Saturday, July 26, 2014

A day in heaven...................... -

Make that quilting heaven.  I spent the day with the girls at The Quilt Patch.  I did NOT take my camera so no pictures. I have one I took with my phone.

Anyway - it was their Christmas in July event. There are three quilt stores in Moose Jaw - I know - how they all survive is beyond me. Although one of them is closing - Heather's Quilting Palette will be closed soon.  I loved that store as she was into weird things - Heather is a fabulous fibre artist and you never knew what goodies you would find in the shop. Of course - I had to make a pit stop there.

Then over to Quilter's Haven who is doing the Christmas in July event in conjunction with The Quilt Patch.  I did not buy much - I am very conscious of the size of my suitcase which is NOT big and I hit FIVE quilt stores while I was here.  I was very good at all of them until....................

The Quilt Patch.   Jeanne and Shelley just have too many goodies in that store and the longer I stayed and the more wine I had - well everything just looked too yummy and my suitcase just got bigger and bigger (in my mind!)

I did help out a bit in the store which was fun, but I had asked Shelley at one point if there was any sewing I could do.  Well as a matter of fact - YES.  So I spent the afternoon doing machine applique. On a BERNINA no less.  I have never sewn on a Bernina and while it was no problem and worked like a charm when I got the stitch going - it is NOT my favourite machine.

Appliqueing my little heart out - I was in quilting heaven

There are twelve blocks - each block has one tree (with a stump and the tree) and three stars.  I got everything done but the stars.  So I'm going back this morning to finish the stars.  I know -  a real sucker for punishment. But I like doing it.  We must now watch as Shelley has to pay this favour forward and I will be watching to see what she does!!!!!  

 And let's not forget the boucle quilts that we are going to make.  I know - you have to see this to believe it. They ended up with TWO bolts of this gorgeous boucle.  I am not about to make clothes from it and was only going to get enough to trim a project. Oh let's get enough to make a quilt.  It will be very pretty when done.

Lovely boucle.  This picture is so washed out.  It is a gorgeous shade of green and brown. 

I had to pick a beautiful brown flannel to go with it.  Can you see the edge of my suitcase above - the fabric is that shade.  It is going to be fun and all about texture!!!!!

The weather here is pretty crazy - got really windy the other day and stormy. Some tree branches even came down. The temperature must have dropped like 10 degrees in a matter of a half an hour.  Pretty scary.

One of the things I love is that everyone lives so close to each other.  You go out for dinner - you just walk around the corner.  It is great!!!!  I could live here if I could find a house with a fabulous porch.  And the house prices - CHEAP!!!!!!

I am NOT the only crazy person out there with the Row by Row.  Here is the latest update.   Thanks again to all those other crazy ladies out there.   I appreciate you picking these up for me.

Sew Crafty - Rideau Ferry,
Sew Creative - Mount Brydges,
Quilter's Line - Markdale,
Kalidoscope of Quilts - Exeter,
We R Quilts - Prescott (two),
Wilton Creek Fabrics - Harrowsmith,
Threads that Bind - Maxwell,
The Quilting Trunk - Dryden
Fabric Fusion - Dryden
Flair With Fabrics -  Chesterville,
Fun With Stitches - Belleville,
Cobwebs and Caviar - Shelburne
Appleseed Quiltworks  - Lindsay.

On that note - I better get myself going for the day.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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