Can you guess which blocks were done the last? Yep -- all the busy floral print blocks. 

I got my UFO finished. The top and the binding, at least. There was a piece of flannel for the backing, but it's not quite large enough, so I want to ensure I have something else to put with it before I do any work on it. I'll check at home and see -- I have NO more flannel stash (GASP!), but I might have some larger pieces in the backing stuff for Quilts of Valour. If not, I'll buy and use the exact amount I need. 

I have to laugh as one of the ladies in our UFO group has the most amazing note cards she puts with her UFOs. The date she started the project, where the pattern came from, etc. This is what I found on mine!  

A one-word description

OK -- so even though I'm not home, Murphy and Lexi are creating drama. DH was about to get on a call on Friday when Murphy went ballistic. Turns out there was a raccoon in the backyard in the middle of the day. Oh boy! He thought it might be sick. So I gave him the number to call for Animal Services. They said they would come when the raccoon was on the ground. I guess it had crawled into a tree over the shed by this time. But not before scratching Murphy -- I've no idea how bad that is - I haven't seen. 

The raccoon had wanted to crawl under the shed, which is Lexi's domain. They were both going frantic, and DH wasn't happy. 

This is the picture I got yesterday. That is our back door, and that is NOT Lexi. Yep -- the raccoon curled up right by the door. Good grief -- it's the middle of the day. 

Our pet raccoon

Can you see Miss Murphy's nose? She must have been frantic at that point! So the city came and got the raccoon and said it may have distemper, which caused the erratic behavior. Now I have to call the vet since Murphy, and probably Lexi had direct contact with it. Sigh...................

Drama Drama Drama!!!!

I'm working on a new project this morning. It's another FLANNEL quilt that's been in the UFO stage for MANY years. I have it laid out on one of the cutting tables. Everything is cut and ready to sew, and I'm on the last section. I hope to get a lot of it done this morning. But since it's on the cutting table, I have to move it before the others get up and want that table!

I have other stuff to work on, but I might work on those borders for the Green Tea and Sweet Bean quilt, as it would be great to get that done while I'm enthused about it!!!

I went for a long walk yesterday morning. I got outside and wasn't sure how long I would walk, but it was beautiful out, and there was nothing on the schedule, so I slowed down a wee bit as my leg/knee wasn't as happy as I would like it to be. All was fine on the walk! 

And on that note -- I'm out of here! I have several clubs today and I have to prepare for them. I see I have a ton of e-mails with pictures to process. And that is GREAT -- I love seeing what everyone is doing, and it looks like they are all super productive. 

Have a super day!!



  1. I made that puzzle as well and the 2000 piece one. Also sewed it as a quilt!

    1. Oh yes --- I remember you and your friends each made the blocks in one of the puzzles!! I love when two loves come together!